Silverleaf is a band that is reminiscent of Beatles, Bob Dylan, and other 60's and 70's bands while still being original and artistic.


In a time when neo-glam rock bands and cookie cutter pop stars populate the already crowded landscape that is the American music industry, it is difficult to notice a band of humble origins with a modest demeanor. It may be tempting to swallow the mainstream offerings that are plated and garnished so nicely with high production cost and skillful management but if one delves into the local fare one may find a bounty of under appreciated talent. One may find Silverleaf.
Largely based out of La Mesa, California situated on the outskirts of the bustling San Diego metropolis, Silverleaf is made up of four unique personalities that manifest an entertaining atmosphere about them both on stage and off. Silverleaf rehearses out of a local practice space in nearby El Cajon but mainly perform in the more urban neighborhoods in central San Diego. They have had shows at venues such as The Beauty Bar, U31, The Ruby Room and have somewhat of a mainstay at Lestat's Coffee Shop where they have performed with several well established local and touring bands.
Silverleaf is composed of Ian Owen on guitar and lead vocals, Jesse Bowen on bass, backup vocals and auxiliary percussion, Nicole Williams on keyboard and synthesizer, and Sean Cummings on drums. Owen has played guitar for several years and has performed with numerous bands including Enter Telescope and The Anna Troy Band. Before Silverleaf formed in late 2007, Ian joined the band Quiet the Moon fronted by Jesse Bowen. That early collaboration would later lead to Bowen joining Silverleaf. Though Ian and Jesse are currently members of other local San Diego bands, all members of Silverleaf treat the band as the highest priority and predominantly perform together on a regular basis.
Recently, the band released its long awaited self-titled EP recorded by local musician and producer Keith Milgaten. It consists of six original tracks as well as a bonus alternate version of the opening track that ties together a surprisingly complete sounding EP. Reviews for the album have been mixed but mostly positive.

"Heavily textured and boldly composed, Silverleaf's new EP is refreshing and promising." 944 Magazine, January 2009

"There's a bit more indie-pop sensibility lurking here than your usual spare alt-country..." San Diego Citybeat, March 2009

The release party for the CD sold out LeStat's and featured an opening performance by Gregory Page. Beyond what the EP offers, Silverleaf has a modest but solid catalog of songs written by Ian Owen and arranged by each band member. They are constantly working to produce new material and improve previously written songs so a full album can be expected in the near future.


Silverleaf EP

Set List

set list is about 45 min to 1 hour consisting of mostly original material but can include covers like Sunken Treasure by Wilco and Hey Hey My My by Neil Young.