Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold


~Soft heartfelt vocals ~Meaningful searching lyrics ~Mellow instrumentation


Rajat writes, sings, plays the guitar and synthesizers and produces for his solo project Silver and Gold.

Rajat was born in the city of Calcutta (Kolkata) in the eastern region of India in the September of 1973. Rajat's introduction to music dates back to early 1980 when his parents exposed the 6 year old to Indian classical style of singing. Years of training laid the foundations of the principles of music, however, it was not until 1988 that Rajat met up with like-minded individuals in school and started a rock band.

Fast forward to 1996, Rajat and his mates release their first self-financed studio album "Theoretical Nightmare" a track from which, called "For soon" became a popular hit in 1996-7 in India and received significant plays and reviews by MTV India.

Rajat arrived in New York in 2004 and set out to write and record new material for Silver and Gold. There has been no looking back ever since and Silver and Gold is all set to release it's first EP "Turnaround" in the winter of 2006.


Released "Turnaround" EP in January 07.

Tracks have received airplay on AllFm Radio, Manchester, UK. and FreezeFrame Radio, WI, USA

Set List

Sets range from 30 min to 1 hour. We usually play our original material. Some covers from bands like U2, Coldplay and the Beatles.