Simon Doherty

Simon Doherty

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Classic songwriting retrospective of Costello/Bowie/Prince with a contemporary edge and a blinding live show.


24 year old Singer/Songwriter from Glasgow with 5 piece band. All demos self produced at home, so far bringing modest exposure including the first live session of 2010 on Vic Galloway's Radio 1 show, with Vic and producer Muslim continuing to play and tip as one of their acts of the year. Recently selected for the BBC Introducing masterclass at Abbey Road and currently recording debut album with the help of Matt Robertson (Producer/Composer/Programmer: Bjork/Prodigy/Marius De Vries/David Arnold)

Some Testimonials -

"An amazing journey to an era of musical idealism"
Mark Plati - Producer : David Bowie/The Cure

"He's an absolute classic, the boy needs to get signed immediately"
Vic Galloway - BBC Radio 1

"A pure and focused songwriting talent 5/5"
Is this music?

"A wonderful combination of odd and accessible"
Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music

"Had Bob Dylan got heavily into glam rock sometime in the early 70's..."
Sound on Sound Magazine

"Simon Doherty may be better than Elvis Costello"
The Stool Pigeon Magazine

"Scotland's new songwriting prodigy"
Moon and Back Music

"Simon Doherty has all the hallmarks of a new musical hero"
Bluesbunny Live Review

"Scarier than Dracula"
Richard (and Judy)


Home demos/currently recording debut album.