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The best kept secret in music



'Best new act' returns to Huntsville

Looking for something to do in Huntsville this Friday night? Come to the downtown square for some live music and see a band you are sure to hear more about in the near future. Silverleaf will be playing at the Fall Jam Block Party, a musical event put on by Obediah productions and sponsored by local Huntsville businesses.
What makes the up and coming Houston band Silverleaf different from other bands? Bassist Matt Radliff says it's the combination of "talent, style and dedication with an element of surprise," that gives his band an edge above others.
A modern rock band made up of four members from the Houston area, Silverleaf is the highly anticipated project from former successful regional bands. Consisting of lead singer Paul Gross, SHSU alum guitarist Rob Swonke, Radliff and drummer Bruce Rios, Silverleaf
brings an abundance of talent to the stages it plays. Collectively Silverleaf has played over 1,000 shows at venues across Texas and beyond.
Although Silverleaf is fairly new on the scene, having just been together for a year, the band has already established a loyal following and quickly adopts new fans while selling
out venues wherever it plays.
The band has become recog-
nized in the Houston music scene and was nominated for "best new act" at the Houston Press Music Awards this summer.
The Silverleaf sound is hard to categorize. "I think the most important thing is to just try and write great songs and not focus on a certain type of sounds," Gross said. Their music creates a sound of "sweeping, catchy melodies, massive guitar and earnest lyrics," Radliff said.
With the maturity of the band - all the members are in their mid-twenties - there is a certain feeling of commitment towards the audience. "We don't want to come across as a passing band, we want our listeners to know that we are planning on continuing with this journey and taking it as far as we can," Swonke said.
Recently, Silverleaf has signed on with Budweiser/EMI to be the Budweiser True Music Live band for Houston. The band's first single "Reach Me," off the debut E.P. as well as a clever remake of the Beastie Boy's "Paul Revere" have received significant airplay on several radio stations, including 94.5 The Buzz. Silverleaf has been a part of several battles of the bands and has won several titles while performing.
Currently, Silverleaf is getting ready to record its debut album at Sugar Hill Studios in Houston. The album will feature 11 tracks including new songs "Selfish", "I am", "Inside" and "Fall Down". The band plans to release the album by the end of the year.
Silverleaf has been able to capitalize on its local success, landing an opening spot at this year's 104 KRBE Earthday Festival where the band shared the stage with national recording artists, Jewel, Bowling For Soup, Michelle Branch and Simple Plan to name a few. Silverleaf was also featured in the August issue of Rolling Stone magazine.
Last month Silverleaf played
at the Houston Texans kick-off and after an Astros game at Minute Maid Park. The members of the band are hoping for the opportunity to be a part of the Super Bowl XXXVIII celebration in Houston in February.
Last March, Silverleaf had the opportunity to headline a venue during Austin's annual music and film festival South by Southwest. "That was a big break for us," Radliff said. "Executives from all over the industry were there to watch bands perform."
Silverleaf left an impression in Austin and has been asked to return on various occasions. The band has also played various venues in Dallas, San Antonio and New Orleans. "We're looking forward to the rest of 2003 and the opportunity to bring music to fans across the country," Rios said.

- Courtney Sustek

"Houston Press"

Best New Act
Out of the ashes of Sevenfold and 24 Count comes Silverleaf, a modern rock band with a bunch of momentum. Although the group is less than a year old, its singles "Reach Me" and a remake of the Beastie Boys' "Paul Revere" have cracked the rotation at the Buzz, and the band has a sponsorship deal with Budweiser. Release of the band's debut CD, which was recorded at Sugar Hill Studios, is imminent. -- - John Lomax

"Houston Chronicle"

Local Bands Rock at SugarHill

HOUSTON) - July 24, 2003 - Engineers Steve Christensen and John Griffin have wrapped up a number of projects with local bands at SugarHill Recording Studios. Everything was tracked in Studio B to 2" analog tape and then transferred to Pro Tools for mixing in Studio C. All of the projects were self-produced.

Christensen recorded a demo for Houston pop-rock band Silverleaf. The three-song demo included two original songs and a clever rendition of the Beastie Boys' classic "Paul Revere". The band has received a year-long Budweiser sponsorship which has brought a number of opportunities with it, including a spot opening for a national act the night before the 2004 Super Bowl in Houston. It was also one of the performers at the 104 KRBE/Green Mountain Energy Day Festival in Houston this past May. Silverleaf has recorded a Budweiser "True Music Moment" radio commercial that will be airing soon. It is getting airplay Sunday nights on 94.5 FM, the Buzz, as well as in surrounding areas.

- Andy Meyers

"Rising phoenix"

For The Chronicle

Silverleaf may rock locally, but the boys in the band have been thinking globally for some time.

Silverleaf was born out of the ashes of defunct local group 24 Count and the members' desire to make music more than a hobby. The Houston-based quartet — which includes vocalist Paul Gross, bassist Matt Radliff, guitarist Zac Renfro and drummer Bruce Rios — has been playing together in this incarnation for more than two years. (Rob Swonke is no longer with the band.)

And since the beginning, Silverleaf has strived to get its message across to fans.

"Personally, my goal is really to have an impact on people's lives through music and through the writing," Gross says about his ultimate objectives. Silverleaf performs at 8 p.m. Friday in Saengerfest Park as part of Mardi Gras Galveston.

"I was 10 and actually wrote my first song on a Casio keyboard to the little pre-packaged song that comes on it," Gross says. "I get more satisfaction out of writing songs than I get out of anything in life."

Since its inception, Silverleaf has played consistently throughout Texas and has released a full-length album, The Show. The 12-track collection was recorded at the SugarHill Recording Studios and features originals sturdy enough to stand up against anything on rock radio. There's also a creative, surprisingly melodic take on the Beastie Boys classic Paul Revere.

"I think with the previous band, we really didn't know what we were doing. We were all kind of feeling our way through," Gross says. "I think from a creativity standpoint, from a writing standpoint, there was a lot of question in terms of direction.

"I think with (Silverleaf), there's much more of a unified feeling, in terms of a vision of where were wanting to go, musically. It's just a lot more professional."

Silverleaf's biggest break came in 2003, when the band was selected for a Budweiser True Music sponsorship. That honor helped the band secure prime gigs during various sporting events at Reliant Stadium and Minute Maid Park, along with slots at the KRBE Earth Day Festival and the Super Bowl Super Bash.

The band was was named one of the nation's top unsigned bands in Rolling Stone magazine in 2003 and also featured in Vanity Fair's October 2004 music issue.

But despite the advantages of corporate backing, Silverleaf remains focused on the long path to stardom — and doesn't mind taking it one step at a time.

"This thing started five years ago at a place called Greek Tony's Pizza in front of about five people. Being in Houston, 100 people for a local band is a great night. You'd be hard-pressed to find a local band that can draw like that consistently," Gross says. "I think you just have to keep a perspective."

- Houston Chronicle

"Best Alternative Rock Silverleaf"

August 5, 2004
They're the new Blue October. New October, if you will. And you will! This four-piece is primed and ready for 94.5 gallons of Buzz, and they've now got a trophy to prove it. The band graciously shared its award with a few of the others in its category: Paris Green and Pilot Radio. Those who thought Silverleaf was light and poppy were learned their lesson when they played an intense song off The Show (the runner-up for Local Album of the Year), one that, uh, showed us why they so richly deserved their first ever award. -- Brian McManus

Critic's pick: Silverleaf

- Houston Press


The Show - 2004
[Reach Me is receiving airplay]

Silverleaf - EP 2003 3 songs


Feeling a bit camera shy


The words rock and passion have many definitions. Silverleaf, a regional Modern Rock Band based in Houston, TX can be described as one. From strong hooks to emotion-packed lyrics the excitement is felt in every live performance. Songwriter and frontman, Paul Gross sums up Silverleaf’’s vision by saying: “We want to be known for reaching people, connecting with the audience and making an impact on people’s lives.”

Silverleaf is writing new songs for an upcoming release. They continue to build their fan base, increase airplay and strengthen CD sales along with gaining national and international recognition.

Sponsorship as a Budweiser True Music Band, has allowed them to play at special events and venues such as Reliant Stadium and Minute Maid Park thus exposing their music to larger crowds and thereby making it possible to build a strong fan base quickly. Silverleaf was recognized nationally with features in Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair.

Their self-released CD “The Show” continues to gain momentum in both airplay and sales. They have opened for many national acts such as Fuel, Hoobastank, Puddle of Mudd, Seven Mary Three, Smile Empty Soul, Bowling for Soup, Blue October, Bob Schneider and Cowboy Mouth. In 2004, Silverleaf received an award for Best Alternative Rock Band and were also nominated for Album of the Year by the Houston Press Music Awards.

Silverleaf’s philosophy is to infuse every song and performance with an emotion and passion that the audience can share, own and live. Keeping with the attitude that if you fall down, you get back up and push forward.

Simply put, Silverleaf is about bringing life to the fans. Silverleaf is about the music.