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Simdi Ensemble

─░stanbul, Istanbul, Turkey | Established. Jan 01, 2014

─░stanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Simdi" (now) is ensemble dedicated to performing music written within the framework of Anatolian mysticism and deals with the now. Now, it's the time for "Simdi"! Its philosophy is based on seizing the moment. Simdi pursues the eternity of "now" and love in music where these attain their best expression.

In daily life we are torn between the past and the future. Often, unaware and devoid of the meaning of the present, the "now". We all know thousands of songs like "Remember the past, how happy we were" and cliche sentences like "Everything's gonna be all right". Not so many are who say that  "Now is beautiful". However, if we could live in the present, we could both find our place in the past and be able to prepare the future. If we focus too much on the past, we miss the present, which in turn becomes a thing of the past itself. By the same token, the future remains uncomfortably ambigious that way.

The same goes for musical performance too. If one keeps thinking about the mistake  just made, or a difficult passage ahead, the musician misses the moment. And because of that there is no room for enjoyment. This is the philosophy behind our music: living in the present, making the music of the present by using its natural power and enjoying the moment. In this sense, our concert repertoire has an element of surprise for us too. imdi mostly performs music composed by  band members. Whether composed hymns, songs or instrumental works, the music is strongly rooted in the creativity of the moment, accompanied by improvised forms such taksims, ghazals and odes (kasides).

imdi's founder Bora Uymaz distinguishes himself as a musician with a high taste and talent. A multifaceted artist, he has devoted himself to the cause of Turkish music, to convey, perpetuate and develop this tradition. Uymaz is active as a singer, composer, performer and teacher and in all these areas he has shaped a highly personal identity, bridging the tradition with the present. He is perceived as a thorough artist and  comes across with the spirit of a troubadour who is leaving a very special mark on todays music.

A musician from the Aegean town of Izmir, Uymaz is appreciated for his strong and unique voice which he puts more at the service of meanings than words. In it, he carries the mystical and quiet moments of the wise and dervishes. In someways, he sings of seclusion and it is as if his voice is a vocal expression of history. Boras singing becomes outstanding with the musicality and emotions he infuses into songs. While he often re-shapes forgotten or rarely performed songs with his touch as a composer, he is also known to breathe new life into well-known songs with unusual twists. His delibarete and personal singing is regarded as a touchstone in todays traditional Turkish music.

While Bora Uymaz owes his fame to the sophistication of his vocal expression, he reflects the same depth of expression in his compositions which are somewhat like the musical tableaux of his life. In this regard, Uymaz has won several awards in composition contests with his opus which counts nearly 600 works in various forms and musical styles. He is noted for the use of highly spiritual lyrics in his compositions. Uymaz has created a new Turkish music form titled Natk- Elhan which he named himself. He has also devised a makam, which, his teacher Cinuen Tanrkorur named Suzinak-Airan, in which he wrote an extended composition. On yet another level of musicianship, a skilled performer of the tanbur and luth, Bora often prefers to remain in the shadow as a perfomer despite credits that his style is one of the most important approach in the present time.

Bora has appeared as a soloist at concerts in Australia, USA, Japan, China, Korea, Germany, Finland, Macedonia, Tunisia, Cyprus and Netherlands. Recently as a member of the Kudsi Erguner Ensemble, Bora has toured in France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Omman, Norway and Brazil and relased a recording titled Pervane. 

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