Simfonika Island
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Simfonika Island

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa | SELF

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa | SELF
Band EDM Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Getting It Together"

See URL for Info On The Article - DAILY VOICE- Thursday April 1 2010

"A remix came top 8 of the BEST REMIXES in SOUTHERN AFRICA For the Jazzanova Remix Competition on (By Sheer)"

A remix came top 8 of the BEST REMIXES in SOUTHERN AFRICA For the Jazzanova Remix Competition on (By Sheer) -

"Music On Beatport and Other sites"

Description of an early underground track which was released via an indie label and went onto sites like Beatport. - Not applicable

"More Info?"

More Info? - not applicable

"June 2010 Mixtape-Indie Dance"

June 2010 Mixtape-Indie Dance - June 2010 Mixtape-Indie Dance


Tony Castanho-Starock(Voodoo Vinyl)
Simfonika Island-Friday Night(Simfonika Island)
Simfonika Island-Yes Yes Yes(Simfonika Island)



The man behind the “ Iron Man suit” needs no more say, and more introduction. Also known as Tony (others call him “Gianni”), has mastered the art of creating different genres in the “lab” (i.e. studio...) and has created something of his own...(...its alive its alive!!! lol).

This fine handsome superhero DJ/Producer is one talented guy never the less.

With diverse musical skills in many genres as his weapon of choice, he has created something of his own-original, and superior.

Simfonika Island creates super electronically galactic soundscapes into Electronic dance music. Inspirations and influences coming from all over the South African roots...from the tip of Good Hope to the shores of Camps Bay , to the sounds of Johannesburg-originality does not get better than this.

DJ/Producer with super talent and skill awaiting to rescue the show.

Thank you to all who are reading or who have read my biography. Maybe it will inspire you :). Enjoy:

My musical journey started at the early age of 4; I would put together mini performances for my family and friends, strumming on the strings of my guitar. Part of my creativity extended to art, was drawing pictures which was my faveroute pastime. I can recall my teachers saying how creative I was at such a young age.

At around 8 years old, my parents decided that the family should go on holiday to Madeira (a Portuguese island). I was introduced to the Turntable when we visited my aunt. I experimented with the record and began to scratch on it. This is how it began…

A friend of mine introduced me to Hip Hop, by letting me listen to Criss Cross’s “I Missed the bus”; this became one of my first genera’s of musical interest.

During my early years in primary school, I started recording myself and imitating radio DJ personalities from South African radio stations which I was listening to during that time. This was done with an old cassette player. I started to try and sample sounds from the radio using the cassette player as a “sampler”.
I bought decks and started learning the art of turntablism. I joined an alternative rock band as a DJ. I tried out for other bands as well, such as Toyland, Comfort Zone, and Just Logic.
I assisted my brother’s band (Alchemy) from time to time recording his guitar riffs. One day while setting up the equipment, I took the pedal, by accident, and connected it to my one of my turntables. I was amazed by the different sounds the vinyl now was producing. Then I decided to use my brother’s pedal to record effects for the band. The creativity moved into more electronic music, where I started to mess around with more music applications and software, and started learning them.
I started sending demos out to record labels. One particular record company, Gallo, was where I got some good critical feedback in terms of how to sound more professional and make better tracks. I use to send demos to Nic Burger, A R Manager, rpmdance, and he would respond saying what he liked and didn’t. I thank him to this very day (even though he might not know this). Big up to Nic!
I did a course on an introduction to Radio broadcasting and advertising at the UCT radio at the University of Cape Town, during the December school holiday.
Stephan Hoffman (DJ Stephan) remixed my first track called ‘Tuche Guninia’.
I became one of the radio DJ’s at Cape Tech, during my first year. The show was based on DJing and electronic music. I would get DJs every week to come and play a set at my show (a 30 minute set, and 30 minute interview). I was more of a radio journalist in a way. This is when I started making some contacts and started to learn the industry in a more detailed way.
I started to perform at clubs such as, The Gallery, Dockside, Hectic on Hope, Cock ‘n Tail and Stones and also at events such as InPhase, Soundscape and Motoforce Music.
I managed to hook up with a hip hop crew (Gangsta Money) and assisted them with scratching and turn table effects that they used in their music recordings.

I also had the opportunity to perform live with DJ Ready D and DJ Azhul.

I also played a set for a local Cape Town based radio station - Good Hope FM
I tried out for some DJ competitions. The first competition I tried out for was held in Club Mercury. I learnt a lot from the competitors and their techniques and skills which inspired me to practice and get better.
I played a set at the DMC DJ competition at Dockside. I won the round for this set, as I had tried to take 80s and 70s music and try to beat juggle them with Hardstyle and progressive house tunes, along with scratching techniques and stutter effects. The crowd was shocked. They never heard anybody try that before. It was such a great experience and I loved it.
The following year, I decided to stop playing at the campus radio, and focused on producing music.
In 2005, I released one song to a record label in Amsterdam, Voodoo Vinyl Re