silent sun

silent sun


silent|sun - just imagine drums, bass and guitars creating a pulsing wall of sound, while outstanding vocals will touch your heart with beautiful and thrilling melodies. Some piece of fine rock music you´d thought to be lost. Listen & feel.


To draw comparisons is idle talk. silent|sun is just doing the kind of music they´ve always missed. Writing all of the songs by themselves, silent|sun stands for pretty straight forward and powerful sounding guitar rock, enlighted by the wonderful alliance of the two incredible voices of “woman in front”, Vic and singer and guitarist Martin.

The band started existing in 2005. Coming from different cities all over germany these 4 musicians found each other in leipzig, the city, which sleeps - well - sometimes. silent|sun produced & released their first album in 2006.

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>silent|sun< (debut album) published by Apelstein Records // dec 2006 (CD contains 12 songs)

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Set List

the band performs an about 90 minutes lasting, breathtaking rockshow

typical setlist:
1. Cruel
2. Good believer
3. Useless
4. What we are
5. Mistake
6. What dog
7. The Cross
8. No Lovesong
9. Bores
10. Somewhere down the road
11. Things we`ve said and done
12. The one
13. The morning after the night before
14. Quiet
15. Peaceful

...alternatively some cover songs (U2, Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow - great stuff like that)