Silver Trail

Silver Trail


Silver Trail's music is a unique blend of funk and acoustic rock that boasts originality and demands recognition.


“One Kiss” is the debut single from Cork based band, Silver Trail and was released through 69 Records on April 13th last.

It has been said that on first listen to “One Kiss” the track has a strong Steely Dan summer sound running through it! This might be the case but it’s not intentional!

Summer is here, and it’s easy to get into the summer mood on listening to the chill out sound that is “One Kiss”.

Silver Trail sites their music influences as James Taylor, Naughty By Nature and Red Hot Chilli Peppers amongst others. Indeed, it’s the band’s love of hip hop and pop music that comes to the fore when writing their material. Said Flynn “we want to create a strong radio sound. We try to bring Hip-hop and pop into a marriage that works…we hope it does!”

The band formed during the summer of 2005. Tommie, Ronan, Brian and Mus all hail from Waterford County.

Still only in their early 20’s, the Silver Trail guys have all being playing and writing since their early teens so one could say their love and passion for music is somewhat seasoned even at this stage of the band’s virginal commercial music outing.

The band has already commenced work on single number two, which is scheduled for August 2007 release. The plan is to follow this with their debut album in November 2007.


"One Kiss" released April 2007.

Reached #21 in the Irish Charts.
Reached #1 om Beatfm's "Hot top 40 countdown"

Set List

Set Length: Between 60 - 80 minutes

Play: All originals