Silvermane Wesley John

Silvermane Wesley John


Wesley John's band Silvermane is a little Beatles influence, a little Eric Clapton, a little Buddy Holly and Tom Petty and a whole lot of the musical artist's pallette come to life of Wesley John aka Silvermane. His songs reflect an original songwriter's desire to capture and perform the nostalgia of a time long since gone by, but never forgotten, thanks to Woodstock and the chance encounter of a generation.

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Weekend Warrior

Written By: Wesley John aka Silvermane

Weekend Warrior
Well, crack of dawn I'm workin' 5 to nine
Juggling time to buy my gear;
And my bills keep piling up like leaves in my yard
Since they repo'd my truck last year.
The power's cut off but I don't give a damn
Since I heat with my overdues;
And as long as I can stand on that open stage, you
won't hear me cryin' the blues.

Well, out in that shed behind my trailer home
Sits a shrine to my rockin' past;
And in that magic bus foik treasures unfold
And I'll show you if you'll ask.
If you stop, come in have a beer or three,
We'll be partyin' up all night;
and we'll be laughing and singing and playing guitars
Gettin' ready for Open Mic
Cause I live for Open Mic, when the band gets me up onstage.
I live for Sunday night, when the band is a-groovin'
And we're playing and singin'..
The crowd is a'roaring and my solo's ringin'.
Nothing can compare to the joy that it's bringin' -
I'm a Weekend Warrior
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lyrics and music copyrighted circle C by Wesley John aka Silvermane Sept 28-2012