Simon and the Ghost

Simon and the Ghost


A metal band trapped in the body of a jazz trio. Is it prog rock? Is it jazz-rock? Is it anti-rock? Possibly all three? See Simon and the Ghost and listen to your own mind.


''We're high-brow for low-brow sensibilites''

Nils Frykdahl of U.S avant-metalists 'Sleepytime Gorilla Museum' once said this when trying to describe the music of his former band, and the equally excellent, 'Idiot Flesh'. Both bands to which Simon and the Ghost owe a creative debt.

Their music is complex and engaging and yet deeply unpretentious. Far be it from them to insult their audiences intelligence Simon and the Ghost have never been a band who would see music lovers as a market ready to be exploited. Their shows in the past have been theatrical affairs and the music always compelling and thought-worthy while at the same time leaving the audience to ponder how deeply the bands tongue is in their collective cheek...

Naturally rebellious the band have yet to find a place in Dublins trend-dominated gig scene and crave international territory to bring their Primus, Frank Zappa and Mike Patton influenced music to.

Is it prog-rock? Is it jazz-rock? Is it anti-rock?
Why not find out?


'Eating the good of the land'

Debut album.
Recorded 2007-2008
Soon to be released.

Set List

1. Holy War!!!
2. Frustration is my middle name
3. Divided Divinity
5. Nobody hates you quite like i do
6. The age of Miscommunication
7. This Contamination

Typical 40 min set.
Known to cover Primus, Faith No More and King Crimson.