Silicon Kid

Silicon Kid


Silicon Kid are a London based six piece who make music that is at home with both The Stooges and Elbow via Bloc Party, Radiohead and Kasabian. It is as epic and grand as it is riotous and rocking. The sound combines razor guitar riffs, sharp synths and strong, emotive vocals.


Forming under a new line-up in early 2008 they've recently returned to gigging after taking time off to record an album's worth of material (15 songs to be exact!). Out of this came their debut EP - get in touch for a copy - which includes the tracks Alcopop, Gold Bars and The Difference. 2009 looks set to be a busy year for the band as they take to the road promoting the EP with big gigs lined up across the capital and beyond. Keep you eyes peeled for the festival slots too!

Recent quotes -
"A fusion of the best elements of recent alternative rock, skillful song writing and musical proficiency. Radiohead without the pessimism, Bloc Party without the arty farty element, Grandaddy without the Americanisms. This is the kind of band that doesn't judge itself on the quality of the lead singer's leather jacket alone."

"Incredible songs, ranging from the rousing, jawbreaking anthem 'Baggage Drowned' to the melancholic utterances of 'Shoot the Pilot', SILICON KID have nailed it"

"Lovely Eastern guitar motifs and a sledgehammer hard Muse-ishness combine to make a coolly delivered whole" - Bugbear


Current EP -
Gold Bars
The Difference
all available to listen to at (further tracks also available at this address)

Radio play -
XFM song of the week - liberty candle
BBC London radio - Calcium
Baggage Drowned features in the ITV British Touring Cars theme music. It is also available as part of the soundtrack to the All Blacks 2008 season DVD.

Set List

Typical set list - 7-9 songs, 30 mins.
Covers not part of the usual repertoire.

Songs taken from a selection of over 20 original tracks.

Alcopop,The Difference, Gold Bars, Baggage Drowned, By the Light of a Silver Moon, Horror Colours, Hollywood.