Simian Special

Simian Special


David Bowie meets The Tragically Hip for a jam session with U2. Melodic, powerful and totally unique. Adeptly mixing strong rock elements with a smattering of electronic. Punchy progressive provincial power pop. Dare to let us introduce you to something new and fresh!


SIMIAN SPECIAL is an accomplished combination of minstrels hailing from a handful of some of Vancouver Canada's
most appreciated acts:

Max Arnason ( lead vocals & production ) and Martin Lowe ( guitars ) had released 3 albums and performed
in Canada and the U.S. under the name KOOPER KAIN.
Jeremy Butler ( bass and bg vocals ) meanwhile, was busy blowing the socks off of folks with his powerful and melodic
bass guitar work in the well received local buzz band NOVASTATIK.
Drummer Francis Amanse spent time single-handedly winning fans over for FEAR ZERO with his strong and steady drumming.

Together, the four members of SIMIAN SPECIAL are sonically very different from their former bands, though they have taken
with them the strongest elements that made them unique and have successfully incorporated them into the new band.

Focusing on artistically based alternative rock mixed with a smattering of electronic, with close attention paid to pure quality of performance,
production value, soaring melodies, solid rhythms and clean powerful vocals, this Vancouver band really stands out.

SIMIAN SPECIAL is a memorable live show that many have said is a hard act to follow.



"The Cougar Stands It's Ground"

Released by S/N RATIO Studio
in February 2008

Set List

10-12 songs, 40-45 mins, typically 3:30 - 4 mins each. We usually like to include 1 obscure cover song per show.