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Sheffield, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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"Silverjet Album Review - Contact Music"

Album Review of Silverjet by Silverjet, Out Now on Kerosene Records
As a reviewer, I get sent a lot of high-minded and pretentious 'art rock' albums to listen to, and that's ok, but sometimes you just want to rock! Within one minute of Silverjet's self-titled second album beginning, I have already been invited to "get fu**ing crazy" - Silverjet rock: pure and simple.

This album is full of swagger and bravado reminiscent of the sunset strip bands of the 80s, but Silverjet also have the songs to back it up. The aforementioned Crazy starts with a huge riff and a similarly oversized chorus. The album sticks to this formula for the most part, delivering one frantic rock beast after another - if these guys are half as good live as they are on CD, that's one hell of a gig!

It's not just the frantic rock numbers that deliver in spades though: the album's epic ballad - Lie with Me - is a definite standout track, trading huge distorted riffs for clean and acoustic guitars. The heartbreaking chorus sounds huge after the quiet introspection of the verses and is the sort of thing I'm sure Aerosmith would pay somebody a great deal of money to write for them.

Following the epic Lie with Me is very much more of the same - more down and dirty sleazy rock gems. Out to Dry and Cold Love feature some fantastic guitar work - both rhythm and lead. The guitars are a real strength of this album, as are the vocals: they have the perfect sound to be delivering these sleazy songs.

The album finishes with the fairly cheesy the Final Chapter, built around a melancholy piano hook. The song embodies what Silverjet are all about really - sure, at times its cliché, but it is a hell of a lot of fun and these songs are brilliant. You want arty and introspective shoe gaze albums? That's fine, there are plenty of those about, but this is certainly not one of them. God bless Silverjet, and God bless Rock'n'roll!

Ben Walton

"Silverjet Album Review - BubblegumSlut Zine"

Since the collapse of the post-"Dirt" Brit-sleaze scene, it's been interesting to note that most of the bands who managed to successfully surf the waves that crushed the unoriginal likes of the Red Star Rebels and Headrush were the ones who managed to give their music a bit of a twist to the formula rather than hoping their Nikki Sixx haircuts would carry them through. Sheffield's Silverjet definitely fall into the survivors category. Always a band more influenced by Spike and Tyla than Vince Neil and Bret Michaels, their down-to-earth brand of blues rock is still firing up pretty nicely on this, their second album as songs like "Crazy", "Broken" and "Mardi Gras" swagger through nicely with riffs that'd hold their own in any outpost rock venue you care to mention although the sound has got a bit more American since their debut (they now actually sound closer to bands like Cinderella than anything but that's not necessarily a bad thing). However, the acoustic led small hours song "Lie With Me" sees the Quireboys influence very much at the fore and is probably one of the highlights on here. All in all, a solid follow up from the Steel City boys -

"Various Reviews 2004-2008 (Live and CD Release)"

Amalgams Sessions – 3 Track EP, 2004
“I picked this up immediately after enjoying their 30-minute debut set at the
Boardwalk and on the volume of that performance expected quite high things.
No disappointments then as the three numbers all deliver the goods in ways
big and small and I know even more where their collective heart lies musically.
This is somewhere between Black Crowes, GNR, Jellyfish, The Stones and
Lynyrd Skynyrd, veering from one closer to others on each of these catch little
Guitarist Dave doubles as lead singer for the time and quite truthfully though
he's put down his own vocal abilities in the past, I didn't notice too much fault
in his performance especially as his love of southern rock n' roll has probably
motivated him at least a little part of the way with this venture.
These three tracks, all immediately impressive themselves, are only the
introduction to another promising Steel City outfit.”
Metalliville Lite Fanzine - Oct/Nov 04 Issue

"Since the Black Crowes sad disbandment in 2002 solid, American-made Blues rock has been a hard thing to
come by. Silverjet are just such a rare and lucky find, preaching on these three formative tracks the same soulful
gospel of honey-dripped guitars, handclaps and harmonica to be found on the seminal ‘Southern Harmony
Companion’. Except these boys hail from Yorkshire, not that you’d guess from the bourbon-soaked vocals and
southern-fried guitarlines laid down by Dave Kerr and Andy Mewes respectively. Its early days yet and while they
could undoubtedly do with a few more memorable hooks and choruses this already offers a lot more raw talents
than the average debut demo."
Bubblegum Slut Fanzine #17 -

Honour Amongst Thieves – Debut Album, 2005
“These ten slabs of southern rawk n' roll splendour prove Sheffield's current
retro-rock kings' credibility with the scene well earned. Silverjet parade their
Stones/Black Crowes-and-beyond inspirations all the way round town, and
should stop a fair ol' amount of traffic en route. More or less specialising in
rough n' ready rhythms, the realistic guitar sound that propels them, crafted
precisely by messrs Kerr and Mewse carries a subliminal message that reads
'It's 1965 again, folks' and you will begin just to wonder how old these lads
were exactly, when they first started pinching their dads' lps.
Pleasant stuff all round and with impressive vocal performances from Dave
Kerr, Honour Amongst Thieves is quite an incendiary introduction. Why they
only want eight quid per copy of this nice little disc baffles me”
Metalliville Webzine (Dave Attrill) -

“Silverjet essentially amalgamate all the best slide guitar sounds, harmonica flounces and fag-addled ballads
from the boozer of four favourite blues rock reprobates on this good time foot tapper of a first album. While
Silverjet undoubtedly have their own on stage persona you feel all the same that this is something of a ‘fans
record’, be it a sharp and self aware one, magpies nest of nods to heroes further down the beer-sodden tapestry
of rock history. ‘Over The Hill’ recreates the drunken balladry of the Dogs D’Amour’s ‘Billy2 Rivers’, the title track
delivers a blast of jittery rock ‘n’ roll on the matter of a run-in with the law in the vein the Quireboys ‘Can’t Park
Here’ before ‘Get Me Up’ makes sly reference to the Stones amid a storm of Southern fried Black Crowes
guitars. With a tale of hangover apologies and rock ‘n’ roll ‘Ode to Spike (Good English Rock ‘n’ Roll)’ it could be
argued they take wearing their influences on their sleeves a little too far, but that doesn’t stop them being one of
the best new band’s we’ve heard in a long time with a solid first album to boot”
Bubblegum Slut Fanzine #19 -

Press & Media Reviews - Live
Supporting Crash Kelly, Junktion 7, Nottingham - 02/10/04
“Its almost criminal for the superb Silverjet to have been positioned first on the bill but for the early birds their
blues rock is a real treat. Soaked in the spirit of The Black Crowes and shots of several of Mr. Jack’s finest spirit
too, its soulful, Stones inspired stuff that brings to mind the deep south before the band’s native Sheffield.
Technically they’re a fault less team, lead by the exceptional talents of vocalist/guitarist Dave Kerr and are
wasted in a first on slot.”
Bubblegum Slut Fanzine #17 -

Supporting Mike Tramp, Corporation, Sheffield - 30/10/04
“Silverjet (8/10) have only been a live unit for about a month or so at this time and this being the third time I've
seen them really gets me into what they're about even though I was impressed from the start. Their recent 3-
track EP 'Amalgam Sessions' accounts for almost half of their 25-minute set tonight but guitarist Dave appears to
be savouring almost every second of it.”
Metalliville Webzine (Dave Attrill) -

Supporting Mike Tramp, Trillans Rock Bar, Newcastle - 31/10/04
“First band up were Silverjet and although I only caught the last few songs of their set, I was very impressed.
They came across as a mix between The Black Crowes, The Quireboys and the Rolling Stones. I was even more
impressed when I found out that they had only played a handful of live shows before tonight.”
The Mayfair Mall Ezine -

“...the opening band were called Silverjet and they turned out to be purveyors of fine blues based rock a la Black
Crowes. Certainly worth catching again if the opportunity arises.”

Supporting Dogs D’Amour, Corporation, Sheffield - 18/12/04
“A well-chosen support act, hyperactive Sheffield newcomers Silverjet play the Corp's big room for the first time
tonight, their tight half-hour set of very well accepted by the 2-300 present by that time. Playing all three tunes off
their EP again amongst other impressive Black Crowes/Stones/Quireboys influenced delights, they don't put a
single foot wrong for a second.” (9/10)
Metalliville Webzine (Dave Attrill) -

Sheffield Unsigned - The Boardwalk, Sheffield - 13/01/05
“Silverjet were next in the spotlights. They were playing Classic Rock with tight jeans and fancy guitars. Think
Aerosmith and you’d be close. The singer must have had some kind of charismatic stage presence as myself
and several other people in the bar seemed to be smiling rather more than was relatively normal. But you couldn’t
help it - the band were genuinely having a good time performing, and this good atmosphere simply swept across
the venue.”
Sandman Magazine (Sheffield) - Issue 029 February 2005

“Next up, Silverjet delivered a polished performance full of stylised swagger and excellent musicianship. Its easy
to see why they’ve landed some prime support slots, they’ve got that feelgood factor and are arguably Sheffield’s
finest purveyors of riff driven rock ‘n’roll.”
Exposed Magazine - February 2005

Supporting Spike (Quireboys) - The Boardwalk, Sheffield - 22/04/05
“A practise what you preach rock 'n' roll band, delivering a driving sermon filled with a genuine love for the music
and fans - the way things should be!!”
Metalliville Webzine (Glenn Milligan)-

Supporting Quireboys – Edinburgh Exchange - 19/06/05
“A brief but entertaining set from Sheffield country rockers Silverjet, whose bluesy brand of Deep South barroom
metal came over like a cross between the Georgia Satellites and the Quireboys. Nice cowboy hats”
Temple of Glam.Net (Elaine Macintyre)-

Trash-Stock 2005 – Junktion 7, Nottingham - 30/07/05
“SILVERJET are a band that manages to combine a number of influences making them a shrine to good old
English rock and roll. Their no messing approach to delivering a show packed full of songs bursting with the spirit
of blues and rock, makes them a band well worth seeing over and over again. Tonight was no exception.”
Sandman Magazine (Nottingham).

“Trash-Stock, the first annual gathering of ‘the trashiest rockers the UK has to offer’.
Sheffields Silverjet are a band that just keep getting better. A bunch of great songs from boozy, bluesy debut
album ‘Honour Amongst Thieves’ become a bunch of ruddy amazing songs in the beer-stained smokey bar
rooms that spawned them. In particular, Dave Kerr’s vocals feel far more natural live, and combined with some
immaculately tight playing, even on some less than simple slide guitar parts, really bring to life Quireboys/Black
Crowes-y rockers like ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Lay Your Wings Down’. A mean riff led rocker of a newie also suggests
they’ve got plenty to offer us yet – dunno about the trashiest, but this is definitely one of the most exiting new
bands on the UK underground at the moment”
Bubblegum Slut Fanzine #20 -

Supporting Dogs D’Amour, Corporation, Sheffield - 15/10/05
“Like 2004, we get Silverjet as the support band who deliver a strong set of material in their good old fashioned
Quireboys meets The Faces in a southern fried Black Crowes kinda way who do well in warming up the pretty
well packed room – with frontman/guitarist Dave Kerr telling us to get our hands in the air, clap and get into the
vibe of it all – which is of course ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Charging up the room with songs such as ‘Over the hill’; ‘Lay your
wings down’; ‘Deuce’; ‘See Me Bleedin’ and of course the title track of their album ‘Honour Amongst Thieves’.
Every gig I see them do they ooze confidence and have the ability to party up any place with their fantastic
selection of feel-good songs that contain solid elements of strong guitar solos, cool vocals and then some ….
Thoroughly enjoyable group that a promoter should pick up and take around the UK”
Metalliville Webzine (Glenn Milligan) -

Supporting The Quireboys, Corporation, Sheffield - 18/11/05
“With a sound that is more in keeping with the headliners boozy barroom brand of rock and roll - actually The
Black Crowes would be a better reference point with vocalist Dave Kerr especially sounding rather similar to
Chris Robinson at times in his phrasing and delivery. Focusing mainly on material from their 'Honour Amongst
Thieves' debut opus Silverjet showed an admirable quality and ease on stage , although once again the punters
seemed remarkably shy at getting down the front and rocking out. Even when the band closed out their set with
the title track of the aforementioned album, surely one of the best songs of this ilk since - well the Black Crowes
last album”.

White Room, Hull - 17/02/06
“This is an out and out rock band who from the start of their set had everyone foot tapping to their easy rockin’
style, playing a selection from their Ep and the album “Honour among thieves”. this is a band that wont just
appeal to the biker fraternity, but to all lovers of true Rock. Hullrocks recommendation - GO SEE THIS BAND!

Corporation, Sheffield - 29/04/06
“Having booked, promoted and generally whored the gig, Sheffield’s Silverjet certainly reaped the rewards of their
hard work with a rammed out and rapturous room of revellers determined to have a good time. The bands
soundtrack to a dirty, booze soaked smoky bar room was perfect to get the party flowing on a hot Saturday night.
Playing a set well over an hour full of classic blues rock with a hard and raw edge, Silverjet cherry picked from
their full length album ‘Honour Amongst Thieves’ as well as treating the crowd to a selection of new songs which
bode well for a classic second record. It’s been said Silverjet wear their influences like The Quireboys, Dogs and
Black Crowes on their sleeves, however they are drawing deep on even earlier sounds such as The Faces and
mid period Stones as much, and yet still adding a new vitality to the blues rock formula. More of it please…”
James Wright. Sandman Magazine –
August 2006

Supporting Buckcherry, Sheffield - 05/06/07
“To kick the night off were local band Silverjet. The band opened up their hard rocking account with songs both
old and new and got things underway with a personal favourite of mine the immense ‘Mardigras’, which got things
started the way a good rock show should, with driving riffs and a thumping rhythm section which continued
throughout their short but impressive set. The band seem to have thrown the shackles of their heroes The Dogs
D’Amour and The Quireboys sound away and have developed their own sound as the new songs included in
tonight’s set showed to great effect, with one of these being the excellent ‘Love’, a real rockers delight. The band
did what they a good support band is meant to do and warm up the crowd and they did throughout their half hour
slot which came to a climax with ‘Face To Face’, which kept their old fans happy as well as the new ones who
had never seen the band before pointed out to me after their rousing set.”
Little Linda. The Mayfair Mall Ezine -

Trash-Stock 2007 – Junktion 7, Nottingham - 17/08/07
“Now for a band who I have seen perform many times before, Sheffield’s Silverjet who led by Dave Kerr
delivered another comprehensive set that consisted of things both old and new. They got the ball running with
something new ‘Crazy’ which marked the beginning of another strong set by the band. Then it was straight into
‘Face To Face’ which shows the band have thrown away their Dogs D’Amour/Quireboys sound that stood out so
prominently in their earlier days and have now matured in sound and gone for something they can truly call their
It wasn’t until ‘Hell Yeah’ that their set really took off for me, this new track is one that will feature on the bands
forthcoming album and is a real belter of a song with just a hint of Bluesy rock thrown in for good measure.
They continued with the newer material with ‘Cold Love’ before unleashing a couple of barnstormers to finish off
with, firstly it was ‘Broken’, then one of my personal favourites from the band ‘Mardigras’, which rounded off
another professional performance by the band”

Legends – Newcastle (supporting House of Lords) 19/05/2008
Now I’d heard of Sheffield ragamuffins Silverjet but had never heard any of their material, so virgin territory to be
explored. They walked on stage looking like LA Strip rejects and proceeded to launch into some very polished
glam/sleaze tunes. The band were tight and pulled of some rather good T.Rex/Faster Pussycat style songs. The
PA had suddenly acquired a new lease of life, making songs like 'Hell Yeah' and 'Won’t See Me Bleeding' best in
show. I have to admit, they are damn good at what they do and I think they may even have made a few new fans
tonight. - Various (2004-2008)


English Rock ‘n’ Roll is not dead”
– Hardline Magazine, Germany

"Great Songs, combine parts of the Black Crowes,
The Quireboys and The Answer" – Powerplay

“Silverjet are as raucous and demanding as the best of them -
the delicate lovechild of AC/DC and the Quireboys”
– Music Xtra

“Some of the coolist riffs this side of Joe Perry”
– Hardrockhouse

“Graduated from the old school of early Aerosmith with
flying colours” – Temple of Glam

“These guys burn on stage and what they play is timeless,
no-one goes home shortchanged” – El Diablo Fanzine

“soundtrack to a dirty, booze soaked, smoky bar room -
perfect to get the party flowing” – Sandman Magazine

“This is one band who can seriously kick-ass with
the best of them” –

“fine purveyors of riff driven rock ‘n’roll “ – Exposed Magazine

“A practise what you preach rock 'n' roll band, delivering
a driving sermon filled with a genuine love for the music
and fans - the way things should be!!”#
- Metalliville Webzine - Various

"Silverjet - Live Review - Oct 2009"

Next up, raising the bar and many a beer-bottle are Silverjet. A bevy of glam-spunkettes totter to the front row as the local heroes swagger onstage, business has clearly picked up. There’s a casual confidence to the band that later gives way to eagerness and hunger. These boys have ambitions to be as big as they come. There’s a great sense too of camaraderie and togetherness, both between band-mates and extending out to the audience. The only dress code here is one of smiles and devil-horns.

Throughout the set Silverjet appear to be perpetually entering, emerging from or engaged within one rifftastic solo after another, save for one fleeting moment when they sound like T-Rex.

It’s a brand of hard, hi-energy, southern-tinged rock driven by some foot-stomping drums that’s already seen them share stages with established names like Buckcherry and The Quireboys. ‘Hell Yeah’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Just another Rock Show’ do exactly what they say on the tin and headline shows surely beckon.

"Silverjet Album Review - Glitzine"

Now this CD has been out for a little while, originally seeing it released back in 2008, but I've only just stumbled upon it and by god I am so happy that I did!
From the opening track of 'Crazy' the scene's set for a good old fashioned classic rock album jammed packed with high quality tracks!
As I have just said, Silverjet play a classic hard rock with a southern blues edge, which is really evident on the albums second track 'Broken'.
The bands influences read like who's who of the classic/hard rock genre, but they manage to maintain a kind of unique sound, and as I said this debut album's jam-packed with 12 excellent songs. Vocalist Dave Kerr can hold his own amongst the best of them, Silverjet are really a force to be reckoned with!
Even when the band slow things down little like on 'The Final Chapter' and 'Lie With Me' the songs maintain the strength and power!
A great album from a great Sheffield (Midlands UK) based band that you really should check out!
They are currently searching for a new Rhythm guitarist, but the future looks good!

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard


Silverjet (self titled)
Kerosine Records (May 2008)

Honour Amongst Theives
Self Released Debut Album (2005)

The Amalgams Sessions (Sept 2004)



Silverjet have been strutting their stuff for some 5 years, gradually building up their live reputation from the underground to most recently supporting Pretty Boy Floyd on their UK 2009 Tour. Additional tour supports have included Hanoi Rocks on their last ever UK Tour in 2008.

In recent years Silverjet have also had the pleasure to tour alongside other greats such as Buckcherry, The (London) Quireboys, The Dogs D’amour, House of Lords, White Lion and Mountain.

Mixing the authentic bluesy sound of the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and The Stones with the hard and heavy edge of bands such as Motley Crue, Buckcherry and Papa Roach the band have developed a distinctive sound of their own that has graced some of the finest stages with some of the finest bands.

Silverjet recently took flight to the USA to rock the folks of LA and Las Vegas which included the famous Whisky a Go Go!!

Early 2010 saw Silverjet start recording their third studio album
– expect a harder edge this time around!