Simon and the Ghost

Simon and the Ghost

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In the beginning... Simon and the Ghost was set up shortly after the break up of Dublin band 'Payload' ( to which Simon was the songwriter/singer/pianist/guitarist ) Hell bent on carrying on and avoiding the dreaded singer songwriter scene of Dublin city, Simon had a dream... A dream where Man and Ghost can live in harmony side by side without fear of each other, not only that but make music TOGETHER, free of the constraints of the music industries mundane trend machine. Like always the Ghost began to manifest itself into visual form and hence a functioning band was created! hooorraaaahhh! Now Simon didn't have to work alone in his mission of musicial creativity, he now had other musicians to share it with and forever hold his peace. Amen. Thank you, Goodnight.


''Man is an opera'' EP : 2005-2006

Radio play : ''Finally Go'' . Played by Alison Curtis and Tom Dunne of TodayFM.

Set List

Average 40 minute set :

2. Trial and error
3. Politics
4. Finally Go
5. Wide awake
6. Right off the rabbits back
7. More than gold
8. Too many puppies ( Primus cover version )
9. Foreign policy