Silent Star

Silent Star


A bit dark, quite emotional, poignant lyrics, timeless feel, thought-out, melodically makes quite a range, lyrical with a bit of angst, not angry, but hopeful, band harmonies are clean and sexy. Sound is multilayered, feeds on organic instruments, with surprises. There is depth and dedication.


Silent Star is Corey Miller, Ryan Dansby, Mick Madden and Theresa Flaminio. The music of Silent Star is emotional, a little dark, but optimistic with poignant content. The feel is timeless and thought-out, while, melodically, the songs cover quite a range. Corey’s voice is lyrical with a bit of angst, but still hopeful. Band harmonies are very clean and sensual at times. The sound is multi-layered, fed by organic instruments with a few surprises. There is depth and dedication to the songs, which are classic with a retro twist, never sounding dated.

Corey and Mick are the former members of the band, Critter Jones (Maverick Records). The discovery of Critter Jones was the classic American dream come true. After having played only a few shows in Los Angeles, Critter Jones was signed to Maverick Records. It was during this time that Ryan became friends with the band, attending nearly every show they played, and later, sharing the bill with his own band. After Critter Jones disbanded a few years later, Ryan and Corey formed Serial Miller, an alternative rock band, with the help of a good friend and producer, Beard Bates. For two years, Serial Miller played shows around Hollywood, releasing an EP and full-length album (available on Tunes).
Eventually, they were compelled to shift the music from hard rock to a more melodic and timeless sound. That urged them to start working on the new band concept utilizing the combination of what they had already created with the addition of fresh ideas and more eclectic influences.
Mick was enrolled in college in New York City for a few years, while taking a break from the music business. Upon his return to Los Angeles, he joined Ryan and Corey in their new project. While browsing in a music store in Pasadena, he was referred to multi-instrumentalist and singer, Theresa. After a successful audition, Theresa became the fourth member of the new band, that was named Silent Star.

Currently, Silent Star is building their fan base and playing live shows around Los Angeles. Their recordings are engaging and filled with imagination, but their live shows truly capture their essence.

Set List

Backwards Through Time
If Looks Could Kill
How Many Times
Glorified Captain
As Far As Love Goes
Come Back
Please Don't Be Late
One Of You Guys
Animal Mine