Silvia Iriondo
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Silvia Iriondo

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | INDIE

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | INDIE
Band World Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"We are Walking land"

"The search for identity, the rescue of a forgotten repertory, are the paths of the musical journey of Silvia Iriondo. Through her long career, build slowly but with the solidity from strong bricks of significance in her ancestral art, the performer, again offers us an album with real jewels of folk music."
- Diario Popular


"Rune, man, walking land, thus the “quichuas”(native Indians)define man and time, a way of being and making history. The land divells in its sons, accompanies and names them in its long pilgrimage of centuries. The land is home and destiny. It is landscape, song and memory. “walking land” is a journey, a musical itinerary along the Argentine landscape through the eyes of some of its composers, the anonymous songs and the aborigine chant. An album with an extra luxury coproduced by Egberto Gismonti.... " - Clarin

"Silvia iriondo, Excellent"

"Lover of subtlety, of non traditional percussion, of the forgotten songs, of the perfection of her voice, and tuning, in taking care of each detail, Silvia Iriondo breaks the rules. We could pigeonhole her into folk singers, but her way to face this music is different and above all the others singers."

- Diario Ambito Financiero


"...Silvia Iriondo was a special contribution to this show, worthy to represent our country in any stage
of the world."
- La Razon

"Folk Freedom"

"...the art to sing well. Tuned and with elegant stage movements, she walks along the uninhabited path where the only commitment is with music and lyrics. She undertakes folklore with light freedom, she leaves her hallmark in each song and the result is an intimist, murmured folklore, almost melancholic. Thus classical themes acquire new brilliance.
A 'novelty' of more than a decade in popular music that is in full artistic maturity and with her slow but safe pace, is trying to say that there is another folklore." - Clarin


"...springing up from an idea of the singer Silvia Iriondo, the project gathers her with three talented representatives of what is known as folkloric projection. An original singer, versatile in northern rhythms as in coastline regional songs." - La Nación


"Silvia Iriondo has the magic condition that is present in a few interpreters: the pleasure that is felt while singing is perceived in her voice. Coplas para la Luna is such thing, pure pleasure: a delicate tour through different folklores." - Clarin

"Past and future"

"After that I knew and I discovered, with total happiness, your music, I feel that your greatest objective (the music that you makes) is to coexist, in peace, without no preconception, with the past and the future. Years already had passed and my sensation of happiness continues surprised for your voice, that reveals the magic of the junction of the past and the future.

You have been a carrier of good news, I am thankful to you very therefore. Your musical conception, in the arrangements and the rank of your voice, surprise me for the constant presence of a hope expectation, of faith and deep belief in the music of your country.
By the way, in my opinion the faith and belief are the main "key" for the survival between the differences of the peoples. While I write you these comments, I listen to your music and experiences one more time. I do like all your ideas and I am very happy in being able to participate in your new album.

I do not have doubts to consider that the main reason for you to make music with flavor of "cool thing, new and without vices " is your happy and deep proximity with the folk music of your country.
I am very optimistic with your new record because I am totally certain of your quality, of your respect and your seriousness with music. Congratulations,

Egberto Gismonti " - Egberto Gismonti


"Tierra que anda " (Walking land) Co produced by Egberto Gismonti. Release May 23 ECM label
"Coplas para la luna"
"Río de los Pájaros"
"Silvia Iriondo"


Feeling a bit camera shy


She begins her career in 1973 recording three singles for R.C.A. Since those days her main interest focus in Argentinean folk music and to develop a language of her own as regards her musical proposal and the way she interprets the popular song. Anonymous popular folk songs, aboriginal music, the music of the landscape in the diversity of genders and rhythms through their most relevant composers; this is her subject matter: man related to his homeland, habits, myths, beliefs.
Her interest in popular music leads her to look for a language of her own strictly bound to folk song. She develops a style starting from technique and vocal experimentation. The spoken voice, the sung voice, silence, movement, resources where sensibility chooses its way of expression, sometimes in a clear emission, on other occasions as a refined whisper, or rustic and ancestral when she interprets ballads of the indigenous repertoire of her country.

In her first musical album she interprets several compositions of her own. Starting from "El escuchado", multimedia show (music, image, dances) based on the work of Atahualpa Yupanqui, she concentrates all her work on the development of a concept dedicated exclusively to reinterpret the folk song of her country. Search she defines as "fugitive music" that remains in constant change, flight, fugitive, impossible to seize, always promoting a new state, another possibility.

Her song speaks of man and landscape, ethnic music, the aboriginal song, the anonymous ballad, the city, in a constant search of unity and fusion. The song of birds, the moaning of earth, the deafening beat of a great city that advances on man's solitude. The articulation of a possible encounter between both cultures, between both men, that is her interest, diverse and complex lands where diverse concepts of life and death exist. It is in this mixture where the past becomes valid.

The stage is a ritual space where each song takes place in a singular way, sometimes accompanied by a guitar, or a piano, a capella, or with a set of pans or other unconventional objects, to make music.

The folk song is thus presented this way, in other ways, looking for its contact with everyday things, with the urban stuff, and without neglecting the same essence of its center, its depth and the sensuality of its gender."