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Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF
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Silvertung @ SINIX

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Silvertung @ Station 7

Laurel, Delaware, USA

Laurel, Delaware, USA

Silvertung @ Jiffy Lube Live

Bristow, Virginia, USA

Bristow, Virginia, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



To Tung, or to be Tunged?” Let this gesture not be mistaken for the fast talker or the sly deceiver, but let it be construed as a flow of vicious vocals from none other then Silvertung’s front man, “Speed.” Or it could be the dynamic riffs from the vicious guitarist of the band “Sterling.” Some may say it symbolizes the backbone bottom end of the band, bassist “Skoot,” or the destructive rhythms from drummer “Danno.” But at any rate these Tung master deliver a powerful blow at every live show that I have seen, developing a mass following from Baltimore to Virginia, and beyond. I did some homework over the past few months to see what these guys have put together since my last interview with them several months ago, and this what I found out,From the research that I have been discreetly doing over these months, I wanted to start a little differently this time; I wanted to bring to you some statements that I had gotten from various fans of Silvertung. One fan shared with me the fact that, point blank, their songs are fucking awesome, quote: “When I leave one of their shows, their songs are always stuck in my head to where I’m singing them over and over again, or it could just be a part of one of the songs, but they seem to have them songs that just stick with ya afterwards.” So I decided to ask a few more people in the midst of my beer consumption, and another gentleman expressed to me that, “...their shows are so exciting from start to finish- And the guitarist breaking the strings off of his guitar at the end of the show, WoW...WoW, what a great show!”

And there’s more: “It’s been a long time since we have had a band like Silvertung that gives their heart and soul to their songs, their show, and their fans.” And last but not least, “Silvertung is a band that you can believe in and their CD The Pawn is one of the best local CD’s ever released.”

Me myself, I love the musicianship that Silvertung brings to the stage. You will find that, when you listen to a lot of bands on disc, a big percentage of the time, they’re not as great sounding live, but when Silvertung hits the stage, you can tell that these guys are not just studio guru artists. They most def can hold their own live, delivering a power punch of explosions and blinding light displays that keep ya coming back over and over. Now moving back to their CD The Pawn, this disc seems to be making its impact on fans, because they are ultimately
pulling bigger crowds into their shows. Let me name a few of their songs: “I Am,” “Lies,” “Shut up” and my personal favorite “Slow Me Down.” What’s ironic is that when most bands put out a new disc, and it could be any band in the world, from the international greats to the local great, when you get their CD there is maybe three or four good songs on it, and the rest are just average space fillers. But when I got a copy of The Pawn, I realized that it has ten songs on it, and every song is bad ass!! I had to put this theory of fans singing their songs at shows to the test, and it was proved correct.

Their fans are really into this CD, and it seems to be growing by the month. Not to mention that these are all four stand up guys. I make it a point to identify one’s character that he holds as a musician, after meeting so many bands that think they are super rock stars, but once they hit the stage I’m ready to go after two songs. The guys in Silvertung are all humble guys and just very pleasant to be around.

I also just find out that the band has released three new tunes which I did get the pleasure of hearing, and these were as good, if not better than the songs off The Pawn. The new tunes are “Never Too Late,” “Déjà Vu,” and “I Don’t Care,” which are all making a whole new impact on fans. And this tells me that these guys are going to be around for a long time. Their vocalist Speed expressed to me that while they do not like to flaunt themselves, they do like to “bring the mayhem,” which is a saying within the band and crew. No matter how they feel or what’s going on in life, when its show time, nothing else matters, so “let the mayhem begin.” I am personally going to recommend these guys if you or your significant other need a night out or a serious release, go spend the money and see these guys, you will not be disappointed. They have some bad ass t-shirts on sale at all times at their shows, and their CD is always available at the shows as well. Pick up a copy and “LET THE MAYHEM BEGIN!” I’m Lethal, and this is my review on the band Silvertung - Shockwave Magazine

I have lived in Maryland my entire life, with the exception of the 4 years I spent in the United States Navy. I have been half way around the world and back. I have seen things that would make most people shutter, as well as, places that you wouldn’t want to leave. I have met thousands of people and attended hundreds of shows, so as you may guess, I am not easily impressed.

Recently, I attended a “Silvertung” show and thought it would be just another local band playing a few cover tunes and maybe an original or two… I was WRONG! I was impressed as I watched each member contribute their individual talent to each and every song. I knew I was seeing something that was very unique and very special. The energy level was intense, and the timing was perfect. Lemme tell you about them..

Their frontman “Speed” is multi-talented; playing guitar and singing lead vocals, his attention to detail is incredible and you can see and hear in his range and power.

The drummer “Danno” has a gift that most people only dream about. You can see the passion and feel the percussion when he is punishing the entire drum kit.

The bassist “Skooter” is an animated force that is up front and in your face. He is not just another bass player! There are a lot of bassists out there that could learn a lot from him.

The lead guitarist “Sterling”, as he should be, and lives up to his name every time. His leads are clean and concise. He makes it look so easy that you forget just how difficult it really is.

The cover tunes are well chosen and the originals are written and performed with the same energy that they bring to the stage. They seem to feed off of each other and the crowd. You can see the room come to life when Silvertung takes the stage. They are not just another local band! I have had the pleasure of meeting them and getting to know them and I can tell you there is more to follow. And being a host of an up and coming television show, I had to take notice of them! I did so much so much so, that I added them to Renegade TV! I followed them for a while, making sure that I was selecting the right band to represent my show and Baltimore, MD and they keep delivering, over and over and over again! Silvertung is the backbone of the show musically. NO canned music!

If you haven’t see a “Silvertung” show…….Change your plans now!!

Thank You,

Renegade TV
Fox Television (Baltimore)

- Johnny O - Renegade TV host


The Pawn (full length): 2005
untitled (full length): early 2011



Hailing from Baltimore, MD, SilverTung brings a fresh, infectious sound to the area's music scene. This four man modern rock band skillfully "perform hit cover tunes", however, it's the SilverTung originals that prove to be the crowd favorites. As a live act, SilverTung puts on a powerhouse performance which has earned them their solid reputation and their legion of growing fans, known as "The Tung Nation." SilverTung has also shared the stage with national acts including the Vince Neil band, Ratt, Kitty, Mark Rizzo of "Soul Fly", John Christ of "Danzig", Slaughter, LA Guns, Kix, Pop Evil, and the Charm City Devils. SilverTung's musical marksmanship, high energy stage show, and crowd interaction all add up to a recipe of success for band, club owner, and spectator. A SilverTung show, is an experience that you can't live without!! IT'S AN ADDICTION !!.