Silver, Wood & Ivory

Silver, Wood & Ivory

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Silver, Wood & Ivory's music has been described by its many listeners as "reflective, meditative," "extremely soothing and relaxing," "exquisite in style and class," a perfect antidote for a troubled, stressed out world.


Silver, Wood & Ivory is a professional flute and piano duo with a unique blend of musical talent. A beautiful collection of woodwind instruments are featured with piano accompaniment. Each of their recordings also feature several gorgeous piano solos.
Cindy and Tracy are both professional musicians with performance degrees. Their talents brought them together in 2000 after Tracy purchased Cindy's piano solo cd. After hearing Cindy's arrangement of "On Eagles Wings", Tracy was so inspired by the emotion in the music. One night at a rehearsal Tracy showed Cindy the part she created to go along with "On Eagles Wings". From that moment on, they started arranging and performing together.


Autumn Air
Broadway Our Way
Trim the Tree
Christmas with Silver, Wood & Ivory
Wander In
Weaving Through Time (piano solo)

Set List

Silver, Wood & Ivory has a large repertoire of music that can be customized for any occasion from concerts (with full ensemble) to weddings, banquets and other private functions.

Please explore the SWI discography for sample repertoire: