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Sillyboy's Ghost Relatives

Αθήνα, Attica, Greece | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Αθήνα, Attica, Greece | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Pop Soul




"Supply Chain 7'' USA Release / TVD Records"

“It’s wonderfully moody and follows a classic form I’ve not heard in a long while. Perfect soundtrack to the very industrial black and white film playing in my head as viewed through a chain link fence" - Cheryl Pawelski co-founder of Omnivore Records, and three-time Grammy-nominated producer

"Nature Of Things / LP Review"

"Low and lazy, the chilled melodies and softly sung vocals of half of The Nature Of Things wash over you like the last rays of summer sun.
It’s a schizophrenic album" - ALTSOUNDS

"Played / LP Review"

"Perfect sunshine music for a New York summer starting to emerge" - Eamon Harkin Sunday Best / NYC.

"Suply Chain / Track Review"

"There was something about this track right away that I liked, and then the voice had me hooked" - Earplugsnotincluded

"Name Your God / Track Review"

"Name Your God is every indie fan's dream" - In Your Speakers

"Nature Of Things / LP Review"

"Mark Knopfler with a different accent? Pet Shop Boys meets Dire Straits meets Billy Joel? I might be off my rockers trying to classify this one, but we know that’s hard when the style is distinctive yet the influences possibly many" - Instantfilter

"Played / LP Review"

"It’s not often that you’ll find us reviewing what is, in effect, an indie album. But then there aren’t many people making the kind of lo-fi electronic rock Andrew Weatherall would be proud of" - Plain & Simple

"Video Premiere"

Despite running in slow-mo, there's so much going on in the new video for Athens-based late-night R&B adventurist Sillyboy's "Do It Again" that you just may well have to watch it again and again just to figure out exactly what the hell is going on.

Where to start? Well, the foreground of the video, shot in one take by Stathis Mourdoukoutas, finds a couple of symmetrically positioned Sekhmets on bended knee spinning hula-hoops on outstretched arms. Also seen are a series of boys and girls wearing vintage 3D-glasses partaking in a game of tag, as a skateboard rider zooms on by with a smoke bomb. This all leads to the pièce de résistance: a young couple getting hot with a heavy petting session on a car. - Exclaim Mag By Gregory Adams

"Video Premiere"

What starts with the bold lettering, orange-y filters and crisp style of a Levi’s ad soon gets very weird in Athenian art-pop singer Sillyboy’s latest video, directed by Stathis Mourdoukoutas. Despite the large scale of its name, “Coast to Coast” really focuses in on one girl’s body – in a very non-sexual, object-like way. Concentrating on her back, her hair, her un-moving stare, Stathis’ video paints a both visceral and inhuman picture of a person slipping, stumbling, and drowning in an un-emotive state that reads one part detachment and one part depression. But even though you can’t help but assign some kind of emotion to the video’s central character, the whole series of events is just as much about space, texture, and the body as a statue – it could almost be silent.

Applied to such a captivating series of images, Sillyboy’s song is relegated to soundtrack status. Still, the crashing and circular rhythm sets the perfect pace for the moody, liquid video, driving each cut from scene to scene and adding a sense of motion that keeps everything seamless. Less a music video than a video with music, “Coast to Coast” is like an out-of-body experience – one that makes you want to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not made of stone. - Impose Mag

"Video Premiere"

It’s easy envisioning listening to Sillyboy’s “Nature of Things” poolside, sunglasses covering your eyes and a cold beer quenching your thirst. Based out of Athens, Greece, Sillyboy is likely more accustomed to such climates than most of us. It was 95° and sunny in Athens today, after all. Incorporate the relaxing weather with nonchalance and a touch of sensuality, and you get the stylish “Nature of Things”. Sillyboy’s bio mentons his work having “urban influence, temperamental lyrics, bass grooves, and rhythmic vintage-pop, art-rock orchestrations,” a fine enough description for a musician who allegedly lives in a “detached railway network home”. The artist got his start composing tunes for TV and film, and later released an album called Played. His second album, like the track, is called Nature of Things. Sillyboy’s vintage-pop sound has earned praise from the likes of MTV Greece, Greek National TV, and MAD TV. A track like “Nature of Things” seems destined to expand his stateside audience, as well.

On the contrary, “Move” is a blast of thumping alt-rock energy that almost recalls the most anthemic efforts from Radiohead and Muse, who allow their structures to float patiently by being led by abstract percussion, wandering keyboard lines, and angular guitars. It shows the songwriter as offering diverse entries on his releases, all while keeping consistent with a nostalgic rock-pop sound with the potential for swift hooks and sensual rhythms. Stream Nature of Things in its entirety on Sillyboy’s Bandcamp - Obscure Sound Music Blog

"Video Premiere"

Esce oggi, in anteprima per Sonofmarketing, il nuovo video di Sillyboy per il brano “On And On“, traccia d’apertura di Stalker, ultimo lavoro del musicista greco. Il brano è accompagnato dal video diretto da Stathis Mourdoukoutas, così presentato dallo stesso regista: “a distinctive monochrome, retro, glam, mix, texture, of a modern cinematography that guides us to a post modern “Pieta” at the end.“ - Son Of Marketing Music Blog


Played LP / 2010 / Just Gazing Records GR
Played LP The Remixes / 2010 / Just Gazing Records GR
Nature Of Things LP / 2012 / Just Gazing Records GR
Supply Chain 7'' Single / 2013 / TVD Records USA
Stalker LP / 2014 / Klikirecords GR



quartet "Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives" is a newly formed band that shaped
while following record producer Sillyboy in most of his live
performances during the last 3 years.

When time seemed right,
they all joined his studio to record their first full band album and let
the dynamics of analogue instrumentation to do the work.

"Sillyboy" music project arrived early 2010 with debut album “Played” being
released on small indie label Just Gazing records as 001 of their
catalogue and ended up as “Album of The Year” in quite a few media
outlets of Greece. "Played" launched Sillyboy’s career as a prolific
studio producer, got him lots of work and attention and even to this day
it is considered a classic from many music heads in his country.

However, the international release status achieved with the follow up "Nature of Things” album
in 2012. It was the track "Supply Chain” that won Vinyl District's
competition "TVD500" and granted Sillyboy a 7" US release with the
label, getting his music aired in indie US regional radio and got the
attention of three-time Grammy-nominated producer, Cheryl Pawelski. 

Spending another 3 good years in studio, he returned with his 3rd album “Stalker” in 2015, this time for prestigious label Klik Records. The video for  "Do it Again"  premiered on Exclaim Magazine (Canada) while the massive feedback from live reviews established Sillyboy as a headline act.  

2018 marks the return of Athenian producer with a full band collaborating under the moniker Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives. 
Lead single “Come Closer” reveals what could be his most complete and emotional work so far.
The second single titled "Muscle Cars" has been recently released. 

Band Members