Silver Needle

Silver Needle


Plays great heavy pop songs with high energy that is current but also timeless and classic. Silver Needle has an album coming out this spring that is at least 5 singles deep and an incendiary live performance.


“There’s going to be a lot of sweat, there’s going to be bodies moving,” says Silver Needle bassist Johnny 99 of his band’s live show. “Spontaneous, combustible energy.”

But don’t think that Silver Needle are just more wham-bam-also-rans: cathartic as their live performances are, they’re delivering cultured songs which boast the instinctive hooks of Cheap Trick and Queens Of The Stone Age, the elegance of classic Bowie, and the Ramones’ timeless adrenaline.

Over 4 years, 2 albums, numerous compilation appearances, and shows with the likes of Joan Jett, International Noise Conspiracy, Living Colour, Mike Watt, and Dee Dee Ramone, this L.A.-based foursome have earned a reputation as a thinking fan’s head-rush (once compared to Morrissey fronting the New York Dolls).

The commonality between Silver Needle’s diverse elements is “good songwriting, choruses, energy, originality, and personality,” says 99. “You can’t typecast this band--the great bands that we were influenced by had a variety of influences - that’s what kept them interesting and gave them substance and longevity.”

With two self produced and released discs behind them, Silver Needle are finishing and shopping a new album with producer Gary Tharp. The upcoming disc is a testament to their composition savvy and a document of a seasoned band with a story to tell – the antithesis of the producer-assembled McArtists which clog the airwaves.

The moody “Tourniquet”, a longtime fan favorite, simmers over early U2 and Bowie before detonating its brain-staining hook. “Shuttered Heart” and “Def Con Uno” display Silver Needle’s increasing fondness for what Allen terms “tight, succinct, three minute pop-rock explosions.”

Throughout, Silver Needle’s scrupulous songcraft sets them apart: “It’s almost like a video game,” says Allen. “We take it one place and then try to take it somewhere else, and if it crashes we’ll just talk about it and then start it over again, to get to the next level.”


Silver Needle have been working on a new album with producer Gary Tharpe, due early March.

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Set List

Generally 30-40 minute sets, ranging up to about an hour. Regular songs in the setlist:

Don Bovee
Savior Skin
Def Con Uno
Shuttered Heart
Slow Soul Suicide