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Silver War

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September 23rd, 2009 - Silver War Demo
Track 1:Canyon Acres
Track 2: Silver War

Fall 2009 - Silver War EP
Track 1: Canyon Acres
Track 2: Rafter's National
Track 3: I Feel Righteous
Track 4: Silver War
Track 5: Says My Father

We have 4 or 5 new songs in the works that will be recorded soon.



One of our influences is Ravi Shankar and his spirituality. Usually we look at the music and not the person playing the music because music is a supernatural gift that should be used properly. We don't create things we just discover things and usually the things that we discover have something to do with us. From our experience with live music it seems as though what musicians provide is nothing but a chore to them. Do not take this the wrong way, for there are several musicians and bands that make this argument false. However, we feel as though every chance someone gets to see a band perform live should become an outstanding emotional state of being. That might sound strange, but I think you might get the picture. We just want to leave others with a sign of hope that music really can change another's life.

Now. Our music. With all that is above in mind, we play music that is unsafe. Unsafe, in that we do not remain traditional in our choice of song. We really just enjoy playing music with each other. It doesn't matter whether or not it makes sense. Just that the band and the audience our having an incredible time. The art of music truly is held by the listener. If the listener becomes bored or uninterested, then the artist has failed. We plan on doing otherwise.
So without further banter, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Francis Bacon, Ralph Steadman, Eugene Hutz, Eric Earley, etc. have become an influence in us that music can only be discovered and portrayed if the musician holds the power to turn imagination and color into sound and visual wonder.

And if you really want just a basic rundown of our sound, we like to make a mixture of world, blues, instrumental, dirty folk, not dirty folk, feel free to sing along if you know the words, feel free to sing along if you do not know the words, it is whatever you take it as. So there you have it.