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Silver Shadow D

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States
Band Hip Hop Reggae


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"Music Monday: Old Seattle rappers make weird, funny threats, don't care if you're impressed"

February 15, 2010 at 4:53 PM
Posted By Andrew Matson

Scanning through Seattle producer RC Tha Trackaholiq's new album "Full Circle," I'm noticing my favorite songs are by old guys. And by old, I mean "people who were rapping when I was born" (1982).

Sometimes it's annoying to hear all these young, no-perspective rappers laughing at their own jokes, patting themselves on the back for lyrics that really aren't that clever. Sometimes I just want to hear old guys who aren't trying to impress anyone kick some solid raps.

Here, area elders Wojack and Silver Shadow D pokerfacedly dispense hard truths, free advice, and goofball jokes. "In The City" is a neo-Shaft groove, "The Blastoff" is throwback electro; both tracks are produced by RC Tha Trackaholiq.

"In the City" by Wojack and RC Tha Trackaholiq
"I'm praying your milk curdles"

"I hope a dinosaur really steps on you"
end quote

"The Blastoff" by Silver Shadow D and RC Tha Trackaholiq
"I'll rip your mask off/ Blast off to outer space with your face/ Man I'm laced... Jack and the Bean Stalk...."

"Like Mr. Coffee, I stay hard on the grind"

Toward the end of the song, Silver Shadow D suggests the listener focus his/her chi and meditate.

- Seattle Times


Silver has 2 released albums to his credit, with the second spawning a worldwide charted underground dancehall hit
titled "Come Fi Love" produced by Seattle's own R. C Croone of Cidewayz Productions on Silvers late Lost & Found
Recordings label back in 1997. Both albums, including a 12 inch featuring Ezzo and Don G of Seattle's Southend
famous 46th St Hustlaz, were released on Lost & Found Recordings.

His first release titled "Sleepless....Tha Brickkks" at it's release (1995), was a long awaited project received with
open arms as one of the Pacific Northwests first Hip Hop CDs on the market, and later in the year 2000 earned
Silver induction into Seattle's Experienced Music Project museum. Althought the museums exibit is hardly a full
representation of Seattle Hip Hop history as a whole, he's happy to be recognized for his efforts, representation,
positive influence, as one of Seattle's Original Hip Hop Sons.

The second album and semi-compilation was tiltled L.F.I.(Lost & Found Insomniax)....Tha Resurwreckshun.
album featured some of Silver's closest friends and peers on the local scene. Artists from the spectacular Super
Rye and Solo Doe, to special guest appearances from J-Boogie, 46th St Hustlaz, Horton B,
S.C.U.M.(Injekshun & Tilla Voorheeves), and WolfPakk Emcees (DEROXS & Rude Dogg).

THREAT ASSESSMENT/EP (online mp3 release)



Silver Shadow D is a Writer, Emcee, Human Beatbox, DJ, Performing Artist, Producer, Arranger, and Recording
Hailing from Seattle, WA/USA, Silver Shadow D is for the most part a one man operation when it comes to the
creation, recording, and arrangement of a good song. He can write music and lyrics for songs in the Rap, R&B, and
Hip Hop/Dancehall music genres. He is virtually self taught, but has been schooled and mentored by some of the
most respected and credited people in the field of music and entertainment.

As a Recording Engineer, Silver is capable of making master recordings that rival industry standard quality. He is
definitely resourceful. He has also been revered by most of his peers to be the most energetic, present,
professional, and talented individuals they have ever come across. That in itself says enough. Might I add his stage
shows hypnotize virtually any crowd he has had the opportunity to perform in front of?

Silver is very talented as a music producer, creating tracks that are not only original, but from another planet

A Quote from Silver: “I've been compared to countless artists. I believe that is because at all points of my music
experience, I’ve been inspired by many. I've listened to ALLOT of music!! Those inspirations come out while I’m
creating my songs sometimes. That's why I feel I've been compared to other artist. No one has ever said "You
sound just like.....” Only "You remind me of....” I'm confident about my originality....OVERALL.. I sound like no one but

Silver Shadow D is a NW Hip Hop Legend who has worked with countless notable, local, and up and coming talent.
He is a TRUE UNDERGROUND artist, who over the years has maintained a RESPECT most established and contracted
artists DREAMED their platinum sales would garnish them on their BRIGHTEST day.

Silver has never got his fair shake from the industry, so it has forced him to be creative with his independent
business practice. He’s a graduate of The Shoestring Budget University and knows how to make one dollar look
like ten.

With the help of new technology, Silver is able to compete with “the majors”.
Silver’s World Map on his myspace page is “proof in tha pudding”, with 950,000+ viewers worldwide.
It's safe to say Silver’s doing “something" right on an independent level, and definitely has the attention of the

To date, Silver currently owns this site which houses L.O. C.U.F.F. Productionz and Nook &
Cranny Studio, which also has a myspace page at http//myspace/shadowmuzik .

Over the years, he has appeared on a number of compilations and albums, whether producing the tracks or
delivering a flawless 16 barzs of flame-thrown lyrics or dancehall chants.

Adding these projects to your Silver Shadow D collection will give you a first hand look and front seat to a big part
of Northwest Hip Hop history.

Silver Shadow D is an Underground Independent Artist looking to do business with other Independent Artists and
companies looking to make FRESH & NEW moves.

For more information or booking contact Derrick Seals at or call 206-304-1413

Artist Itinerary
ITUNES, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, & EMusic
FEROSHIS FOCUS…Tha Mixtape Vol.1/Fall 2010
THREAT ASSESSMENT…Tha Album/ August 2009
Collab’ Slabs…Compilation/2011
The Circuit Vol. 1 Beat CD/Summer 2010

Opening/Headlining History

Silver has been a performing artist for many years and has opened for, and shared the stage with many notable
acts such as AFRIKA BAMBAATA, Sinead O’Connor, Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, E-40, Tha Click, Digital
Underground, Ice Cube & Da Lenchmob, Eightball & MJG, Bubba Sparxx, and toured with Sir Mixalot twice