Silver Bullet
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Silver Bullet

McKenna, Washington, United States

McKenna, Washington, United States
Band Rock Classic Rock




"Bits on the Beat"

"Not to be outdone, Silver Bullet came to the stage with their head-banging, all out rocking sound that many hard rock fans will identify with. This band, led by James Teixeria, has mastered their classic rock sound and I heard some on the crowd suggest a similarity to Pantera and AC/DC. With each band playing their own sound, it may seem unfair for this band to have followed a more acoustic-based sound, but after further listening to their music outside of the venue, they are likeable on their own as long as you know what you are in for. They’ll make your ears bleed – in the true rock way it’s intended. " - MySeattleNightOut

"Seattle Jammin' Challenge Semi-Finals part 2"

"Silver Bullet was captivating. You could tell by watching them they loved performing! Their sound was phenomenal and at one point I would compare James Teixeira, the lead singer’s, voice to Aerosmith. They had a great sense of humor, and James told the audience, “We practice the hell out of that song. Sometimes it just doesn’t come out right.” Silver Bullet was unforgettable, and if you ever get the chance to watch them live don’t miss it. "
- Lisa Janson

"Silver Bullet Synthesize '80s Cock Rock Influences for Retro Hard Rock Sound"

Band: Silver Bullet
Release: Manifest Destiny
Label: Self-released
Release date: Out now
This Yelm, Washington five-piece synthesize their old-school metal influences for a retro hard rock sound with lyrics as inane and awash in double entendre as the '80s cock rock bands they emulate: "I'm coming in hard, yeah, I'm coming in heavy," sings James Teixeira (why not Jimmy Sixx?) on "Light 'Em Up," which would have been right at home on Headbanger's Ball amidst all those Kix, Dokken and WASP videos. Leaving no rock cliché uncovered, the album also includes a song with cowbell as its rhythmic root and the requisite power ballad. And bonus points for making themselves virtually Google-proof thanks to a name that matches Bob Seger's famous backing band. - Seattle Weekly's Reverb


Still working on that hot first release.



These guys are fun to watch, hear, work out with, party with. Manifest Destiny is a limited edition release, physically and a limited number of digital copies will be sold before the music takes a very long nap. Order yours while you can.