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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band R&B Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



For 23-year-old Chicago native Simone Bisous, it’s a reality — one that’s pushed her to pursue her own career in music, motivated by the strides her friends have made to advance the city. And though she and the guys now run in different circles, she’s ready to march ahead to the beat of her own drum, literally.

“Seeing us go from singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ at my bat mitzvah— I was on vocals and drums, Vic was on saxophone, Nico was on trumpet, of course — just seeing them where they are now and them pursuing their dreams, it’s really hard to do that, but it just motivates me to keep on grinding,” Bisous says.

Growing up bouncing back and forth between Chicago and France with other states thrown in the mix, Bisous has been exposed to more culture and diversity than the average person. Not only is she musically gifted, but Bisous also dances and has a solid background in acting, having appeared in commercials and almost landing big leading roles (she’s also a part of women’s collective Cliché, who appeared at this year’s SXSW). Her music career, she says, happened a bit more unexpectedly.

After experiencing heartbreak in college, Bisous wrote two songs and posted them on SoundCloud, rapidly receiving a popular response. “It was so fulfilling,” she says. “Even when I wasn’t having plays, it was just nice to have made it.”

Now with the release of her debut album, BISOUS, kicked off with a party at her family’s local Chicago restaurant on Riverwalk, Cyrano’s Café, Bisous is determined to strengthen her city’s place in the spotlight. And with the Chi currently riding high partly thanks to her fellow natives, she’s right where she was always meant to be. - Green Label Collective

"These Days"

TheseDays • What was it like getting your first project out, going through the process and whatnot?

Simone • It was definitely difficult to put out, there were like so many obstacles and so many little technical problems that happened. It actually went on iTunes and a song was the wrong file and then I had to take it down and put it back up. So if you had bought it already, it wasn't necessarily looking right on your iPhone and some of the songs wouldn't play because we had to switch it so that was just an fuckin' annoying glitch that I wish didn't happen but now I know how to prevent that. As far as the reception, I've been getting a lot of good feedback, I feel like like it's something I've been getting feedback from people my age as well asolder people. A lot of older people like the softer music and it's not something I necessarily anticipated.

TheseDays • Sounds like it was quite a learning process for you getting this first one out, what was the biggest lesson you learned.

Simone • The biggest lesson I leanred is that you need a lot of preparatuon and you need a little more of a team than just yourself. And even if you're reaching out to people, there's just so much that goes into it that the only way to get bigger is to have a team around you that can help push it far, further than you can push it. You have to give your trust to people and put it in their hands so they can push it for you, sometimes though its hard to trust people that they'll do what is needed or like that they'll be able to do it. It's also been hard to work not with my successful rapper friends and not work with artists that are hugely successful. I did this project with two features who, one is Taylor but one is not necessarily well known and so to put myself, its just mainly me and its me speaking French on different songs which is different, the project is different, I'm different. So putting that project out and it not having Joey Purp rapping on it or Chance rapping on it is different than what other up and coming artists in my position would do. I kind of felt that my friends that are successful as artists wanted to see me doing something on my own before they would help me. Instead of being down about that I got excited about that and did that shit and did that shit well and I feel like it came out well and I feel like I got a lot of respect because I did that.

TheseDays • Do you feel as thought you're more prepared for the next one because of this?

Simone • Yeah like for instance I wanted Bisous to have a short-film aspect and all of the videos work into that idea but that didn't happen just because of timing one, money two, three I'm going to go back to timing because I really wanted certain people to do certain things and they just didn't have the time yet I needed to put this out there because I needed to show people I had music. i just kept waiting and pushing it back and pushing it back and I felt like it was holding me back. So I think that this kind of got it out of the way and people are willing to fuck with me a little more.

TheseDays • So what can we all get excited about moving forward?

Simone • There's a short film dropping for "Come See Me" that will come out soon and then I'll have two more videos: "Reasons" and "No More Games" so like that in itself is a lot of visuals. For the next project I want most of it to be like, it's more than a short film rather than different music videos, so it might be shorter just because of that. It feels so fucking goo to have this one out and I feel like not only did I prove things to other people. I think moreso I proved it to myself, it just feels good, it feels like all I need to do now is perform and show people I can perform, nobody has even really seen my dance moves other than those who were at my headlining show in July and I've only done one show since so performing is just gonna be great because I've been waiting to just get a good performance down. I'm just looking forward to taking this a little further. - Jake Krez


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