Simeon and the Sea

Simeon and the Sea

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Love, truth, beauty and everything in between...


A singer, song-writer, guitarist, pianist, bass player, programmer and producer, Siméon and the Sea is the solo project of one man, who through a love and devotion to creating music has the ability to wrap a life-time of experience into one moving and powerful four-minute song.

Birthed from being handed a guitar after first moving out of home, this quickly turned into devotion and obsession. Ideas formed and accumulated, becoming songs and in time developed into intricate productions.

After completing two degrees, one in psychology and one in music, he travelled to the UK to establish himself in the British music scene. Highlights of this journey included appearances on BBC Introducing and playing in several festivals, including a main stage support for Bob Dylan at Feis Festival!

Now back on home soil he is excited to share this first release. The debut EP ‘drawing lines’ has received much positive acclaim from peers and strangers alike. It is honest, powerful and tragic at times, whilst still capturing a sense of hope. It is essentially a soundtrack to life. Indeed the most frequent comment made by listeners is that it is perfectly suited to films.

We hope you enjoy this first offering.

INFLUENCES: Sigur Ros, Nick Drake, Imogen Heap, Trent Reznor

All songs written & produced by Simeon and the Sea


Ebb and Flow

Written By: Simeon and the Sea

I think that it might take a while
To understand that beauty can be wild
She’s like the ocean watching over me
I am the sand drifting out to sea

Sometimes all things seem way too vast
When measurements are taken from the past
Life washes over me as I go
Just like the ocean, its ebb and flow

These days are filled with crimson skies
Caught between dreams and lullabies
How long it lasts nobody knows
It seems that we live in ebb and flow

It’s getting clearer now I can see
I can feel the sun’s warmth washing over me
It doesn’t really matter where I go
I’ll ride with the tide it’s ebb and flow

I think that it might take a while
To understand that beauty can be wild
Cause she’s like the ocean watching over me
And I am the sand drifting out to sea


Written By: Simeon and the Sea

There was a time, when we first met
You were, just another girl back then
You were getting over somebody else
I was a comfort you said

If you were down
I’d be there to pick you up
And I’d hold you there
But then I’d see your smile

And I’d...
Fall, fall, fall
Fall, fall, fall

I wish I could replace all that you’ve lost,
For I, hate to watch you grieve like this
And it hurts to see you, for I cannot make myself
Everything that you need

Till a better man comes
I’ll help you to your feet again
And I’ll hold you near
But I just see your smile

And I...
Fall, fall, fall
I just fall, fall, fall


Written By: Simeon and the Sea

Time, draws a line
Sometimes cruel, sometimes kind
What begins, has an end
Love was here, that was then

What life gave time took away
Now all I loved is trapped in yesterday

Remember when, life seemed fair
Time stood still, it held us there
For I’ve seen, what beauty means
This love for you, now lives in me

Every birth will have an end
With every death new life begins
And pleasure one day causes pain
Love comes, love goes, love starts again
Accept this life that I now know
So ghosts of my heart please let go
For you are gone, a life time stole
At least I know your face will not grow old

All was lost, but that was then
Just give me now, and say amen


Debut release "drawing lines" out now.