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Silver End

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Hard Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Beyond Limits review"

The Norwegian four- piece hard- rock band gratify our ears with their debut effort.

Silver End surprise me. They have lifted my spirit and my soul and have laced them in a musical coating. The big riffs and gratifying vocals are all intertwined beautifully, the choruses are goliath and the whole setup is wonderful. I listened to these songs closely, and I was enthralled, they’re definitely a band that you need to fit into your radar.

The Norwegian act have made a new record called ‘Beyond Limits’. Which is lyrically profound and littered with monumental riffs and character. You will delve progressively, and you will offer your heart to the cause, because like me I feel you’ll just fall in love with what you are hearing. I fell in love quickly, like a lovesick teenager.

The record starts with ‘Learning A Lesson’. It’s a song that is subtle until that burning chorus sparks an ever bigger fire in your musical awareness, the guitar is very prominent, like all these songs, the guitars are at the forefront. Well they’re a rock band after all. The vocals connect well with everything that is going on, the song is a worthy starter. ‘Make It better’ dances around like a man knowing that his destiny lies in his music. The chorus is absolutely perfect, I adore it, I mean I love it, it strikes me, not with spite or with pain, but with excitement. The guitars are stretched to a point that they might bleed out.

‘Actions And Consequence’ dons a killer riff, you’ll think to yourself, ‘Why the hell did I not think of that?’. The song blasts you in the face with its solo, it never fails to excite, it never fails to ignite interest. ‘Avenger’ is composed amazingly, there is another riff to feel jealous over. ‘Now And Then’ starts like a ballad would, the vocals are supreme, simply enchanting. The lyrics are deep. The emotions will wobble that rock engrained heart of yours, you’ll alter your musical taste just for one song, that song is a gem, a penned note to a lover that seems to be less than caring, her heart seems to be aimed at another man..

Silver End are a band to watch, they’re a band that strike a chord, on a guitar covered in stickers of wisdom, grace, and virtue. Hail this Norwegian powerhouse for their workaholic attitude and their utter talent.



Beyond Limits - Track List:

1. Intro
2. Learning the Lesson
3. Echoes
4. Make It Better
5. Breaking Free
6. Adhere
7. Junkie Monkie
8. Actions & Consequence
9. Avenger
10. Beyond
11. Now & Then
12. Gemini
13. A Thousand Miles
14. Learning the Lesson - Rockadia


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hard rock act Silver End has their roots on the rainy west coast of Norway, Bergen. When Stian, Lasse and Christian found themselves without a lead vocalist and drummer, they had to make a choice. In light of the slow progress in their previous band, would they keep working and trying or would it be better just giving up? Fortunately they kept going, and about 6 months after their last rehersal, a new band emerged from the dust, with Christian stepping up to the task of lead vocals, and their newly found drummer, Iben, taking controll of the rhythmic backbone. The long wait resulted in a new spark for the band, and they solidified their new existence with a new band name; Silver End.

"The songs lyrics have always been the the most important part for me. A song is never better than its lyrics, no matter how well put together the instruments are" says Christian, with Stian replying "and for me it has always been the melody. A great melody is what pulls me back for another listen when the track has finished, and just a small extraordinary aspect in the instrumentation can really inspire me to write a full length song in just a few hours". When teamed up, both the melodic and the lyrics are always being worked through thoroughly, and maybe thats why Silver End manages to seperate themselves from others. "Without the element of surprise, nothing stands out" Stian fills in, "and thats why our progressions in dynamics can sometimes be a little different from what you would expect from a band in our genre". When it comes to genre, the most easilly expressed difinition could be, for some, "a wall of sound", but the guys in Silver End are never afraid of putting in a constrasting part in an otherwise hard rhythmic song, pulling out the example of "Learning The Lesson". "Learning The Lesson was a song that came to life in just a matter of days, and my intention behind it was to grab all the fake influences we are confronted with daily by the balls. While someone might be earning a lot of money by selling a product to someone who doesnt need it, the victim is left alone with the consequences. How many times have you seen starved out young girls because theyre trying to reach the ideal model body using food substitutes while theyre already looking fabulous? Thats just one example of how we are unconciously being controlled by someone who wants our money, and I just cant stand that" says Stian. 

Six months into Silver Ends rebirth, more has happened than the previous 4 years all together. Their 6 track EP was released with Maciej Dawidek from Widek Records at the sticks in august 2012, and the tracks has already been given alot of critical acclaim, even national radio airplay.

The 21st of may 2013, Silver End released their 14 track debut album, called Beyond Limits.

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