Silverlane practises in a basement where we let loose and give the music our all because noone is watching. The band's goal is to bring that same energy to our live shows. We reach our fans not only through our music but through our lyrics and discussion.


The name 'Silverlane' is a phrase coined by the group which represents each person’s journey in life. “If you think of the trunk of a tree as a starting point we eventually separate into individual branches representing someone's path, or their 'Silverlane'” (Jason Masina – guitar/keys). “Our goal as a band is not only to play music the best we know how, but also to encourage our listeners to find their branch and put their heart into following it honestly” (Dave Kalinauskas - vocals/guitar). Silverlane is a five piece band from Orangeville, Ontario and love to perform their driving anthem style guitar driven rock, but also try to relate to their fans through lyrics. Whether it is through life experiences, relationships, or spreading awareness of social issues in the world, the group sings about many aspects of life in a truthful and attainable way. The band has two EP's released to date, each holding three tracks. When asked about there latest release entitled "Neanderthals to Concert Halls" Dave says, “The Neanderthals record was so much fun to rehearse for, record, and listen to. We knew going into it that we wanted to give it a fun title, and Adam came up with 'Neanderthals to Concert Halls'. In a way we feel like Neanderthals when rehearsing in the basement and doing all these goofy movements when no ones watching. We try our best to bring that same energy to the stage which is my interpretation of the EP’s title.” Silverlane recently played at Life 100.3's "Air Raid 16" and had their first single off their new EP "The Engineer" aired on the Barrie based super station. Being this a big accomplishment, the boys feel like it is just the beginning as they continue to move forward. This is their passion and a big part of there own "Silverlane".


The Engineer

Written By: David Kalinauskas

Sit back down, everything’s broken here and on the ground.

I’m not the engineer, who’s going to fix this,

Everything’s broken here we gotta fix it.

Close your eyes, your singing a lullaby in disguise.

I think it’s about time that we fix it,

Everything’s broken here we gotta fix it.

And you count down one by one,

Ideas are all outdated, and counting is over rated.

Head Above

Written By: David Kalinauskas

I see an eye at the back of your head staring back at me, and the smile on your face appears to be there due to jealousy. The children run home, and take their shelter, shelter from the seige, and the soldier with his gun over his shoulder has to breath.

I watched you smile as you pushed me down I began to drown, and heat took the air, filled my heart, took my care.

You said that this wouldn't hurt.

Live another let down, its okay we'll keep our head above this.

The Shadow

Written By: David Kalinauskas

I will leave tonight on a rocket ship,

Up above the sky and I wont be gone long if you sit tight and wait for me here.

If the stars are really that far away,

Then I’ll return unharmed on another day,

We will see each other soon.

Time is all that’s cast between us now,

Just let the world, pass and teach us how life will be on the other side of the moon,

I can touch the same air that touches you,

From far above the world and the ocean blue,

You will feel my breath from far away.

This is all I have to offer you,

Comfort and apologies,

I need to go, but I’ll see you soon…

Come home…

Last Fight

Written By: David Kalinauskas

I can’t be, anymore then I am now,
I can’t see anymore, but somehow I feel alive again,
Every step I take I’m lifting off the ground,
A vital check reports that I should have drowned.

So Lets make this the last time,
That everyone tries to follow in and leave them all behind,
For the future state off mind,
It’s the resistance that keeps us all in line.

In 20 days, our memories will be washed ashore,
Now the sea, a glass of freedom calm after the storm,
and I’ve never been here before.
I am so certain it’s been our last fight,
A constant glow in your eyes will surly be our light,
Just lead us home little girl, lead us home to our new world.


It's Dark Enough Already - February 15 2007
1. Last Fight
2. Outdated
3. Thanks for Nothing

Neanderthals to Concert Halls - May 31 2008
1. The Engineer
2. Head Above
3. The Shadow



Set List

Silverlane's typical set consists of about half an hour of original material (7-9 songs) and 1 or 2 covers. The band keeps covers fresh by playing new and different material often so the repertoire varies. New original material can be heard on Sonicbids off the new EP "Neanderthals to Concert Halls".