Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE
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Silver-Straw also known as Brian Nsamba is a Ugandan born musician based in Sweden.
With the influence of his bigger brother Cyrus (Migarous) he started making music at the age of 13 under the group name Racomstarz that his brother came up with and means: Roots of Africa coming starz.
The main goal of their music was to promote a new African image to the world, a proud and conscious youth oriented image.
In the years to come Racomstarz released one album called Mission forgofa that they promoted only in Uganda. The response was grand but also not expected.
After that journey they decided to take a brake from music to redefine the reason of it all.
Racomstarz as a musical group was pout on hold, and Silver-Straw went in the studio to create a sound that could fully express what he wanted to say with his music. His mission was realized, and after four years in the studio UG-RAS Sound was born.
UG-Ras sound is a genre in itself that he also calls "the sound of the world", and it's a blend of all the music that he's been influenced by threw out his life, from Ugandan music kadongo kamu to roots reggae and hip hop.
"Threw this life i will remain true, and always promote love between me and you"
(Silver-Straw aka UG-RAS Ambassador)


Racomstarz on mission forgoffa (album 2005)
Silver-Straw UG-Ras sound ( Album 2011)