Mixing samples, beats, loops and anything we can find into music for the mind, body and soul. Unexpected melodies combine with heavy basslines and heavier drums to create a sound that is all their own.


Hailing from Manchester, SILO has been making music for over 10 years. In the late 90's he was heavily influenced by the DIY attitude of labels such as the now defunct Grand Central Records. Years later, after soaking up the sounds of the city, SILO released his debut album 'Substance Over Style' in 2007 via digital download. A mix of lost and found samples, heavy beats and northern soul, Substance over Style is a manifesto of parts, a deliberate statement against the modern vacuousness found in all walks of life and against a system that perpetuates the over-privileged.


Without Rhyme or Reason

Written By: Vincent Handley

Without Rhyme or reason
I see you whoring falling down
On streets its open season
I've come to burn the houses down
Another promise broken
Abuse of power's in the air
A prophets words are spoken
I could astound you standing there
Cos I can see you coming
10000 miles my sights are trained
And I still see you whoring
On the streets that you have stained

Blinded by your solution
Illusions made to tie us down
Holding our lives to ransom
I'm not a subject where's your crown?
Manipulate the masses
We've got the freedom to conform
Destroy all social classes
Divided conquered by a whore

Altered States

Written By: Vincent Handley

Suspend belief, command the weak
Know that in reality deceivers will deceive
Submit to me, admit defeat
The leaders of democracy are drowning in ther greed

The burning of the innocent I see
I'll leave you battered black and blue
Next to reason comes your ideology
I'll leave you bruised, dazed and confused, with nothing left so you can't choose

And if you see the flags are burning in the street don't be surprised
And if I see you proud to be in profit now I'll blow your mind
And if you see your enemies are on the streets lift up your eyes
If you don't heed the warning that I'm calling out you'll end mankind

Red Shift

Written By: Vincent Handley

If i move then you move with me
Through the emptiness of time
It's close to midnight here
It's time to face your fears
It's time to let your nature rise

If the world will stop in motion
Will the moon not turn the tides
The influence of fate
Describing all the thoughts we make
We leave our questions turned aside

Every action has an equal
Harmony is made divine
Fundamental truths
Return to absolute in time
As influence of destiny
Is our own identity
I look around and see
A world of miracles and melody

I hear them calling out your name in paradise
Blue shift extends all gravity
The music of the spheres, sent to allay our fears
Red shift will bring you unto me


'Substance Over Style' LP - self released 2007 via digital download - itunes and Amazon MP3
Altered States - internet radio play
Sailing By Stars - internet radio play
Red Shift Blue Shift - internet radio play - streaming of above tracks

Set List

All I Can Be
Altered States
6 Feet Under
Without Rhyme or Reason
Red Shift / Blue Shift
House of Swords - unreleased
Darkest Light - unreleased
Friendly Fire - unreleased

Typical set length is approx 40 minutes but this can be tailored to requirements