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"Here in The Night"

August 14th 2007
Posted by EDDIE
Edgy Rock discovers Smooth Jaz... Eureka!

Defying attempts to be genre specified seems to be a staple move for all new bands these days, yet few pull it off well. Fewer still defy set-in-stone conventions as to what constitutes a genre-but this California band do and succeed.

Talented front man Liam McCormick has written a set of highly listenable songs onto which his powerful yet smooth vocals glide effortlessly overand in the process showing a skill and confidence rarely found in such a young stripling of a vocalist. An uncanny ability to give injections of energy and pace is present throughout.

Taste My Kiss is the complimentary stimulant to lift the funk laid down by the earlier jazzy tracks. Sometimes this energy can be achieved through unorthodox means such as ballroom dance music based on edgy guitar. The result of this abomination is so ridiculously good it is conceivable that if this reviewer was not laughed at for his dancing abilities, he would still be doing the tango to track 6-Dance to the Beat.

Highly capable wind musicians are used to great effect on several noteworthy tracks. Once the famous and sinister opening chords from James Bond are played on Goldfinger, the trumpet and horn do justice to the original, while conveying intent to make it their own. Trumpets are also often used where a guitar solo would be expected as a means to bring a song into its climactic height, which although smoothness is retained, could perhaps leave the rock listener feeling less overwhelmed than a classic guitar solo.

The album is concluded in fine form with both the emotional and sing along favorite I'm Not Dead Yet, devistating in it's anthemic simplicity and the stark, yet climactic Welcome Home which is set in the form of an angry grievance slowly and carefully brought to a boil before finally reneging back to a calm and classic jazz finish. - CD Review.Com

"Silver Griffin, Sept.22, Rockit Room"


Silver Griffin is composed of three extremly competent musicians, the kind who turn toward one another and half-smile after the execution of a particularly tricky harmony or a successful groove. The band traffics in a muscular, half-danceable brand of indie rock that's noteable mostly for the meticulous slickness of its composition - airtight, but not quite suffocating.

The trio took the stage Sept. 22 at the Rockit Room, breezing through a note-perfect set of songs alternitly slinky and strutting. The gig served as a CD release party for the bands self released debut, a colaberation with veteran producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers) titled "Here in the Night". The tunes are mostly built off frontperson Liam McCormick's lilting lyrics and lithe leads, which culminate in chiming eighth-note chorus chords and the vocalist's wistful, high-register crooning.

Silver Griffin's songs occassionally evince jazz underpinnings, which might explain the well-honed musicianship that makes the group such a satisfying live act.

Caveats aside, Silver Griffin has its fair share of moments, especially when the songs play to the strenths of the talented rhythm section duo, Greg Black and Seabrien Arata. Set standouts include "Taste My Kiss" and "Goldfinger," a shaken-not-stirred homage to the classic Shirley Bassey James Bond theme.

(Ben Richardson) - Bay Guardian, October 3-9 2007


Our newly released ep is a 12 song encompassing a good variety of our material. We have 80 songs in our book although we usually rehearse 20 or so for our existing performances.



Silver Griffin is an energetic and dynamic band formed in 2005. They offer an eclectic, diverse sound and have created a unique style of music combining indie, rock, pop, jazz, funk and blues. They appeal to a broad population and are thus not affixed to certain demographics of sound or style although we are probably categorized as very aggressive Pop with a Jazz kicker...

All members of the band have been playing for an extensive amount of time and each bring their own distinct musical talents to the group.

This band has amazing chemistry and writes catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics that demand attention. All songs are written and arranged by the band members.

Silver Griffin recently finished recording their first full length LP which was officially released in October of 2007...are you a Label/Publicist/Promoter??? ask us and we will send you a copy.

We spent thirteen weeks at Radio Star Studios with producer Sylvia Massy Shivy recording the disk. Sylvia is well known for her work with bands such as Prince, Johnny Cash, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, System of a Down, and many more.

Originally the band was scheduled for six weeks in the studio and planned to record 10 songs. When Sylvia listened to the 74 songs the band submitted, she had a difficult time selecting which songs should go on the disk. She selected 35 that she really enjoyed and thought would make a great CD and then selected 12 from those to go on the CD. So the original plan for 6 weeks, turned into 13 weeks to accommodate the additional material and allow time to create a fabulous disk.

This disk has been produced by Sylvia Massy Shivy, engineered by Rich Valtrop and mastered at The Plant in Sausalito California by the great John Cuniberti.

2007 Has been an amazing year for the band, with almost 100 shows played to some sell out crowds at some amazing venues. For the record we sold out 2 shows at Cafe Du Nord in San Franisco. We currently have 3 of our songs in 2 motion pictures. "Baby and Bottle" are in the sound track for "The Hottie and the Nottie" starring Paris Hilton and "Longer" is in the soundtrack for "The Year of Getting to Know Us" starring Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Lu, Tom Arnold and Sharon Stone.

2008 should be another fantastic year as we are currently pending approval for our song "Welcome Home" to appear in yet a 3rd motion picture and we are in talks for a few songs to appear in a few popular television shows.

We of course continue our rigorous live performance schedule, are hopefull of appearing in a couple of major music festivals this year and are currently working on a lot of new material and hope to begin recording our 2nd album in late 2008.

We are grateful for all of your support. We are visible and audible at or , or call us at 650-692-4739.

We hope to see you all at an upcoming show.