Silhouette City

Silhouette City


Silhouette City is a group of musicians that all bring something unique to the band. Their different musical backgrounds and experience bring diverse elements to their unique and energetic sound. To cap it off, three of the members have background in peformance, their stage presence is surreal.


Hailing from small town Saskatchewan, a.k.a. no where... Silhoeutte City has still managed to make an impact everywhere they perform. They have sold out venues with capacities over 3000 and rocked rooms with no more than 50 people. Whether it be an intimate setting or an all out festival, Silhouette City brings the energy to the table.
Each member of the band has experience in various art strands, from music to theatre, literature, and dance. What seperates them from the rest is the overall's more than music.


Silhouette city released an Ep with five tracks in the summer of 2010. Those tracks include: Sterile, Stalling, Puzzlebox, The Butterfly, and Capture the Flag. Sterile and Stalling both recieved radio play on major stations within the week and still continue to air.

Set List

1. Sterile
2. In the Study with the Candlestick
3. PuzzleBox
4. Sea of Soldiers
5. Story of a Ghost
6. Pirouette
7. Signatures
8. Stalling
9. The Butterfly
10. Capture the Flag