Silver Treason

Silver Treason


Silver Treason songs vary from storyteller folk to ragtime to rock, heartwrenching to playful - and live performances are always sprinkled with humorous quips and anecdotes. Kevin definitely looks like he's having a blast up there, and his enthusiasm is infectous.


Seattle singer/songwriter Kevin Cameron performs under the moniker Silver Treason as a tribute to his mother. Silver Treason was the name of a racehorse she placed a winning bet on (through her father) and paid her tuition to Catholic school with the winnings. Kevin began his musical career in Spokane in the 1980's where he sang or played drums for 14 different bands including M'na M'na and Big Yuck Mouth (with whom he moved to Seattle in 1989). He continued to perform in various bands and to set aside the more personal songs he was writing. The first collection of some of these songs is presented to you as "Tales of the Troubadour".


cd - Tales of the Troubadour

Set List

1. Tiny Scraps
2. Since I Quit Givin' A Crap
3. Your Honey Is So Sweet
4. Thumbtack
5. Ten Tiny Fingers
6. Drill A Big Hole
7. Holy Names Academy Fight Song
8. Beehive Pinata
9. Liar!
10. Stumbelina
This set runs about 45 minutes.
I have 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute sets