Huntington, New York, USA

Ethereal, moody and haunting.


Silverqueen’s music is for lovers and fighters. Ethereal, moody and haunting, Silverqueen combines powerful vocals and lyrics with otherworldly sounds. The power of her music translates best during live performances where she has been known to bewitch and captivate audiences across New York City and the east coast with curious vocal looping and unpredictable guitar progressions. A big voice in a small body, this one-woman soldier truly is a force to be reckoned with. Check her out at


A Nation To Rise

Written By: Silverqueen

you're a beauty
black lined eyes
just laying there
like you're some
sinnerman's sacrifice
i know you sister
i could swear i'm you
and you are me
and i feel all the hell
you've been through
it takes a nation of us
to come together and rise
to break free from
all the shame
that locks you up inside
a nation of us to rise
so don't do what your mother
did to you
call you a liar
through & through
that won't help you
make it through
it's time to pick up
after your own self now
only then will your own shadow
to you bow
it takes a nation of us to
come together and rise

Turtle Island

Written By: Silverqueen

Second generation American
And I recognize this land
By the ways of my ancestors
Sitting Bull and his clan
The years they come and pass
But one thing stays the same
The innocent die with bloodshed
And all in Jesus’ name
Centuries later they still haven’t learned
You’ve committed all you can
When the fire has filled of its fuel
Your hell will take you in
Armed in one hand
The bible in another
Popping shells on
The back of Turtle Island
A power beyond us runs beneath
This shell we call Turtle Island
What about the gifts in the blankets you gave
And the bison you have slain
Murder for the price of worship and prayer
Did you think that would go unseen?


Written By: Silverqueen

Bring your ears closer
Against the invisible wall
Listen to this war
Wandering for years
Still nothing’s sound
Unsettled justice
And pillows drowned
Electric numbness
Running through my veins
Cannot make it faster
Break the clock’s chains
Throwing stones on us
From above
The war is never over
See who keeps moving on
And who are we fooling now
Exposed like the rain
Can I make it faster
Break the clock’s chains
Higher times can be near
Our lives may be found
Hanging around

The Void

Written By: Silverqueen

I’m not your people
I’ll tell you why
There’s nothing there
When I look in your eyes
Too scared to feel
Your money’s the only thing
That’s real
So stick your face in the air
It’s the closest thing to God you’ll see
Oh take me where the people sing
Heya heya hey
Indulgences for sale
You always buy
Aristocrates from the devil
You cannot hide
A filthy as a sewer rat
An evolutionary
I’m not your people
This is who I’d much rather be
Oh take me where the people sing
Heya heya hey
The void gets deeper
When I try to get out
The fog grows thicker
When I try to figure it out
Oh what will be revealed
In this mystery?
I’m not your people
That’s what you say
Every time I come around
You turn and look the other way
Do you really think that
You are some kind of royalty?
Don’t fall too hard off the throne
Built from the gossip
Spewed from your teeth
Oh take me where the people sing
Heya heya hey


Written By: Silverqueen

Once had a vision
Now these eyes stay closed
Once had a vision
Paths to be supposed
Forever in fervor
Of lonesome illusion
Oh heart of the universe
Oh perfect union
Once had a vision
Now these eyes stay closed
Oh where have you gone?
I’ve been waiting so long
Won’t you please
Hear my plea
These calls
Once had a vision
It was clear and green
Once had a vision
Prism of a dream
But I sold my soul
For some cigarettes
Full of empty promises
Oh foolish human
I once had a vision
Prism of a dream


November Child, single, 2010
Uprising, 2011

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