Simon Balkey

Simon Balkey


Hard hitting honky tonk that sounds like today but has yesterdays groove. Everything you loved about traditional country with the driving sound and energy of today's contemporary country!


When asked what drives Simon Balkey to sing and write music he replied without hesitation, “Country music just seems to be about my life. That song, 'We Rode in Trucks' by Luke Bryan is me. It's my life.” Simon knew at a young age that it was his destiny to write and sing Country music. Born in New Mexico, he was surrounded by a nurturing musical family. His early influences ranged from Kenny Rogers and Merle Haggard to Guns N' Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, George Strait, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. “I listened to a lot of Honky Tonk Country and Southern Rock with a whole lot of other stuff mixed in.” By his early teens, Simon was writing his own songs and playing guitar. He recalls his first real song was written around age 14, however his family would claim he had been writing and singing since Kindergarten. “It’s funny, I still have elementary school notebooks with lyrics from the Eagles and Kenny Rogers between the homework assignments.” By his late teens his talent was recognized and he began performing in lounges at local casinos and anywhere else they would have him. Simon went on to study Chemistry in college but continued to write and perform. One of his biggest thrills was winning a national contest to the CMA awards. He and 49 other winners across the country won tickets to the 1996 CMA awards and spent the week attending private concerts, meeting the likes of Kenny Chesney, Tammy Wynette, David Lee Murphy, Jeff Carson, Ricochet, and others. A few years later, Simon had the opportunity to audition for the already established band, Wyld Country. He was welcomed into the band and continued writing and performing with them across the state of New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and West Texas. Simon provided lead vocals and rhythm guitar for 7 of the last 16 years Wyld Country had been entertaining audiences. The group gained recognition through hundreds of performances as they watched their fan base begin to grow. “We always had a great time wherever we played, but one of the most memorable things for me was opening for Mark Chesnutt.” Simon has found that more and more, his own songs are beginning to be requested during performances. “I know that I’m not where I need to be as a songwriter [said Simon] but I’m trying to get better everyday, it’s the coolest feeling when you see people singing your songs. Something I definitely won’t ever forget is when I was at a bandmates house and all of a sudden I hear my song, and it's on someone's cell phone as their ring tone. It was amazing. Funny thing is, that I don’t have my music online for that kind of thing yet so I know somebody put in a lot of work to get it on there. Which makes it even more surprising.” Simon is slated to head to Nashville end of 2008 to cut an album and . He will be working with some well known artists/producers in the industry. Geno Lesage and Johnny Garcia. Geno Lesage’s feelings about working with Simon: I am very much looking forward to working with Simon. I see the same talent in him as I have seen in artists I have been able to help achieve their goals. Simon has a passion for what he does and in my experience those are the artists who rise above the others. He also has the live stage presence which is so crucial for getting signed. I am ready to get on board with Simon Balkey and would not be surprised to see him win the Horizon Award in the near future. -Geno has worked with Collin Raye since the start of Collin’s career in music as his piano player and bandleader. During that time they had 15 number one hits. Since 1999 Geno has been producing emerging artists, as well as producing 3 records for Collin Raye, one of which was an international hit.- -Johnny Garcia has been on the road with both Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood for the past several years as the lead guitarist. Garcia is also owns and manages an up and coming publishing company. Simon's songwriting comes from the heart. His inspiration is derived from what is going on in his life, his love of his Country Music, and his family, especially his wife and two young sons. He is 100% whole-hearted Country, and wants to be able to share his music with whoever will take a listen. Simon transforms his life into song, and hopes that his music can make a personal connection with his audience and inspire them in the way country music has inspired him. When asked what his biggest musical achievement is thus far, he said “being a part of thousands of peoples most memorable life moments, I’ve played a lot of private gigs and I am truly thankful they chose us to be a part of their unforgettable moments. When asked what do you see in your future with regard to music, he replied, “you know, all I can do is lay it all out there for this project with my writing, singing, and performing and pray that it’s enough to get some label attention; man that would be something.” His pride in his roots, his love of Country music and his family are evident in his songs, and in the passion with wh


Around That Cooler

Written By: Simon Balkey

Fifth wheel mansions, Saturday
Lakeside BBQ heaven on a plate
Beach towel bed laying sunny side up
Outboard engine ice cold fun
Two in the air on a tube made for one
Wake water rodeo ends when you get dunked
That’s where you want to be
Pack your things get ready to leave, because

Everything’s better around that cooler
The sun shines brighter the moon seems fuller
Brothers and sisters become best friends
Friends become family the party never ends
The shot of life goes down much smoother
Around that cooler

Tailgate bleachers, on a Sunday
Trucks lined up family Easter softball game
Nothing like the feeling of really coming home
Night comes down bonfire goes up
Life story told from the speaker of a truck
Bottles held high toasting to a year done gone
This is how it’s supposed to be
Grab some ice and follow me

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Dial This Number

Written By: Trent, Jeffcoat

I didn’t mean to dial this number
Should’ve left well enough alone
Don’t know what I was hoping for
On the other end of this phone
You see my good sense left me
An hour and two shots ago
I didn’t mean to dial this number
Or let the lonely take control

I left my fingers do the walkin’
And they led me straight to you
You know how my demons dance at midnight
Even when I don’t want’em to
I just had to hear your voice there
On the other end of the line
And even when you don’t pick up
Tellin me you’ve had enough
I get the message one more time

Ain’t it funny how I never called
Back when you used to care
Nights on end, you’d stay up waiting
Worried about when I’d be there
I guess I got what I deserve
And I know I hurt you bad
I didn’t mean to dial this number
Or throw away the love we had

Repeat Chorus

And even when you don’t pick up
Telling me you had enough
I get the message one more time
I didn’t mean to dial this number

Partly Cloudy/Chance Of Pain

Written By: Simon Balkey

I laid my head on that soft sofa bed
It sure beats the bar and that cold concrete step
That I made my home, for the last couple days
I turned on the news, still so confused
My eyes like the shades are closed to the truth
As the weather man said, bad one is on the way
It’s partly cloudy,
With a good chance of pain

And the cold front is moving in
Because she’s moving out
Big tears will pour down like rain
All the memories will whip around
Till it all crashes down
Tomorrow, more of the same
Partly cloudy,
With a good chance of pain

I opened my eyes and to my surprise
Out in the yard, right in the drive
Was her old beat up truck, with a note on the tailgate
It said she was gone, her time to move on
The car was now hers, but the house she didn’t want
As the clear sky grew dark, those words fell like rain
Partly cloudy,
With a good chance of pain

Repeat Chorus

All the memories will whip around
Till it all crashes down
Tomorrow, more of the same
Partly cloudy,
With a good chance of pain

Partly Cloudy,
With a good chance of pain

Honky Tonkin' Again

Written By: Simon Balkey

Could’ve taken that interstate exit
And found my way back home
Could’ve come home to you, like I always do
But somewhere something went wrong

Want to give you that fairy tale story
That you tell all your friends
I promised I’d quit, but my mind just snapped
And I’m honky tonkin’ again

Honky Tonkin’ me lonely,
Honky Tonkin’ me blue
You know this two steppin’ world I’m in has got me confused
I should go home now
But It may be too late
I’ll give up this honky tonkin’ life, just not today

I thought I was getting better
Hadn’t shined my buckle this year
I’d hung up my boots, to be with you
And baby I was sincere

Like a beacon that neon kept glowing
Each and every day
I’m just not that strong, I tried to hold on
But honey, it kept calling my name

Repeat Chorus….

I should go home now
Hell, It may be too late
I’ll give up this honky tonkin’ life, just not today
I want to give up this honky tonk life, just not today

I'm That Fool

Written By: Simon Balkey

If I was smart
I’d give you everything that your little heart desired
I’d try to spark a flame that would turn into a fire in your heart
Baby, if I was smart

If I was cool
You’d never see me stumblin’, fumblin’, and mumblin’
With sweat on my brow trying not to stare at you
Baby if I was cool

Because when you come around
I lose my mind
My heart pounds out
Four beats at a time

I can’t think straight
I can’t concentrate
Ain’t no one
Ever done me this way
Oh baby, oh baby
I’m That Fool

If I was smooth
I wouldn’t need an excuse to bump into to you
Just to say hi a million times like I do
Baby, if I was smooth

If I was suave
I’d tell you all the things you needed to hear
Use, Champagne and chocolate strawberries to set the mood
Well baby I’m that fool

Repeat Chorus

My soul belongs to you pretty lady
Will I ever ask you out, probably, maybe…oh baby

Repeat Chorus

Oh Baby, oh baby…I’m that fool.

Leaving You For Jack

Written By: Simon Balkey

She said you never take me dancin’
And never shaving just ain’t handsome
She said I don’t know what you think
But watching Greys Anatomy
Ain’t what I call romancing.

She said you’re always in your shed
For all you know I could be dead
You know I sit here all alone
Talk to your mama on the phone
And the last thing that she said

She said I’m leaving you for Jack
And I ain’t never coming back
He’s gonna make my world spin
The way you never ever did
With him I’m sure I’ll have some fun
I think he just may be the one
To put my life right back on track
She said I’m leaving you for Jack

I finally found her down the road
At the local drinking hole
To my surprise there was no man
She had a bottle in her hand
She turned and said go home

Repeat Chorus

With him I’m sure I’ll have some fun
I think he just may be the one
To put my life right back on track
She said I’m leaving you for Jack

He put her life right back on track
I guess she’s leaving me for Jack

Pretty As Pretty Gets

Written By: Brock, Ellerman, Nance

Hey ol’ pal, it’s good to see you
No I don’t get out the way I used to
Is she pretty I’m here to tell you brother
When it comes to pretty, she’s got that covered

She’s, pretty cool, pretty smart
She’s got a pretty big hold on my heart
She’s pretty funny, pretty laid back
Pretty, spur of the moment
Man you gotta love that
She’s pretty as a picture, do I have one you bet
That’s about as pretty as pretty gets

Gotta run, so I guess I’ll see you later
Its been fun don’t want to keep my baby waiting
Don’t know when, I’ll be back around
You can say she’s got me pretty much tied down

She’s pretty smooth, pretty fine
Pretty silly on two glasses of wine
She’s pretty hot, pretty as you please
Puts some pretty good lovin’ on me
Prettiest girl that I’ve ever met
That’s about as pretty as pretty gets
Yeah she’s a real looker
That can’t be denied
But underneath all that pretty
There’s more than meets the eye

She’s pretty deep, pretty real
Pretty, opinionated about the way that she feels
She’s pretty tough, pretty soft
Pretty, unpredictable I’d say all-in-all
That she’s pretty special, I’d be willing to bet
She’s about as pretty as pretty gets

She's An Angel

Written By: Simon Balkey

She’s five foot nothing
Yeah, she’s a little ball of fire
She’s really something
Takes everything a level higher
She’s the last thing that I think of
At night when I’m in bed
I can’t help but smile
When she runs through my head

She’s an angel, she’s my baby,
She does all kinds of crazy things and she drives me crazy
She’s kind of stubborn
But with the biggest heart I’ve ever seen
This world’s crazy but it don’t faze her
She’s an angel

If she loves you
She doesn’t leave any doubt
If she don’t know you
Let me tell you you’re missing out
She’s a lot of things to a lot of us
That you can’t deny
I couldn’t think of a better woman
To have here by my side…because

Repeat Chorus

Yeah She’s kind of stubborn
But with the biggest heart I’ve ever seen
This world’s crazy but it don’t faze her
She’s an angel

I can’t help but love her
She’s everything in life to me
This world’s crazy but it don’t faze her
She’s an angel

They're playing Our Song

Written By: Simon Balkey

Nothing like some country playing nice and loud
With a cold one sittin’ on the ground
And a honky-tonk crowd
Screaming all around
Watching them stage lights come on up
As we all raise our plastic cups
To a life of no regrets
And a night we won’t forget

Doesn’t get much better than this
So come on baby give me a kiss

Baby, baby, baby
They’re playing our song
Singing about two lovers
And a love that’s growing strong
When they talk about forever
And a love that can’t be wrong
I hear the words I’ll live by all life long
When they’re playing our song

Got to love a bon fire and familiar faces
Fold out chairs and a couple of cases
Day turns to night
Sparks start to fly
Hear it in the background the river roar
Plenty of time for a couple more
Guitar floats along
Everybody singing songs

Doesn’t get much better than this
Come on baby give me a kiss

Repeat Chorus

Baby, baby, baby
They’re playing our song
Talking about two lovers
And a love that’s growing strong
When they sing about forever
And a love that can’t be wrong
I hear the words I’ll live by all life long
When they’re playing our song

They’re playing our song
They’re playing our song

Where Do We Go From Here

Written By: Balkey, Garcia, Shuff

Friday night’s for football
Saturday sleep late
Sunday when that church bell rings
Put a five in the plate

I’ve climbed that water tower
At least 100 times
That old alfalfa pasture
Has been our baseball field since I was five

Where do we go from here
Got my woman and an ice cold beer
Got the stars up above and a life that I love
And Heaven is crystal clear…So where do we go from here

K through 12 at the school house
Carnival every June
I’ll never forget my first kiss
Behind that dunkin’ booth

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chours

Where do we go………..from here


Feb. 2009 Release: Shot of Life
Will be available on CD Baby, DigStation, iTunes, Napster, etc. at end of Feb 2009

Set List

Mix of two stepping honky tonk with current top forty country hits. Thrown in the mix is rocking songs from Skynard, AC/DC, to Poison.