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Wilmington, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"Rock Beat"

Nowadays, it seems that more and more people are trying to pick up a guitar, learn a bass riff, or trying to play that same old basic drums beat. With commercials about “Guitar Hero”, and the new ultra-mega cool “Rockband,” one is hard-pressed to find originality and authenticity in today’s rock music. That’s where SilverJudas steps in. Formed in 2001 by brothers Eric and Todd Hitt and now with new members Devon Fuller and Grant Repik, SilverJudas are quick to point out that they are not “striving” to achieve a difference, they just do. “I don’t think we really strive to make SilverJudas different; we come from such diverse musical backgrounds that it kind of blends into its own sound. We all grew up listening to different styles of music and those influences come through when we write our material,” states Devon.
Where a lot of today’s rock bands are characterized by a mono-tone sound that could be thought of the same song over and over, SilverJudas’ music tends to keep you on a roller coaster ride. “We just jam around until something either sounds cool, or someone will come in with a riff or a beat and we
start to build around that foundation. It all usually starts in the band room, but when we’re in the studio that is where it really comes to life. We begin to hear it from a different perspective on playback,” states Eric. From the fast-paced in-your-face riffs of “Smackin the Natalie” to the calm and engaging “Miracle”, SilverJudas songs have touches of melodic whispers from Tool to Black Sabbath.
But now as in yesteryear, to be successful and to move to the next level, bands have to perform -- locally and on the road. Willingness to travel is essential and SilverJudas has not shied away from touring. “We’ve done our share of road gigs. It is a rite of passage for bands, some make it, some don’t,” states Devon. “Its always fun playing in front of new people, fresh ears….” And the lessons learned are priceless. Grant
by Jeff Reid
continues, “ Yea, like don’t eat too much gas station food, save your money for gas and don’t play anywhere out of town without a guarantee.”
With one CD available, (recorded in 2005 with Chad Bevins), SilverJudas is busy working on the next one. “The new CD will be the new line up and it will certainly be more aggressive and unified. We’ve grown mentally and musically and can’t wait for our fans to hear what we’ve done,” states Todd.
Whether SilverJudas will go beyond local music heroes to a larger audience in 2008 is yet to be seen. In Wilmington’s crowded music scene where most bands can easily blend in, this group of dedicated musicians write and perform music that is inventive, catchy and anything but stagnant. Yet, with their energetic live show, a passion for their muse and a willingness to sacrifice -- some would say this band has already "made it" - Jeff Reid, The beat Magazine


"Bleed the Sky" lp
Simple Possession
"Truth in Detail"
500 feet- First Single
Out From under
Blind Eyes
Curse You Name
CD set for release in Jan. 2010

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SilverJudas was formed in 2001 by Eric and Todd Hitt with the desire to write and perform music that was inventive and never stagnant. After gaining Devon Fuller, Grant Repik, and Mike Godwin, the band became complete and the music began to thrive. There energetic live performance and explosive beats create an aura of musical ambiance felt by everyone who sees them. With talent, drive, and ambition, SilverJudas will bring there performance to you.