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"Indie Night in Canada - SILVERCADE"

SILVERCADE was a testosterone-driven, all-out audio assault. This is a hard rocking party band with a high energy show that matches their music. You have to play this CD at the cottage, ‘cause you ain’t allowed to play it loud enough in the city. - Fazer Magazine

"Silvercade: Saviours of Rock"

Silvercade has released their debut album that is full of Rock, Metal and Grunge. They are a four member group that hails from Oshawa. They have earned their place on stage in a few of the Top Indie band bars around Ontario including the, Lee’s Palace, Horseshoe Tavern, The Red Rooster in Burlington, and the Reverb. I haven’t seen them in Kingston yet so something should be done about this.

Silvercade is the new name for the band. For people who haven’t already heard of the name change, the band used to be called Million Year Massacre.

It only took me one listen through the album to get me hooked onto the album. “Burn It Down” opens up the album and immediately grabs you and makes you listen to the track. Both the vocals and guitars carry this song all the way through. The vocals because of the way Ryan speeds up the vocals in spots. Not forgetting to mention the lyrics “make this f*cker burn” and “Lets burn this Mother F*cker down” there is more to the lyrics but that is what I catch the most when I hear the song. If I had to choose which I liked the most between the guitars and the vocals, I would say it is the guitars. To me they seem to be the right heaviness to carry out the lyrics, they also help step and down key the vocals in a couple parts of the song.

“Better View” was an instant click when I heard this song for the first time. This song picks up right were “Burn It Down” left off. For a first single off of the album this would be the song that I would pick. The fast picking of the guitar strings is what caught me right away. It is not too often that the vocals are lower sounding than the guitars. The guitars are nicely polished off in this song; it was nice to hear the polished sound because of riff. It is a simple yet good sounding easy to get hooked on riff. I was surprised to hear the song tone and slow it done for a bit halfway through the song. I figured it would have stayed at the same speed all the way through. But it is always good to hear bands mix it up in their songs.

In “Six Shooter” there are a couple of guitar solos that are worth a mention. They fill the void left between the verses nicely in the song. In a way they are shadowed behind the bass of the song. The solos can somewhat be used as an argument for the song because; by using the heavy bass they keep within the boundaries with rest of the album, and the guitar solo is played in a higher key. But then if you would turn down the bass because of the solos you might loose the Silvercade sound. It is hard to say if it would have been better if the bass was turned down a bit for the solos or for the entire track, but then keeping with the same bass level as the rest of the album, I feel the way the song was recorded on the album the solo’s still work with the song.

“Drifting Down” now this track if anything you should think of Pearl Jam the second you hear this track.

This album is one of the best all round albums that I have heard in awhile. Meaning pretty much all of the tracks are great to listen to. There isn’t one or two songs off the album, each song is as good as the last.

Matt Hartwick. - Party In

"Silvercade or New Metallica?"

I have to say, this is a f##king awesome album. Whenever I put this bad boy in my music maker, it makes my brain rock out and I zone out from reality and just listen to the sounds of Silvercade. The mixture of heavy riffs and melodies really highlight the talent that this band has. I am truly satisfied with the songwriting, vocals, style and sound. This is by far my favorite new band on the scene.

Silvercade's self titled debut was released in January of 2007 and is a great CD to check out if you have never heard this band before. My favorite tracks on this CD are "Sweet Divine" and "Rise Above." They are such raw songs but have so much punch to them. I love the vocal patterns on these songs and I'm a big fan of the leads in "Six Shooter."

The high hats sound nice and crisp along with the ride bell. The drums are perfectly in time with the rest of the band and the guitar and bass lines are very well written. Ryan Harris' voice is as clear as it gets and the effects sound so good on it. The tones are all perfectly in pitch and the music is rock solid. I can’t even say any more! I give this CD a pristine 10 out of 10.

Reviewer: Kenny Coull -

"Beasts of the East!"

The word that immediately came to mind when I put this CD on was FINALLY! I have been longing for the days when Rock music dominated the charts but to no avail... until now! I think this Oshawa band is on the cusp of a rock resurgence. Yes, it's a lofty claim but in hind-sight I'll look like a genius... or an ass, but I'm confident that this band will at least wake people up to how good music is supposed to sound. The remnants of what good music used to be are found in Velvet Revolver, Audioslave, Foo Fighters and Black Label Society. But it's safe to say that those bands have well past their prime and it's time for a change.

Silvercade announces itself with a high power, high energy self titled
debut. It's only 10 songs but what do you expect when they wrote,
recorded, mixed, mastered and bloody well did everything besides press the CD's themselves! The stand out tracks for me are, "Burn It Down", "Sweet Divine" and "Six Shooter". Although I love those songs for their blisteringly powerful riffs and catchy melodies, I can tell that "Rise Above" and "Better View" are the radio singles. I can hear the obvious influences of Metallica in "Saint Isaac" and "Rise Above" which will satisfy any Metallica fan who was let down by St. Anger.

The sound of the record is phenomenal even by radio standards. To think how these guys pulled off such a recording totally by themselves scares me a little. I mean, there seems to be no letting up from these guys right down the party line. The guitars are roaring yet tolerable to the ear, the drums are clear yet Earth-shattering, the bass is wide yet punchy and the vocals are slick and intelligible. I asked the guys in an email how they recorded and they simply said, "Very carefully". I caught the drift that they're not giving up any studio secrets. However if you're a band in need of recording, they'll help you out. Just ask Trevor (bassist) or Joel (guitarist) and you can hammer something out with them personally.

I highly recommend you pick this CD up now before a major label tampers with it. Because I've seen a lot of good bands ruined by big time producers and recording studio techniques. Perhaps you will disagree with me but I'm an indie listener at heart. But all that aside, however things turn out for Silvercade, I know it will be a step in the right direction for rock music.

RATING: 6! out of 5

Review by Sean H of Triggerfinger Music -


Albums: Silvercade - 'Self Titled' Released January 20th 2007. Written, Produced, Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Silvercade.
*Pick it up online at

EP's: 2009 5 song EP. This is only for sale at shows as it's a promotional item pending the release of our second full length album coming soon!
REQUEST OUR SONG "BETTER VIEW" on the WOLF 101.5 Peterborough
Email them here:
Or call & request: 1-705-740-9653

REQUEST OUR SONG "SWEET DIVINE" on these stations:

EDGE 102.1 FM Toronto
Phone (416) 870-EDGE

Q92 FM Sudbury
Phone (705) 677-2576

Power 104.7 FM Kelowna BC
Phone 250-763-1047

91x FM Belleville
Phone (613) 966-2559



Oshawa's Silvercade established themselves in the late months of 2006 where the Durham
area rock band exploded from the starting gates and onto the scene with the limited release
of their first self titled album in January 2007. In a musical landscape that is seeing the revival
of bands like AC/DC and Guns N' Roses, and Metallica, Silvercade is a bare knuckles
combination of hard hitting old school riffs combined with the edge and precision of new rock,
forming a gritty unique sound of their own.

The band, consisting of Joel Tymchuk (guitar), Andrew Tighe (drums), Trevor Cox (bass), and
Crash Harris (vocals), have been blowing crowds away with their live performance at some of
the most well known venues in the country. Packing venues such as Lee’s Palace, the El
Mocambo, The Opera House and the legendary Horseshoe Tavern on a regular basis as well
as playing Summer festival circuit gigs at events such as the Kawartha Lakes Wakeboard Open
and Rockstock in Chatham, ON, the band has been gaining fans all around the country. They
have shared the stage with more well known Canadian acts such as Finger Eleven, Sloan, The
Trews, Thornley, My Darkest Days, See Spot Run, and more. Locally the band is creating quite
a buzz with their music being played on FM radio stations around the area, including one of the
top 10 listened to stations on the planet, the Edge 102.1, and more stations asking for their music
daily. This led to the band rising to the top of the independent charts on 91X FM, which
ultimately led to the group being named Independent Band of the Year by that station for their
single “Sweet Divine”. They are also enjoying extraordinary success online having had over
half a million plays in their first 2 years on myspace. However, their largest success of all may
be their rapidly growing fan base (over 23 thousand people on myspace for example), which
seems to be multiplying at an exponential rate.

Silvercade promises to be a force that will not go unrecognized in the near future. With the
production of their first music video underway (scheduled to get airplay on Much Loud upon
completion), and heightened demand from radio, the band is anxious to see what the future
has in store. Ushering in a totally unique sound and style, Silvercade is sure to turn heads
around the globe.