Portland, Oregon, USA

"Innovative, edgy, and unsuspecting. Silversafe is all of the above." --Brent Steven White,


Silversafe puts on one of the most polished, energetic live shows in the Northwest. More than one critic has called them "the next big thing to come out of Portland." Catchy, heavy, and dynamic, Silversafe's music is reminiscent of a mix of Incubus, Filter, Atreyu and Chevelle. Silversafe strives to write "intelligent rock," songs that possess significance and depth. The band's musicianship has been praised by such industry veterans as producer George Massenburg (James Taylor, Journey) and engineer Michael Wallace (Live, Weezer).
Silversafe has played at several festivals and with several national acts since its inception, and has received airplay and/or been featured on several local radio and television stations. The band is in the process of recording a full-length album at Portland's own Black Diamond Studios.


Automatic Heart EP--2006
Automatic Heart--slated for summer 2008 release

"View" has been featured on numerous Internet radio stations and podcasts, as well as several local and college radio stations.

"Automatic Heart" has been featured in a commercial that aired on Fox, ESPN, FSN, and ABC.

Set List

Silversafe's typical set list is anywhere from 8-12 songs. They can adapt their set to accomodate any set length from 35-60 minutes. At this time, they perform all original compositions.