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Sil Veth


High-caliber, melodic, technical performances in the finest tradition of progressively blackened death metal explored with classical and folk elements. Poetic messages of nature's beauty, power of positive intent and irony in the work of man. All yours to unravel.


The current lineup of Sil Veth just started gigging this past May in their stomping grounds around Philly, but they've made a quick impact on the region's no longer underground black/death metal scene.

Their first jam at Cherrywood Bar & Grill in Clementon, NJ brought the house down, and since then they've played at Mill Creek Tavern in Philly and are on lineups with top metal bands (Enslaved, Dark Funeral, Naglfar, Arsis, Daath, Finntroll) at the Crocodile Rock Caf� in Allentown. Next up: locking in the 2008 European open-air festivals like Tuska Metal Fest (Finland), The Hole In The Sky (Finland). And don't forget Ozzfest and Wacken Open Air (Germany). Touring the world on a pirate ship is definitely on the horizon for this band, and that's exactly what they plan to do as soon as they have the funds to take on this epic, admirable and quite risky world domination plan. There are rumors of a possible DVD or even a TV show illustrating their voyage around the world.

As powerful, liberating and cathartic as their raucous blistering guitar driven energy and medieval themes have been to their audiences, they've been an even greater release for the group's five principals. With the release of their totally DIY five-track debut EP Elemental�recorded at frontman Alex Merek's basic home studio this past summer--the band is offering a few tastes of the raging intensity to come.

Merek was playing this kind of music in his native Ukraine from the age of 13 until he moved with his family to North Jersey in his mid-teens. He launched the idea of Sil Veth back in 1999, but was just doing the band as a hobby while climbing the corporate ladder in New York City for a few years. Feeling financially satisfied but emotionally and spiritually unfulfilled, the singer/guitarist bailed on the financial world, refocused his priorities and moved in with his longtime bandmates Ruston Grosse (drums) and Pat Shea (guitar).

All 5 of them (including the 2 new additions mentioned below) got Sil Veth insignia tattoos to signify their commitment ("Sil Veth Till Death") to each other, and began working with Philly death metal legends Thorous (bass) and Mike Trush (keyboards), longtime members of the Philly band Deteriorate. "They've played everywhere for the last ten years," Merek says, "and they bring a real backbone to our group, transforming us quickly into something bigger than we had imagined and kicking things up a notch. We love the tracks on Elemental, but in the few months since we recorded those, we're already playing at a whole different level musically."

Grosse, who has worked for Ibanez Guitars, grew up listening to everything from Zappa to Mahavishnu and Indian classical music; he also plays in avant-garde, experimental bands. Shea attended the Professional Peforming Arts School (PPAS, Manhattan) and studied jazz with Kelvin Bell, but like his bandmates, connected a hell of a lot more to metal than anything else. "You put every ounce of energy you have into playing it," says Shea. "You have to be able to connect and have the stamina to play what I consider fast, good metal. It always presents a challenge." Grosse adds, "I discovered metal on my own and felt an immediate attraction to it. It makes you feel free when you play it." Merek says, "I love the melancholy underlying energy and mood it conveys. Writing and playing death/black metal recharges me and is total therapy for me. Over the years, trying to find my path as a musician, I tried other kinds of music, from rock to folk and techno. None had the same cathartic release for me."

The tracks on Elemental grew from riffs that Merek, Grosse and Shea were improvising and jamming out, with Merek's lyrics about epic battles, swords, spears and personal struggles falling naturally into the music. "The underlying theme," Merek says, "was the conflict between creative types, represented by the sculptor who keeps to his roots and sticks to his guns and not progressing much, and the poet, who tries to change and grow and develop. The lyrics all have this dialogue set against dramatic medieval backgrounds."

Each element is represented: "Water" (ending with one character drowning himself in water); "Spheres" (featuring the words "I scream my lungs/My meek departing soul.. into the fragile spheres that vibrate still"); the instrumental "Upon The Sand" A high energy multi-emotional roller coaster; Sil Veth's flagship song "Stone Gazer," which features a lot of the poet/sculptor dialogue in a story which relates human elements to thier stone statues in their fear of change; and "Storm," a fiery wake up call which deals with the storms within us all and liberation from self-pity.

The band's name is a hybrid of two roots that can be found in hundreds of words throughout most Slavic languages. While the direct translation may never be known, roughly these two roots probably stand for "Power" and "Concord." Sil Veth is entering a new era, with a solidified lineu



Written By: Alex Merek

My love
For far too long have I held this sand
It seeps through my fingers
It leaves my kindred's blood on my crimson hands
No longer
Will I linger

I will not linger to see the end
I'm torn and broken within
I'm left with nothing behind
But my home burning bright
And my heart stretching thin
And with nothing ahead but a fight

My love
I have mustered an army of sorrow
At dawn we attack!

From their fleeing wives I will seek your smile
In their pleading eyes I will try to find
That which was taken from me
That which was hopelessly lost

We carry this word
With spear and sword:
Surrender now to our fury of fire
Or you can flee and hide
And beg the winter for forgiveness

I see the fear in their shifting eyes
As we cast our spears of ice
Of cruelty I knew not with you at my side
Yet now I watch them shield the last of their kin with no mercy

As they taste what they've done unto me!

In sooth we know that the brighter the flames
The deeper the scars to remain in his heart in her name
The stronger the anguish within
The sweeter the tears
Away with the essence of sin
Away with the tears

He'd gathered flowers rich
Arranged in humble numbers
To place onto her altar
Caressing with his trembling fingers each
With echoes answering his solid cry
He often let his hands onto the ones that withered linger
Awaiting to be blown away
From searing surface
Motionless and dry

And often they do burn
Yes lay ablaze - sky high
On searing surface
Motionless and dry

Higher! Fire! Fire! Attack!

I've come this far to share these words
I've kept a strong grip on my quill
To see them shatter down from above
Deep down inside
Upon the mirrors of my will
As I have
Oh I have screamed

I've screamed my lungs
My meek, departing soul
Into the fragile spheres
That vibrate still...

Just listen

Stone Gazer

Written By: Alex Merek

Look for me
With every thought I rise
In the array of concepts
I dwell

My shattered words
End their dance
Behind the silent lips
Upon the ground

If they do land
Seep deep beyond
The limits of sound

If they do reach far out
Where horizons split
Just to reflect
Each other's majesty profound

Where structures are complex
The feelings mixed
The passion, the reflex
All derelict

On a shore dark and withered
With no tongue and no voice
Like regret on a choice
Mute and solemn I lay

What was it then that brought me here?
What is it now that keeps me still?
Is it inertia or is it fear?
Its icy grip I feel...
Its icy grip I feel...

Come further look
A new confusion to behold
A pair of shoulders
With oh so little to uphold
From fragile truth
His inner self that smolders
Desired relief I will find

Spare no charm, hold back no evil
Tilt the chalice of pain filled to kill
Let it rain black down from its brass edges
Onto the desert of my soul

I hear you, yet we share no language
I see you, yet the endless glass between us I feel
The comforting cold of chrome blinds me
My fear.... Is your silent companion!

No mouth to speak with of my own lack of words
Take a bite of my reality
Take a stab at the remnants of my sight!

Come claw at this slithering nightmare of mine!

Whose name do you think the stones in silence have concealed?
To whom do you think belong these traces in time?
A chapter of memories hidden and sealed to reveal
And thus before long
This ardent heart will turn to stone to be mine!

Mine... mine... to be mine..
Mine.. mine.. mine!
A gazer of stone so fine!

I curse the beauty which in sunlight of tomorrow
Parts with my constant of my vision of today
Another day for me existed not
And never shall I halt
Until the world's
Under a silent shroud of stone

For all that lives so tender in its youth
And yet with age becomes forever rasp
The foolish humans never grasp
The depth... of my contempt
The magnitude!


Written By: Alex Merek

As the sunlight hits the ground
Revealing the value beyond length and span
My spirit rises newly unbound
For I am alive again

Denial unceasing, creeping from behind
A festering lie, dwelling in each of our kind
The force that chains a fair hand to stone
Devours the moon - its light in darkness shone

I held my dire gaze up to the skies above
With prayer set my heart ablaze
I hit the ground with my dear-hide gloves

Let the violent wind
Tear this soaking in tears
Veil of self-pity away from your eyes

Riding the storm
I rapture through time forever

Let the violent wind
Tear this soaking in tears
Veil of self-pity away from your eyes

Oh lend me the strength
Thou vivid, blithe current
And arch through my veins
In melodies born

I do not rely on words
They are empty and vain
Live are the strums of chords
Cried through in pain

I heed the universal rhythm
I tread my path of destiny
By leaving nothing said or written
I rapture out
I rapture free


Written By: Alex Merek

For centuries it seemed
He browsed the pages open
With disobedient
Entranced in sorrow hands
He turned them side to side and over
So blank in emptiness to frighten
And unprepared glance

Alas, as poets words grow greater
They never fail to come
His tears, to pierce
To puncture and sever
To spawn with thorns
Inside the grandeur of his crown

Each bond to respond to
Each strand to understand
My dear, beloved muse
The staring of these searing,
Pecking lines
I can no longer stand...

... Into the water I go!


The Elemental: E (Demo) 2007 Stone Gazer has been in the top 10 of Death/Black metal charts for the past 6 months

Set List

Currently our intense set is 30 minutes long:

1. Spheres
2. Storm
3. Upon the sand
4. Water
5. Stone Gazer