Finalist in the VH-1 Song of the Year Contest in April 2004 and the Unisong International Song Contest in 2004 for 'Sing any Song'. Received an 'Honourable Mention' in the VH-1 Song of the Year Contest in January 2004 for 'I dream'.


I was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up in a household where music was one of the family. Some days my dad would have his stereo so loud we wouldn't get the chance to turn away hawkers at the front door. My mother was always singing a song while my sister and I would spend most of our time with music blaring away in our rooms. Most of my evenings as a young girl were spent with an ear glued to the radio, listening to the top 40. Sometimes I would write down the lyrics of my most favourite songs. I was around nine the night my dream of being a songwriter was realised. Elton John's 'Your song' came on the radio and I fell in love for the very first time. I knew there and then I wanted to write songs that would move people the way that song had moved me (it's still my no. 1 favourite song).

Although I have been writing my entire life, it was mainly poetry and pieces of philosophy that I wrote but music had always been an equal passion. I guess like a lot of people, I never really knew the difference between poems and songs until February 2004 when I sat down to write a story that became the song 'Sing any song'. I entered it into 'VH-1's Song of the Year' contest where I received the honor of being named 'Finalist' by the Song of the Year songwriting contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1's Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award winners. With my second entry of 'I dream' later the same year' I received an 'Honorable Mention' which was also an exciting outcome. In 2004 I was named finalist by the Unisong International Songwriting Contest for 'Sing any Song'.

At this stage in my songwriting career I'm looking foward to successfully collaborating with other songwriters/musicians and welcome those who are passionate about their music and dreams to contact me.

I have just really started to live my dream...


I dream

Written By: Silvian van der Merwe

Verse 1
I dream of castles in the sand
Lined up for miles on wet dark lands
And waves that crash to meet my hands
Bringing me to my knees with their demands
I dream of light above the clouds
Gathered around like nuns in shroud
Waiting their turn to hit the ground
Bringing me to a place that’s safe and sound

Verse 2
I dream of time that’s standing still
Inside a clock that sleeps at will
I hear each moment as it dies
Bringing me closer to your space and time
I dream of angels that pass by
On crowded streets like you and I
They whisper words I cannot hear
Bringing my soul the message that you’re near

I wake without you but I find
My dream may sleep but never die
I know in time you’ll look for more
Until that day your heart beats down my door

Verse 3
I dream of writing you a song
A sea of words that reach your shore
With waves that roll into your soul
Bringing me to that place where love can grow
I dream you’re calling out my name
While drifting back to light of day
Look up to see a stranger’s face
Bringing my dream to life with what you say

© 2004 Silvian van der Merwe

Sing any song

Written By: Silvian van der Merwe

Verse 1
When moonlight flirted with the sky
The air so warm just like July
Sat on my floor and thought of you
All that I’d said when we were through
Your voice flowed into my lonely space
Just like a long and silent embrace
From the street below you sang our song
Love couldn’t keep you away too long

If you’re gonna’ shoot for the stars, don’t stop to ask the moon

Sing any song for me tonight
Any verse or chorus that you like
I really don’t care who you wake
And it’s nowhere near daybreak
Like some over the top romance
You had to take another chance
So sing any song that you like
Sing any song for me tonight

Verse 2
Daylight slowly danced across blue skies
Time whispered for me to say good-bye
Packed my suitcase, my fall from grace
And all those dreams filled with your face
When we met you knew all about him
So it’s no surprise I’d leave again
You were never written in my stars
But no other love took me so far

(Repeat Chorus)

© 2004 Silvian van der Merwe

Thank you

Written By: Silvian van der Merwe

Verse 1
You found me when I needed you
Touched my heart in ways I never knew
Sprinkled sunshine on my life when
All of my dreams had died and then
Made me smile and it’s been a while
Loved me for what really is inside
Saw what others where blind to see
That there is so much more to me

Verse 2
You took my hand and led the way
You always knew just what to say
Carried me when you thought I’d fall
In muddy puddles on the side-walk
Looked deep into my heart and soul
Then knew just when to let me go
To grow into all that I’ve become
Gave me reason to face the sun

Thank you
For your love that always burned so bright
For showing me I had wings to fly
Like a flower that never dies
You really stood the test of time
Thank you
When days seemed as black as the night
For taking the lonely out of my life
Thank you

Verse 3
Now I walk under a bright star
Knowing that I’m your only one
That you’ll always be there for me
No matter how life tortures me
And when rain falls for days on end
And grey skies refuse to be my friend
You’ll reach out to that special place
Where rainbows colour my smiling face

Repeat Chorus

© 2004 Silvian van der Merwe