Sima writes about life, love ,and everything in between.Her music is driven by strong rock guitars , infectious hooks,great melodies and good lyrics. Sima's electrifying vocals and refreshing twist on pop rock create a sound that is new innovative , music that all can relate to .


Sima grew up in Israel listening to Nine Inch Nails ,metallica, it is here where her love for rock music grew and as she got inspired by acts like Nirvanna and Pearl jam females artists such as Bjork, Madonna, and Mariah Carey made there way into her ear convincing her that there was room for a tough rock female with something to say .Sima travelled to New York to follow her dreams and met two talented producers from London Diego and Aaron Knight who believed in her talent and they began working on a sound that two years later would transform into her debut disc You are not alone.The disc is a crash course in empowerment ,success, failure ,overcoming impossible obstacles in music ,love and life .Sima is not afaid to talk about it and stand up for what she believes in.Sima's message is refreshing comes to you via acoustic ballads or pop rock anthems some traditional some more modern sounding either way this effort is grand and boasts strong songwriting and production, You are not alone' is talented effort, a definite departure from what you are used to.a notch above the rest.


You Are Not Alone.

Set List

get into me
breaking down the walls
we through