Silver is alternative rock music with influences from U2 to Pearl Jam. The sound is full, driving and melodically memorable.


It is easy.

Silver is music. Silver is simple. Silver is Pat Downing, Brent Francese and Brandon Walton out of Raleigh, NC. Silver formed in 2006 on the release of its self debut EP the Second Coming with producer Sean Roux. They pull from a variety of musical influences that include the maturity of U2, Springsteen and Pearl Jam with the new creativity of MuteMath, Coldplay and Radiohead.

The sound began at NC State University with Pat Downing and Brent Francese. The meeting of Brandon Walton came easily. And beyond that meeting came a new evolution and creativity in the music that has allowed the band to expand its musical process beyond its roots. The result is a sound that is driving, ambient, melodically memorable.

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The Second Coming EP

Set List

Lay Me Down - Original
Give It Away - Original
The Searching - Original
Sons + Daughters - Original
I Can See - Original
Living, Breathing, Being - Original
December - Original
The Second Coming - Original
Better Man - Pearl Jam - Cover
Vertigo - U2 - Cover
Baba O'Reilly - The Who - Cover