BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Silver is a wonderful singer, her lyrics are great, cool, and really fun. Especially when your at a party, or a nice Love song for that special someone.It is clean no advisory needed.


What I mostly sing about is my daily life, how people are and, how I was treated, let alone heart broken. What makes me diffrent is that I have a diffrent personality from everybody else. They have never felt they way I feel. And I know that I have a chance to let the world no about me. And, a wonderful career. I learn from others and, I decided in my personal life this is what I want, of course people will talk about me because, they wish they was me and thats what make me feel unsafe. SO their for I am a star so know they have something to talk about. While, I be a woman and, support my kids.


My very first Album was great, I named it "My Destiny is Not Fate". Because, I decide I guide myself no one loves me and, will treat me like they treat themselfs. Anyways, it was fun my favorite song is "Throw Down" and Are you in Love. I love the beats. My second Album is the tightest. "The Silver Hummer". Man, I did great on that however, I have not had airplay yet because, I guess my name is at the bottom of the list at the radio station cause, I sent my music their. I dream to get airplay soon though.

Set List

Prettiness is manditory! So, I make sure I am at my best. #1 key to that is staying single cause, each and, every time I am dating it comes out to be a nightmare."on lakewood street." I have 6 songs in all my first one is 1). BallaBalla-2).ThrowDown-3)are you in Love-4) Silver Hummer 5)Love 6)BallaBalla-Continue. I must have a picture autograph in side for fans since I am not able to perform yet. It shows that I love and, care too.