Sillan & Young

Sillan & Young

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Smart and soulful, Sillan & Young's music is deep and poetic, resonating like a good friend that always knows what to say. Contemporary acoustic music with an urban edge. Led by the little blond with the big voice, '07 WCMA Nominee Johanna Sillanpaa, beautiful songwriting matched by masterful music!


Smart and soulful, Sillan & Young have effortlessly been drawing in their faithful listeners with their eclectic acoustic pop, genuine songwriting and intimate performance style for five years now. Their music is deep and poetic, resonating like a good friend that always knows what to say. Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties or beyond, you just might find yourself falling for Sillan & Young. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.

Led by the little blond with the big voice, Johanna Sillanpaa and co-led by guitarist Aaron Young, this accomplished quintet is rounded out with rhythm section of Kodi Hutchinson, Chris Andrew and Tyler Hornby. They hail from far away places like Sweden and Saskatchewan, tossing their individual influences in the collective talent pot that is Sillan & Young. They’re all accomplished on their respective instruments. All dedicated to their art. All oozing the passion and heart it takes to succeed in this fickle business.

Whether you’re listening to them on your ipod or lucky enough to lap them up in person, you’ll quickly try to categorize their oddly uncategorizable sound. Is it the love child of Damien Rice and India Arie? Perhaps. Is it a younger and sassier second cousin of Dianna Krall? Maybe. The real answer is Sillan & Young are simply and authentically 100% Sillan & Young. In a time when everyone is desperate to sound like someone else, they are happy to sound like themselves. How refreshing.

While their new album, "Under My Feet", may salute their first CD "Better Thing", there is certainly an evolution and newness they can’t wait to share. The folk, jazz and acoustic roots are still there, but there’s a fresher more streamlined presence that Juno-winning producer Russell Broom helped make possible.

It’s exciting times for a group brimming with talent and empty on ego. Sillan & Young have never reached for the cash grab or instant gratification, preferring to stay the course and remain focused on their craft. Playing to crowds bigger than the cities some of them grew up in, they have heard the appreciation from their faithful followers go from a gracious clap to a loud roar. They’ve also been reaping some impressive industry attention, including Johanna’s nomination for the 2007 Western Canadian Music Awards. Proud? Yes. Letting it go to their head? No. Sillan & Young just aren’t like that.


Under My Feet

Written By: J. Sillanpaa

I don’t want to feel Butterflies, no I don’t
I don’t want the rollercoaster high
I’m just looking for a nice and easy ride
One that’s safe and sound

I don’t want to take no chances
I don’t want to break
I don’t want to fall off
Love’s a risk with so much at stake,
Don’t wanna hang my heart to dry

I don’t need to feel the earth moving
under my Feet no more
I’m not gonna measure love in units of tears, no I
I won’t let another lover to leave
His scars, on my soul

I don’t want to walk on clouds, No I don’t
I don’t want to loose my head
I just want to find a heart in sync with mine
One that’s safe and sound

I’m not seeking for the thrills that I used to
I don’t need the same rush
Love’s a risk where I don’t like the stakes
Don’t wanna hang my heart to dry



Don’t even try to move me
I’m steady on my feet here
I’d like to know the ground is
Just underneath me


Wrecking Ball

Written By: J. Sillanpaa

I feel it, Its coming
Right now there is no going back
I’m trapped
My heart is my weakness
I try to bluff as best I can’t
BuT I can’t

You Foolish girl with your heart on your sleeve
Well that girl is me, so

Here I Go head first in the fire
In so deep, I can’t get myself back out
I’m spinning round and my heart is pounding
His Love is like a wrecking ball
Crashing down

No notion, no shelter
Infatuation like a storm, so strong
I know I should know better
I’ve been down this road before, so many times before

You Foolish girl falling head over feet
Well the girl is me


I’ve tried so hard to stay out of his path
Can’t ease the grip he has got me trapped
No one knows this spell but me
No one knows what he’s done to me
I’m a foolish girl with my heart on my sleeve now
Falling Head over feet



Written By: J. Sillanpaa

Bring flowers, bring laughter
Bring sunshine on a rainy day
Bring good news just bring you
I don’t need anybody else

Bring rainbows, bring warm clothes
Soft snowfall, a fireplace
Just stay true, just be you
I don’t need anybody else
I don’t need anybody else

If I had wings to fly
I would wrap them around you baby
Take you across the midnight sky
Just like two birds up high
All I ask is will you follow
Can you promise me tomorrow?

Bring tender, bring quite
Bring joy in all the little things
Bring simple, bring kindness
I don’t need anything else

Bring time with no beginning
Bring me love without an end
Bring music to inspire
I don’t need anything else


In Her World

Written By: J. Sillanpaa

In her world there’s no black or white
The clocks keep moving everyday turns into night
In her world it’s all the same routine
The seasons changing is the only changing theme

In her world no one comes around
She writes him letters but he has not replied

In a while, well he must be
Coming home in time for spring

Time is standing still here with every passing year
She still believes one day he’s coming back
There’s a picture fading a man she’s still awaiting
Lost in battle in a foreign land

In her world she still remembers
A dance, a love song, his strong arms around her
In her world a million memories
A life together, she cries herself to sleep

It’s been so long, what’s keeping him
Can’t move on, she waits for him

So who will, yes who will bring the news


Written By: J. Sillanpaa

It’s not a phase
I’m going through
This is my life, it’s what I choose

I may not be famous or rich
No glamorous life, oh no, far from it

So for now, my heads held high
For the next one million times
I will carry through it

I am faithful to my call
And when they hear me out
It will be wonderful
To my music to my heart
And when they call me out
I will be faithful

My one true love
You’re also my curse
The hold on my heart’s so strong it hurts
Sometimes I feel incredibly far
Thousands of miles from the finish line

So for now, I’ll write it out
For the next one million times
I will carry through it

I sing for you night after night
A different crowd I try to reach
I know you have tried to figure me out
Don’t understand this life I lead

So for now, I’ll sing out loud
For the next one million times
I will carry through it



"Under My Feet"
Released October 2008
(C) Chronograph Records

"Better Thing"
Released January 2005
(C) Chronograph Records

Set List

For live performances we typically perform 8 to 10 songs for a 50 minute set. We perform between 1 and 3 sets depending on the venue and requirements. Each set consists of 6-7 original songs and 2-3 cover songs arranged in the Sillan & Young flavour.