Sillk D'vinchii

Sillk D'vinchii

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopJazz

Hot new "Game Changing" music for all ages relates exceptionally well to the more wiser advanced adults. If You think the industry needs a change in music, Wait no more Sillk D'vinchii's here. Totally different style, flavor, than any rap/hiphop music on the market commercial or underground.


I'm an Solo/Independent Artist. I'm coming from Atlanta by way of Palm Beach County, Florida one of the newest homes of Spring Bling. Georgia welcomed me with open arms and i'm truly gracious and thankful for such an opportunity of being able to call both states home. I been back and forth from Florida to Georgia often sense i was young. I have lived in Germany for quite a while. My roots and ancestors predominantly stems from Georgia. My belated grands are actually from Georgia. I'm not only an artist but i'm quite a business man as well. I'm open to expansion,growth, as well as improvements upon my craft. I'm not married and never have been. I'm very down to earth and deeply humble. I love traveling, venturing out and broadening my horizons. I've acquired different type's of living style's. The southern country living style as well as the southern urban and/or city life. I call it the best of both worlds i love it dearly!


Hot new Ep/Maxi-single called the "Game Changer" available A heavyweight Ep that's mighty difficult to refuse. Not one but Two ravishing Heavy-hitting singles Ready for airplay as we speak. The tracks are named "Bad lil Dime" and "I Seen'em All Ball".One chance of listening is all thats needed or asked of you for a wonderful opportunity to gain your most valuable support.