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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"March 2014 Reckless Timez Cover"

SILENZE: I am that quiet kat that studies everything. How things work, what it effects, what you need to do it, who you need to talk to, to learn more about it, who has a passion for Hip Hop and building my own career.
Who is Holocaust?
HOLOCAUST: I’m the lunatic of the group. The one everyone expects to be crazy on stage and off. I try and bring my own type of style to the label. That’s what sets us all apart, we are all different personalities.
Where did you grow up?
SILENZE: I grew up in Haughville around Michigan and Tibbs.
HOLOCAUST: I also grew up on the west side of Indianapolis, in a neighborhood called Drexel gardens. But since moving when I was 18, I lived on all sides of the city.
How long have you been doing Music?
SILENZE: I have been rapping since 1998, but didn’t take it serious until 2004 when I dropped my first album. So, about 10years professionally now.
HOLOCAUST: I’ve always been musically inclined. I started out playing drums as a teenager. Writing lyrics came later. I never really had the notion to be a rapper, it just kind of happened. It’s the fan base that kept me doing it. But I would say basically, my whole life I’ve had some kind of attachment to music in general.
What are your views on how the Major labels are treating the underground?
SILENZE: I think the major labels should close and start over. With all the new resources in the industry and online, you no longer need a major label to push you anymore. But with that being said, it makes it easier for horrible artists to get through and cause people to give up on underground music. I’m not saying everyone but there are people who have just quit listening to new groups all together because they have had to sit through too many garbage songs.
HOLOCAUST: It’s all about money. I think major labels skip out on talent these days. They just go for the next big fad. The music scene has been flooded with garbage because anyone can go to the store, buy a mic and the next day they’re a rapper. This makes it hard for serious artists to gain any kind of notoriety from the music industry, thus turning us all against what it has become.
Tell us a little about OushaBoo Inc.?
SILENZE: OushaBoo Records Inc. is the label I started over 10years ago with former label mate ShockSumOne. Before our first release we needed a label and we decided to start our own instead of hounding other labels to try and understand us. We are very different in the sense, that we are very versatile in our delivery and flow styles. Most labels don’t like to market such versatile records, they want to stick with what sells. We on the other hand make music for us and our fans. Screaming “Fuck you!” if you don’t like it, we will still be here.
HOLOCAUST: OushaBoo is the label, and people I found a home with. When I split with my former label, they took me in, adding me to the roster of talented artists that were already a part of it. From OushaBoo I’ve learned how to record, how to rock a stage, and learned the ins and outs of being a local artist. The diversity of OushaBoo is what sets us apart from everyone else in the city. You can throw a rock in any direction and hit 12 artists that sound exactly alike. You won’t find any other artists anywhere that sound like us. And that’s what OushaBoo is all about.
Describe your style of music, and what motivates you to make music?
SILENZE: I got my start in Horrocore Rap, so of course I always have some dark subject matter. Although throughout the years I’ve grown as an artist and I am now more Dark Hip Hop. I also have my more pop style as well with my songs such as “I’ma Ride” and “24/7.”
HOLOCAUST: My style is 100% molded after my personality. I’m not horrorcore, I’m not hood, I’m not wicked, I’m me. Whatever I’m feeling at that time is the way my music is going to sound. The most inspiring thing to write about is life itself. Good, bad, and everything in between. I think most serious artists would agree with that.
What else do you do outside of music?
SILENZE: I do a ton of graphic & website work. As well as helping out with children’s charities and all types of things.
HOLOCAUST: Take care of my kids, try to enjoy the little things, I cut my social life down quite a bit. As you get older, you realize there’s more to this life than, what you see everyone else doing. So like most everyone else, I’m just a normal guy. My day to day routine probably isn’t much different than yours.

What should people expect from your upcoming projects?
SILENZE: You should expect a lot of new music and merchandise as well as some new and fresh faces on the OushaBoo Label.
HOLOCAUST: I’m currently working on a new album called “Portrait of a Prisoner.” This one is coming a lot slower than usual, but I don’t want to rush anything. The title of the album comes from me being trapped in a regular life, working, boredom, etc. with my own little personal twist to it.
What artist are you currently listening too?
SILENZE: Jarren Benton – “My Grandma’s Basement”
HOLOCAUST: Jarren Benton , Snow Tha Product, the usual metal and alternative. My range of music is so wide. I listen to most everything. Good tunes are good tunes.
What is the future looking like for you?
SILENZE: After the couple years I’ve had, it can only get better. I just moved back to Indianapolis so my head is clear and I’m regaining my focus, which means to me that the future is looking bright.
HOLOCAUST: No one can say. Music is constantly changing, people are constantly changing. The only thing I can do is keep being me. Whatever else happens, my fans know exactly where I stand, and exactly what I’m about. As long as they want my music, I’ll keep trying my best to give it to them.
What are your social media links?
SILENZE: All my social links are on my site
HOLOCAUST: And all of mine are at
Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
SILENZE: We are the products of perseverance. No matter what ANYBODY tells you, it is possible to do what you love to do. Even through the hate, the failures, the ups and downs. I wouldn’t trade my experience in Hip Hop for anything.
HOLOCAUST: I can honestly say, as someone who had no real idea I’d ever be a hip hop artist, I’ve had one hell of a ride. If it had to stop today I wouldn’t regret anything, and I’ve done more in my short career than most have their entire lives. And it’s all because of OushaBoo, and our fans. Without them, we couldn’t be who we are.
If there is one thing that you could change about the current state of hip hop what would it be?
SILENZE: My answer to that would be; to have people focus on the real music out here. The business needs a diaper change, because it’s shitty. It’s time to wipe it clean, and start over.
HOLOCAUST: Like I said, today anyone can buy a mic, and bam! They’re a rapper. We need to all come together and stop the flooding of hip hop. Not just in our city, but everywhere. If those of us could get the recognition we deserve, we could gain the momentum our movement needs to get it off the ground. - Reckless Timez


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UK2US - 2014



Hailing from Indianapolis, USA, SILENZE is a charismatic, spontaneous and direct hip-hop artist who set out to create music with an honest and eclectic approach.

His sound falls somewhere in between the depth and warmth of old school hip-hop, and the sharp focus and balance of the best modern productions.

Its all about tight sounding analog-style beats, lush synth lines, and samples that bring in diverse influences and colors.

On top of it all, sits a vivid, expressive and unique lyrical flow.

Let the tracks tell you the rest of the story and find out more:

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