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Fairfax, Virginia, United States | SELF

Fairfax, Virginia, United States | SELF
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"Up and coming part 2"

“If Muddy Waters and Metallica had a baby, and that baby had sex with Pearl Jam, and then their baby grew up listening to the Clash, that's what we sound like.” That is an official statement put out by Woodbridge based Silvertongue describing their sound. The truly suprising part is that this lofty analogy is pretty acurate.

While the band has only been in exsistance for around a year and a half, they have spent the last seven months working tirelessly to independently produce a full length record of 14 tracks. They accomplished all of this despite losing their drummer nearly five months ago.

The recently finished Eidolon gives listeners a truly entertaining experince with songs ranging from “In Line” feaeturing the finger blistering solos of guitarist Nathan Biglin, to the blues-metal train that is “Hate that Crow”. Silvertongue also brings a good number of socially minded tracks to the table including “Greed” which deals with the loss of a friend to drug and alcohol abuse.
Eidolon is currently available through the band’s website and the tracks are set to be on iTunes later this month.

How long have you been playing together?
Nathan: Josh and Joe have been friends for a long time, and have been playing in a few bands together for just as long. I joined the band just last year to fill a hole or two and round out the sound, but I've been friends with Joe for a long time. He's actually one of the reasons I picked up the guitar.
Where did the band name come from?
Nathan: Mad Max. Also, we named the little Moon with a crown dude thats on all our paraphernalia Silvertongue. I say hi to him every Tuesday. He tells me about his life.

What inspires your lyrics?

A strong belief that art is the highest and most perfect pursuit of Man, cults, superstition, old movies, blues musicians, ladies, and idol worship. Also the deep-seated love of money that flows through my charcoal veins.
Nathan: I write riffs and solos. They melt faces.
Which Gosslin’s back do you have? Jon or Kate?

I think I’ll quote Confucius who said, “He who has TV show deserves no pity. Long live rock and roll”.

What were your best, worst, and most ridiculous show moments?
Nathan: As far as worst and most rediculous, I'd have to refer to us recording the album. Sometimes it was just tedious as hell, and one time Josh put a paper mustache on the TV while we were watching Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. Everyonce in a while it'd line up with Tina Turner. We giggled like schoolgirls.
Your favorite metal band and Miley Cyrus are doing a free show called “The Beast of Both Worlds.” You have to be there for both acts do you go?
Nathan: Hells yeah, cause I'm pretty sure Miley might get literally thrown off stage. Also, Dimebag would have to come back to life and Pantera would reform... that'd be kickass.

I think I’ll answer that with another question, the hottest woman in the world wants to marry you and have sex with you, but she’s a Nazi. What do you do?

Guitar pioneer Les Paul died recently, any thoughts?
Joe: It was an honor to walk the earth while he was living. His contributions to our lives will never be forgotten.

What’s up next for your band?
Nathan: We've just completed our new album Eidolon, which should be on Itunes in a matter of weeks, and we'll be touring to promote it very soon. It'll be good to get back to gigging.

Josh Mcguin(vocals/bass)
Joe Downer (vocals/ guitar)
Nathan Biglin (guitar)
The Metal Question of the Day: Do the bells from "For Whom the Bells Toll", "Black Sabbath" and "Hell's Bells" sound the same to you?

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Marching out of the dark timbers of the suburbia hell that is Woodbridge, Virginia, Silvertongue is determined to set themselves apart from the cookie cutter screamo metal, and the thoughtless synthesized pop that clutters the musical landscape. Drawing on the influences of Muddy Waters, Pearl Jam, Mad Max, and Mudgut, this band of heroes stand ready to alter the ideology of popular music. To put it one way, this is a philosophical coup d’etat for your ears that will put a brash smile in your soul.

At the helm of this blues-metal train stand Joe Downer, Josh McGuin, Nathan Biglin, and Camellia Akhamie. Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse each member brings their own brand of oratory salvation.

Joe: With a voice that can both lull listeners and scream out the tones of injustice it’s ridiculous to think that he also plays the guitar with the gnarled soul of a true bluesman.

Josh: Slurring like a drunk Joe Cocker even when completely sober, this insane artist constantly slaps and plucks his bass like a hellion of Bootsy Collins’ nightmares. Be warned, you will turn up every other bass player simply out of forlorn hope.

Nathan: If during any of Silvertongue’s songs you feel your knees grow weak, your face flush, and jaw drop, it is most likely due to this 21 year old guitarists ludicrous technical skill and mind bending squeals. More then once band mates have openly wondered, “how are we in the same band?”

Camellia: Despite her present status in the Navy this thunder goddess can be heard on the recently completed Eidolon doing things with one kick pedal that most drummers alive can not do with two. She will not be easily replaced.