Silver Winds

Silver Winds


Silver Winds is more than just a Praise and Worship band. Sure, we play in church on Sunday morning, but we also do concerts, benefits, and outreach with a variety of upbeat original contemporary Christian music ranging in style from ballads to rock.


The Silver Winds Band began about 8 years ago, when a new church was started in Escanaba, Michigan, in an abandoned movie theater. It was amazing that we never had to recruit talent (they just showed up), and that the band was assembled, practiced, and ready to go before the first church service. God has used the contemporary, real-life style of music to touch hearts and change lives for His greater glory, and we have been blessed by it.


"The Music of Silver Winds" CD (2005) - 13 original songs

Set List

A typical set lasts 40-50 minutes, and we typically perform two: One of all original music, and one containing a mix of original and praise songs.
The following is a typical 'all original' set:
1. You Are There
2. Eye Of The Hurricane
3. Love
4. Follow You
5. Doin' It Right This Time
6. We'll Sing Your Praises
7. It's Time
8. I Am Here
9. Meaning Of Life
10. I'm Amazed
11. Savior
12. Make Me Like You
13. Send Me