Simeon Flick

Simeon Flick

 San Diego, California, USA

Simeon Flick is an independent heritage artist who writes, records and performs accessibly innovative alternative R&B music with maddeningly adhesive hooks. He has built a formidable reputation and a connoiseur following with his powerful voice, engaging live perofrmances, and inspirational songs.


Flick grew up listening to 60's R&B, 70's funk, 80's & 90's rap and hip-hop, classic rock of all decades, and 80's & 90's punk and alternative. He was in two vanguard underground bands in the nineties (CRUX and Sages of Memphis, the latter of which was briefly scouted by Interscope Records and had two songs placed on MTVs Road Rules), but had already begun to explore new frontiers with his solo material before arriving in San Diego in 2001. Since then he has released three pioneering solo CDs (Soliloquy, 2003, Indigo Child, 2004, and Reactive Soul, 2006, all of which have received airplay), fronted the band Alpha Ray (whose song Tremore was featured on San Diego radio station 91X's Loudspeaker local music show), has performed all over San Diego and has toured both coasts, garnering new devotees along the way.

Simeon is enjoying an illustrious career, having shared stages with the likes of No Doubt, Sublime, Fishbone, The Untouchables, School of Fish, Rocket From The Crypt, Three Mile Pilot, Heavy Vegetable, The Samples, The Skeletones, Skankin' Pickle, Excel, Voodoo Glowskulls, Ozomatli, Geggy Tah, Matt Nathanson, and Leftover Salmon. As a San Diego-based solo artist he has co-billed with Veruca Salt, Glenn Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket), Jimmy Gnecco (OURS), Noe Venable, Ari Hest, Brodeeva (G Love & Special Sauce), Saucy Monky, Transfer, Jakob Martin, Earl Thomas, Peter Sprague, Tom Brosseau, Gregory Page, Steve Poltz, Carlos Olmeda, Lisa Sanders, Berkeley/Hart, Anya Marina, Steph Johnson, Christopher Dale, Danielle LoPresti, Alicia Champion, Michael Tiernan, and Thomas Lee (Bo Bice).

Simeon released his third album at San Diego's renowned Belly Up Tavern on 10/04/06. Reactive Soul bristles with intent, combining the punch of alternative, the lyrical urgency of folk, and the rhythmic imperative of classic rock and R & B. Reactive Soul was honored with a nomination for Best Local Recording at the 2007 San Diego Music Awards.

Simeon recently engineered, produced and performed the follow-up to Reactive Soul–Piquant–at his unofficially inaugurated Blue Chair Studio in San Diego, California.

Simeon and his music have been featured numerous times on San Diego radio stations 102.1 KPRI FM and Free 103.7 FM, and he has appeared twice on KUSI TV.

His goals are modest: To make a sustainable living through music, ease the human condition, and to sing like Merry Clayton on the Stones' 'Gimme Shelter'.


Money Don't Make The Man

Written By: Simeon Flick

Mama, are you proud of me?
Not a penny to my name &
I'd be doubting me
Mama, was I a fool, too blind to see
What you taught me was naïve?
The things you passed on
Just can't live on
In this society

I've always had your loving
I've also had your laws above me
My focus ain't on money
'Cause I know
Money don't make the man
You showed
Money don't make the man

Baby, are you with me?
Don't have the green to feed your dreams
Or keep you comfy
Are you still with me?
Baby, don't be a fool, I need to see
All your expectations of me
But can you balance noble creeds
Without worldly needs
Sowing selfish seeds of greed?

I might not have the ducats
I might not ever rise above this
Economic stasis
But love is free
Money don't make the man
My love is free
Money don't make the man

Brother, I'm as poor as thee
I need a dime more than you sometimes
But I ain't asking
Brother, I was a fool–I tried their greed
Now it's all fool's gold to me
This change I pass on
You just can't live on, you see
I'm wishing I could take you fishing

It's not about the ducats
In fact I rarely watch the gold of our rich
Put to selfless purpose
And I remember
Money don't make the man
I'm reminded
Money don't make the man
Can we pretend that
Money don't make the man?


Written By: Simeon Flick

There are times
When life too much demands
And it tries to tell a man
There’s only one way
But just look inside
Where the truth always resides
In the heart we often chide
To live through these days

Oh, and we’re all guilty
Of indolence, but that’s
Beside the point
One can be lazy and
Still have fealty
Motion isn’t needed
To use a voice

Just give yourself a choice
When it’s time to make a stand
Allow a boy to be a man
When he’s unhappy
Give yourself a choice
Let a girl become woman
And allow another plan
When you feel trapped in
It’s okay

Every day
The world will tell you “not�
So often that you start
To believe it
Then in that way
You give up on your dreams
When you’re closer than it seems
But you can’t see it, so

Don’t give yourself a choice
When it comes to your demands
Let your dreams be all the lands
Ruled from your castle
They say a dream delayed
Is not a dream denied
It’s not to late to try
Though it’s a hassle

Life is what you choose
So make yourself a choice
Life is what you do
Don't give yourself a choice
Life is what you choose
Life is what you do
You’ve got a choice
It's not a choice

Too Proud To Love

Written By: Simeon Flick

What can you do
When you’re too proud to love
Can’t whistle your tune
In front of your dove
Too wild for roots
Too weak to run
What can you do
When you’re too proud to love

What can you do
When you’re too out of touch
You’re now an island
Where you seems enough
To make it through
Everything rough
What can you do
When you’re too proud to love

Sometimes life feels like
It’s never-ending
The time to take a wife could be
Ever pending

Especially when you
Are too proud to love
Don’t need to be true
To anyone
Else who could soothe
The pain in your blood
That’s what you do
When you’re too proud to love


Written By: Simeon Flick

I’m sick for you
A tumor sears my heart
I’m ill of you
I’d sooner we weren’t apart
You came to me
With love in your mouth
And lust in your heart
If it were only
The other way around

Now I’m sick for you

You haunt me
Like a hungry ghost
You taunt me
On my whipping post
You carve me out
I’m that boat on the Styx
Now I hold so much love
It makes me sick


Written By: Simeon Flick

Lately I've come to see
That things are so grave
Prometheus regrets the gifts that he gave
Atlas's shoulders cannot take the strain
Narcissus the flower never stared so vainly
It's plainly seen--from this earth we're estranged
Ares has found no real wars to engage
Hermes of late is not so light of foot
His messages backed up and stacked to the roof

So I call this meeting to order
State your case and stand in line
I stall on a critical border
Between deities and human kind

Out of all gathered here, I'm the one hardest hit
I'm doubting my power, you're having a fit
It seems even I, Zeus, have my own Achilles heel
But Achilles says that's how his whole body feels now
It's lame to see the earth laid to waste
The evil Medusa's ashamed of her face
Dionysus, red-cheeked, is renouncing his drink
Bold ways of his past in a haze as he sinks

So I call this meeting to order
State your case and stand in line
I stall on a critical border
Between deities and human kind

And oh, how we've come to be prisoners of fate
The Muses are lost in this new world of hate
Pandora's not sure a mere box could contain
Enough hope to negate the pain of the ungrateful
So I've greased up my lightning, charged up my forn
Poseidon call forth the worst of your storms
And Hades prepare to greet the new hordes
Blindfolded they'll come for their just rewards

I called this meeting to order
You stated your case and stood in line
I fell off a critical border
And chose deities over humankind

Can't Wait Till I Die

Written By: Simeon Flick

Well I don't know if I've been here before
But I don't think I'll be back for more
So I say with a sigh
Can't wait till I die

Well this might sound a little strange
Before time's given to explain
You might wonder why
I can't wait till I die

Oh no, it's not a cry for mutilation
There's no suicide embrace in my life's station

I've always tried to act from love
Not just in case there's life above
So let me be wry
I can't wait till I die

When the pros and cons have come and gone
I want those things to look back upon
So though I live and defy
I can't wait till I die

Embrace life to the fullest
And don't eat any bullets
But when it comes your time
Go ahead and die
Just up and die
Oh, leave the pain behind
And say with vital life
I can't wait till I die


Written By: Simeon Flick

Ingenue, what is it about you
Why am I a fool for you
Ingenue, I get so giddy around you
Maybe 'cause I know you'll be leaving soon

Off to a foreign land
To broaden your horizons
Too hard to love one man
With billions of other options

Diamonds for breakfast
You cut your teeth on the edges
Moved off your axis
So you go
Prove all the skeptics
Incorrectly didactic
The truth is out there
And you are also

But what I want you to know
Is I am real
And what I wanted to show you
Is what's concealed inside you

I never fell like this before
You make me ache, I'll go below

Once upon a time I stood in your line
And waited
Waited for a sign to beckon me inside
With bated breath I took your lead
As you danced with me
Waltzing me around by the enmity

It's a shame the world's a finite place
And that you were born to see it
'Cause when it's done and no new space awaits
You're left with what you're being
Only you, Ingenue

Oh, you see yourself in the world
I see the world in myself
You've got the answers so far
But not regarding yourself
Look into the void inside me
Don't be paranoid and shine me
Listen to some Floyd to remind me
Wish you were here, come find me

Got A Gun

Written By: Simeon Flick

The other shoe dropped
And the axe fell
And the fat lady sang
And the noose choked
And your neck broke
As your last words spoken were in vain

Oh, you looked and saw no one pleading, begging

They trifled with their rifles as your
Life approached the end
And the blindfold turned the mind mold of your
Fright out in your pants
The last smoke was a fast joke and the
Blast broke a good man
You never fought back

Oh, has it been so long since you forgot
The fight for your life is fought through your hands
Oh, can you finally feel your holster
Your gat is the weakness on the other end

Whenever strife makes you so daft
Reach down and just grab your haft
Got a gun

You’ve got a gun

Well the bomb dropped
And the axe lopped
Cleanly chopped off your head
The executioner took no prisoners
His mind is vacant, his heart is dead

Oh, we are kings or pawns someone once said
The powerful ones love their sycophants
Oh, and they’re quick with their rash indictments
But facing the mirror they find hypocrites

Evil never rests

Preaching To The Choir

Written By: Simeon Flick

Hell is relative
Everyone is in it
It robs you of perspective
Like a one-armed bandit

Eveyone pans it
Even actors in mansions
But it's all in a day
Yet I hear you say

Nobody knows just what it's like
For me
Nobody knows just what it's like
Preaching to the choir

Someone's always got it better
Much more have got it worse
Some people wearing summer sweaters
Others waiting on a hearse
And yet you're saying that you must be reimbursed

Nobody knows just what it's like
For me
Nobody knows just what it's like
Said the lemon to the lemon
And the lime to the lime
Said the kettle to the pot
Yeah you can call me anytime
Just don't whine
'Cause you're preaching to the choir


'Piquant' (released 2010)

'Reactive Soul' (released 2006)
*'Many Moons' featured numerous times on San Diego's 102.1 KPRI FM Homegrown Hour, and performed live on air at Free 103.7 FM on 3/2/07
*'Money Don't Make The Man' performed live on air at Free 103.7 FM on 3/2/07, featured numerous times on San Diego's 102.1 KPRI FM Homegrown Hour, performed live twice on KUSI TV's Good Morning San Diego program, and filmed for a video (premiered 2008)
*'Choice' performed live on KUSI TV's Good Morning San Diego program
*'Grave Boy' featured on Acoustic Pie dot com playlist

'Indigo Child' (released 2004)
*'Do It & Leave', 'Good Graces', 'Surrender Song' and 'Can't Wait 'Til I Die' featured on KKSM AM 1320 Palomar College radio
*'Round In Circles' featured on WRIR 97.3 FM's Great American Music Hour, 7/11/05
*'Do It & Leave', 'Thesedays' and 'Can't Wait 'Til I Die' featured on Musolist dot com's Top 20

'Soliloquy' (released 2003)
*'Voyeur' featured on Acoustic Pie dot com playlist

Set List

That Ain't Right
Money Don't Make The Man
Wire Aunt Godiva
Got A Gun
Preaching To The Choir
Trey Downs
Nothing But Love
Too Proud To Love
I Got Love
No Ordinary Days
Can't Wait 'Til I Die

Simeon can perform original material for at least three hours with two ten minute breaks, or four hours with three ten minute breaks.

Simeon can also play cover tunes for at least three hours by the likes of Steely Dan, The Police, The Beatles, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Fiona Apple, Jeff Buckley, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Ani DiFranco, Earth Wind & Fire, Blondie, and Weezer.