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"Live Review - The Maze, Nottingham, UK: 2006"

Simon Alpin is a completely different kettle of fish. when he’s not being a key member of Willard Grant Conspiracy, tonight they come as a full band, with the fiddler and drummer from WGC, plus bass, drums and keyboards. Live they are very different, and in fact rather better, than on their eponymous album. The album is rather lower-fi and intense, whereas live they are on the loose rather than the ramshackle side of under-rehearsed, and frequently recall The Band, particularly with the keyboards and time signatures. With the occasional bout of calculated discordance, the prominence of the violin, and a general sense of tension there are also elements of the Velvets here too. The set is split roughly fifty-fifty between their debut album and new songs, a rather spurious distinction for most of the audience one suspects. Simon Alpin takes to the frontman role to the manner born, and the violin (definitely not fiddle) and keyboards underpin the sound superbly. After an hour of interesting and challenging music and two well-deserved encores, they leave the stage and the Maze a rather better place than they found it.
- Americana UK

"Live Review - Concorde, Brighton, UK - 2006"

SIMON ALPIN from WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY.....Such is the quality of this bill, that we have a member of that mighty band open a four-act show! For those of you that saw him play with WGC at our show in August, you will need no reminding of the talents of this man. He is the bands lead guitarist, he co-produced and co-mixed Regard The End, and has become ROBERT FISHER's natural dynamic foil in the band, taking them to majestic heights with that beautiful latest album. Away from WGC, Simon is pretty much always busy as an in-demand session man with the ilk of GRAND DRIVE, and could be seen as keyboardist on tour with TEENAGE FANCLUB last year. But having written hundreds of songs from before and since gaining a publishing deal at age 15, and never really havng done anything with them, this laid back, totally lovely North-Easterner has decided the time is right to step to centre stage to see what happens. This is Simon in earthy country mode, and the few songs we have been lucky to hear are right up our allies. Yours, too, we suspect. - The Source

"Review of Danny George Wilson's 'The Famous Mad Mile'"

'.....That's just one of many excellent songs on this record which is beautifully produced with a lightness of touch by Simon Alpin. It sounds like an LP made at leisure with friends in warm, relaxing surroundings. If that's an accurate description of Alpin's front room, then I'm spot-on' - Uncut Magazine


Production & Co-writing
‘Regard The End’ - Willard Grant Conspiracy: 2004
’The Famous Mad Mile - Danny George Wilson – 2005

‘Stuck On You: Farrelly Brothers film (starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear)
‘Valve Man’ : Simon Pattison (independent)
‘Snow Oddessy’ : (independent) snow boarding film

‘Off The Beaten Track’ – 2007



British born Simon Alpin moved from his native Sunderland to London at age 16 signing a publishing contract and beginning his song-writing career from an early age. Under the wing of Eurythmics front man Dave Stewart, Simon got thrown in at the deep end working in Dave’s studio with a menagerie of musicians in true Dave Stewart eclectic style. Simon naturally learned the mechanics of a professional studio environment, which gave him great insight into the world of music production.

Simon played on numerous records throughout the 90’s where he displayed his sensitive guitar and mandolin playing skills. His production and writing skills developed fast and earned him great accolade, most notably with the Willard Grant Conspiracy’s album ‘Regard The End’ and Danny George Wilson’s ‘The Famous Mad Mile’. Both albums received significant press attention in the UK with every article highlighting Simon’s musical talent and production skills.

Simon later decided he wanted to get back into recording and playing in a band. So he went out to put together his own band of musicians with friends he’d worked with along the way and who he thought would work well together. The result? A two-day session where everything flowed like magic, recording a full 19 songs of live heart felt music and giving birth to his fantastic debut album ‘Off The Beaten Track’. This folk/rootsy collection of 12 songs mines the aisles of the great songbooks of the last 30 years. The recordings attracted guest vocals from Catlin Cary (Whiskey Town), Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy), Jess Klein and Dennis Cronin (Lambchop). Simon Alpin’s ‘Off The Beaten Track’ will prove that there are still great songs being written and recorded which capture the pure live musicianship of a band playing great music together. A string of live stage performances soon followed where the band unleashed the intimate new songs to rapturous audiences and great reviews.

“Simon Alpin takes to the frontman role to the manner born, and the violin (definitely not fiddle) and keyboards underpin the sound superbly. After an hour of interesting and challenging music and two well-deserved encores, they leave the stage and The Maze a rather better place than they found it.” - Jeremy Searle, American UK

Inspiring songs, inventively and satisfyingly arranged, ‘Off The Beaten Track’ is set to a time when records had no filler tracks, one song leads to another in a classic consistency making the album a compelling listen from start to finish.

For fans of Tom Waits to Neil Young. Simon Alpin’s ‘Off The Beaten Track’ is not just a diamond in the rough, it’s a virtual diamond mine!