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The best kept secret in music


"Charlotte Bobcats"

The Simba Wa Nyiks Acrobats gave us the most exciting Halftime Show we have ever seen, African-Style. - John Woodman

"African Acrobats"

"This group was very well received by our guests. They could always gather a large crowd. I appreciated that they had such a broad appeal across all ages and backgrounds."

Kris Stauffer, Entertainment Manager
Valleyfair Amusement Park
Shakopee, MN
- Kris Stauffer

"Homecoming 2004 reflects Buckeye tradition, American pride"

‘Red, White and Buckeyes’ includes pep rally, parade

COLUMBUS – While honoring past and present Buckeye traditions of the university, Homecoming 2004 will have a patriotic flare as The Ohio State University community celebrates the American spirit with the theme “Red, White and Buckeyes.”

This is the first year that Homecoming will extend the entire week, from Monday (10/18) to Sunday (10/24) in venues all across the Ohio State campus.

“We want to use homecoming as an opportunity to recognize the events that are going on around the nation and the world,” said Nicole Mazur, student co-chair of Homecoming 2004. “The ‘Red, White & Buckeye’ theme gives us the flexibility to include diverse programs that are both educational and fun.”

In fact, some of this year’s events will focus on the upcoming presidential election. During “Patriotic Buckeyes: How to Rock the Vote in 2004” the Ohio State community can learn more about the presidential candidates and the various issues surrounding the November election. Also, Ohio State will host the “Election Debate 2004” where Gov. Howard Dean and Sen. Bob Dole will discuss 2004 election issues, including: funding for higher education, war in Iraq and the economy (TICKETS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT).

In addition to the political events, Homecoming will reflect the importance of volunteering and community service.

An annual Ohio State homecoming tradition is the “Stefanie Spielman Homecoming Walk/Run for Breast Cancer” where all proceeds will benefit The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute. This year participants can either walk one mile or run five kilometers. During “Buckeye Baggin:’ Create a Craft for Kids” participants can help assemble bags that will be donated to patients at Columbus’ Children’s Hospital. The bags will include coloring books, crayons, stickers, notepads and beads.

Another homecoming tradition is the annual pep rally, where the university community can show Buckeye pride and also enjoy appearances by Archie Griffin, former Buckeye football great and Ohio State Alumni Association president/CEO, Olympic athletes Blaine Wilson and Katie Smith, members of the Ohio State football team and the Homecoming Court.

“Homecoming is a great opportunity for all students, faculty, staff and alumni to come together and celebrate the ongoing traditions that make Ohio State so unique,” said Kai Landis, coordinator of student involvement at the Ohio Union.

For more information on Homecoming, visit

Tuesday (10/19)

· Buckeye Baggin:’ Create a Craft Kit for Kids, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the second floor (outside Exposures Art Gallery) of the Ohio Union, 1739 N. High St. Faculty, staff and students can help assemble craft bags for kids. The bags, which will include coloring books, crayons, stickers, notepads and beads, will be donated to Columbus’ Children’s Hospital.

· African Homeland Acrobats: Simba Wa Nyiks Acrobats, 7 p.m. in the Ohio Union Ballrooms, 1739 N. High St. Simba WA Nyiks will combine acrobatic steps derived from the Chinese with dancing from their homeland in Kenya.

- Jessica Sherrick

"Paramount's Carowinds"

This was the best African entertainment act I have ever seen. I wish they would come back again. - Tim Longmire


"Kenya's high energy super circus."

The Tribune
- The Tribune

"Jabali Acrobat to perform at Wesleyan on Apr. 25"

The phenomenal Jabali Acrobats will bring their artistry of fast paced movement, music, dance, and incredible acrobatic elegance to West Virginia Wesleyan's Virginia Thomas Law Center for the Performing Arts, Saturday, April 25 at 8 p.m.

This thrilling performance exemplifies the link between athletics and the arts. The show features incredible acrobatics, contortions, tumbling, human pyramids, and chair balancing skills. The performers dazzle crowds performing these skills through dance, with the Congo Snake Dance, the Flaming Limbo Bard Dance, Skip Rope Footwork techniques and comedy to electrifying music. Audience participation is always included in the show.

In addition to theatrical performances, stage shows, and festivals worldwide, the Jabali Acrobats perform at NBA and College halftime shows and tour regularly with the Harlem Globetrotters. Other performances include a special invitation to perform for President Bill Clinton in the White House, the Big Top UniverSoul Circus, the Big Apple Circus in New York, ESPN Sports Television Network, Crook and Chase Show, and Late Night with David Letterman.

The Jabali Acrobats performance at Wesleyan is sponsored by Campus Activities Board. Admission is free.
- Unknown

"Acrobats mix circus arts, African dance"

In previous times when a charismatic political candidate ran for president think Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy people looked to his ancestors' homeland for an understanding of where he'd come from. Kenya could be the new Ireland, a land of turmoil that produces not just interesting politicians, but compelling music and dance. With Sen. Barack Obama a strong candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for president, interest has grown in Kenya, the homeland of Obama's father.

Homer dance lovers get a taste of Kenya this weekend when the Jabali Acrobats come from Mombassa, Kenya, to perform a show their agent calls "a high energy dance act, part Cirque du Soleil, part Harlem Globetrotters, which is above all fast paced and full of energy."
"Many people that you speak to and probably in Homer don't know where Kenya is," said Hope Finkelstein, director of the Homer Council on the Arts, the local presenter of the acrobats. "To be able to take out a map and identify where these folks are coming from and make the connection it's not so far away."

The six members of the Jabali Acrobats Paris Mumga, Baraka Ngala, Garama Kapana, Osman Mumga, Robert Juma Mwalewa and Bilari Ramad Han started their Alaska tour this month. Four of them came straight from Kenya, almost not making it out of the country, Finkelstein said. Kenya has been going through political unrest because of a highly contested election, with associated inter-tribal violence.

"What's really valuable for people to understand is these people are coming from a multifaceted context," Finkelstein said. "They are really committed to showing the beauty and joy of Kenyan culture, and that withstands whatever's happening right now."

One of Homer's four African marimba groups, and the only all-women group, Tamba! Marimba opens for the acrobats. Homer's African music, dance and movement community is part of the arts community HCOA wanted to connect with by bringing the Jabali Acrobats to town.

"When they found out Tamba opens up for them, they were very excited," Finkelstein said. "They're very happy the local community is so supportive of marimba. We want to highlight that."

The acrobats combine African dance with traditions of Chinese and other circus forms. That fits in with circus arts that have become part of the movement art in general. Finkelstein said she hopes gymnastic and dance teachers and students will be inspired by the performance. HCOA also presents a master dance class with members of the Jabali Acrobats from 1-2 p.m. Sunday at the Studio, 177 East Bunnell Street. The class is for all ages, but students should have dance experience. Admission is $20, with preregistration required. Call 235-4288 to register.

The Kenyan troupe's visit also fits in with HCOA's mission to bring world culture to Homer. Every year HCOA tries to bring international performing artists.

"We want to be able to show the cultural diversity of the globe," Finkelstein said. "Although many people in Homer are world travelers, there are many people who aren't. People get a taste (of the world) through these events."

"Jabali Acrobats amaze audience with astounding feats"

The Jabali Acrobats show was an extremely entertaining display perfect for Siblings Weekend. On Saturday, March 31, Wadsworth Auditorium was packed with people excited to see the antics of the Jabali group, whose performance was much like watching an intense circus act. There were simple props - chairs, blocks, hoops, a jump rope - that the acrobats used in their stunts. The most impressive feats, however, were at the end of the show, when the group used only their own bodily skills to entertain the audience.

Even from the very back of the auditorium, it was clear that the Jabali Acrobats were in incredible physical shape, as they pulled off flips, cartwheels and handstands throughout the night. Not for one moment did the acrobats stop moving.

Even if a member wasn't directly involved in the stunt being performed, they were constantly bobbing and dancing to the music being played. There was a point where members from the audience were invited to come up on stage to participate in a limbo contest. The acrobats used their incredible amount of energy and passion to get the entire audience clapping and the people on stage dancing. It was a very family-friendly moment, great for the younger siblings who had come to Geneseo to visit their big brothers and sisters.

There were several feats involving various props that awed the audience. Two of the acrobats twirled a jump rope while others did backflips, push-ups, break-dancing and handstands. One of the acrobats even jumped rope while sitting. In a fantastic stunt one member of the group balanced on his hands on top of blocks stacked up so that they were only about an inch wide, but at least a foot high. He then proceeded to throw the blocks one at a time away from him, alternating from the left to the right side, until he was balanced by his hands on the bench the blocks had been resting on.

The most amazing tricks in the show were almost impossible to describe. Essentially the acrobats threw themselves at one another in order to build massive human sculptures. Whether these were interesting takes on the usual "human pyramid," or completely outrageous shapes that seemed impossible, they were all astonishing. The audience got a feel of how hard these stunts could be when during one there was a slip-up and the whole "structure" came apart before it was completed. However, the acrobats didn't let this set them back but rather proceeded to do the trick all over again.

The Jabali Acrobats show was probably one of the most entertaining events the College has ever hosted for Siblings Weekend. It was very energetic, friendly, and was long enough to be entertaining, but not too long to become repetitive or boring. Kudos should be given to Limelight for making this show possible, and, of course, to the Jabali Acrobats themselves.

- Caitlin Fawcett


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Direct from Mombasa, Kenya- The Heart of Africa, these amazing African Acrobats put together the most phenomenal theatrical show you have never seen. These blazing performances reveals the link between athletics, cultural arts and performing arts as thrilling acrobatics, tumbling, the Flaming Limbo Dance, human pyramids. Combining acrobatic steps derived from the Chinese with dancing from their homeland, they create a stunning show that people will never forget. They will bring a show full of amazement and laughter that will keep people coming back for more and more. They have been the center of attention when it comes to African Cultural Arts programs, events, and festivals and school assemblies. They have been performing together for the over 14 years, bringing down the thunder at venues wherever they perform. These acrobats have gained recognition by performing in THEMEPARKS, CASINOS, NBA HALFTIME SHOWS, FAIRS, and FESTIVALS.

Many members of this team has shocked crowds at the following:

Special invitation to perform for President Bill Clinton at the White House, Late Night with David Letterman, the African Acrobats School Assemblies Tour, Universoul Circus, King's Dominion, Valley Fair Amusement Park, Western Kentucky University, Cornell University, West Virginia Wesleyan College, Regis College, University of Toledo, Michigan State Fair, New Jersey State Fair, NY State Fair, Penn State University, Princeton University, Sun-N-Surf, Beach Club, Forest Park (Queens, NY), Newark Academy, Silverpoint Beach Camp, New Jersey, YMCA, 30 Seconds of Fame Show, Disney World, Disneyland, Kaleidoscope 2005 (Cultural Festival), Circus Hollywood (Columbus, Macon, GA-2004), 5th Avenue Arts Festival (2004), Ohio State Univ. Homecoming-International Bazaar (2004), Paramount’s Carowinds (2002), Wild Adventures (2002), South Carolina State Fair (2002), Champlain Valley State Fair (2002), NBA Halftime shows (Denver Nuggets (2005 Playoffs), Charlotte Bobcats (2004), New Orleans Hornets (2003, 2004), Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors, Minnesota Timberwolves-2002), with the Harlem Globetrotters (2002), and on America's Got Talent. With the Simba Wa Nyiks Acrobats, your venue will be the memory that your guests will never forget.